Jan 302017

Early morning sailings to the San Juan Islands are such a treat (once I am fully awake) (and after plenty of coffee).  We rise at a ridiculous early hour to make certain we catch one of the first ferry sailings from the mainland to the islands.  A schedule like this ensures that we #1, do not get stuck in awful traffic and #2 we have the first full day all to ourselves.  The night before I am busily preparing breakfast burritos for the boys to enjoy on the drive up where it’s only us on I-5 and not another single soul in sight — it’s rather bizarre to have the entire interstate to yourself, but I love it.

Once on board the ferry, we sleepily make our way up onto the main deck and seek out some comfortable seating where we can catch up on some zzz’s while being rocked to sleep by the gentle swaying of the ferry and the rhythmic hum of the powerful engines.  The ferry sailing is around an hour and a half which gives us a good snooze window. Continue reading »

Jan 272017

This wasn’t where I meant to be this weekend.  I meant to be at home dusting off my workbench in order to begin working on some new jewelry designs for my Etsy shop.  But rather, sweet friends of ours phoned us up and invited us to come and visit with them at their cozy cabin in the woods near Crystal Mountain.  Needless to say, a trip to the cabin propelled the idea of silversmithing to the curb-and I was very okay with that.  I was, as a matter of fact, in need of a snow fix and boy, did Miss Mother Nature deliver ♥ Continue reading »

Sep 132016

2016 Best Food Blog // Seattle A-List via J5MM.com

Thank you to the sweet person out there who nominated J5MM on Seattle’s A-List site for “Best Food Blog.”  I’m beyond flattered for the nomination (it’s my first nomination for anything, ever ♥ )  and it makes me glad that someone thinks I am worthy of this very special title.  Would be nice!

So if you will, please vote for me friends :)  It would mean a great deal to me, hubby, B and I am quite certain even Oliver :)

Please Vote Here: 2016 Best Food Blog

Sir Oliver Bennett // Canine Wanderlust ♥ Continue reading »

Jun 132016

Fabulous Finds For Your RV via J5MM.com // Monica Bennett #GoRVing


  1. I adore this American flag tote.  I can see it full of goodies from the market or even as a picnic basket too, plus it’s so cute and just in time for the 4th of July.
  2. I’m so tempted to buy this bed for Oliver, it would look so cute on board the Airstream especially with him on it :)
  3. Check out these two folding red director chairs, and at a great price too!  They also come in a blue stripe version.
  4. Get your outdoor summer game fun on with this adorable ring toss set.  Who wants to play?
  5. This would make a beautiful gift for the Dominoes enthusiast – made of wood and so very attractive.
  6. If you follow me along here on J5MM you know my obsession with trays and how convenient they are to have while RVing, but look at this one I found, I think I may have to add it to my collection — would even be cute hung up as a wall decoration.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this latest installment of Fab Finds Tuesday — Here’s to a fun summer ahead :)

Monica XO