Oct 132015

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While walking Oliver through the backwoods behind our home I happened to stumble across a beautiful patch of gold.  Forest gold! Just have a look at this basket of beauts !  And this particular lovely little basket full of Golden Chanterelle’s came along with us on a recent trip to my most favorite place on earth this time of year.  I tell you friends there is nothing more beautiful (to me) than spending time on our piece of property in mountain country during the fall.  It is here where golden mornings greet us and my heart sings with pure happiness.  The branches of the apple trees are heavy with fruit and the horses beg for them like nobody’s business.

We came to visit recently after retrieving our silver girl from the nearby RV repair shop called Whispering Pines.  They took such good care of our silver girl, I was so pleased !  I am not even kidding here — the fantastic, caring, talented (I can go on and on) repairman even took the time to organize our messy storage compartments (and by messy, I mean MESSY, disorganized.  Oh the chaos.)  Everything is now fixed and in tip-top shape ready for the upcoming winter season.

But first, did you know?  Fall is here !  Time for warm fuzzy sweaters, hot cider, a good book and time spent outdoors enjoying the cool crisp golden days.  It’s time for comforting stews, roasts and pumpkin pies — all those wonderful things.  Even the mushrooms are happy it’s Fall as they seem to be sprouting up everywhere I look lately.

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A toss in the skillet with a clove of garlic and a dash of olive oil, these Chanterelle’s caramelized up in no time.  I salted them only at the end and sprinkled them with snipped chives from my garden.  We enjoyed them with eggs, sunny side up and a hunk of cheese.

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Do you notice anything new in my silver kitchen?  Give up?  Ok!  Please take notice of my brand new beautiful RED kitchen floor mat.  But this is not just your regular old mat I tell you, it is from the company called GelPro.  Talk about cooking in comfort, words can’t even describe how this feels.  Even hubby loves it — he told me, “They should make flooring out of this!” A sweet friend of mine mailed it to me as a thank you !  A thank you for this here blog you are reading right now because it has inspired her with her Airstream trailer.  I just had to share and THANK YOU Lisa !!  I absolutely love it :) xoxo

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Oliver says hello and wonders if you like the new pillow in the silver house?  I made it by sewing two bandana’s together.  I love it very much :)

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Baked eggs with garlicky Chanterelles :)  Did you know?  Eggs and Mushrooms love each other ♥

Just5MoreMinutesBlog_FallMornings (21 of 23) Just5MoreMinutesBlog_FallMornings (23 of 23)Where ever you may be, I am wishing you a gloriously golden happy fall!

I continue to work hard in corporate America on the weekdays and spend my spare time dreaming of weekends here.  We will be coming back more frequently to enjoy the Fall season, maybe even this weekend.  B is doing great in sixth grade.  He loves his new school (it’s Middle School now for the boy — so long elementary).  Hubby and I bought him a new phone too.  Can I please say how nice it is he has a phone now?  I can always reach him and he sends me some of the sweetest texts ever.

“I love you Mommy,” he types . . . ah my heart.

We also refinished our garage floor, which took quite a bit of work I say.  Moving over 15 years worth of stuff out so the new floor could go on.  I’m happy to report I am happy it’s over ha !

I’m also excited to get to work on some new pieces for my Etsy shop.  Hopefully soon my shelves over there will be nice and stocked :)

Peace & Love,

~ Monica xoxo

Sep 232015

Thousand Trails Campground near Leavenworth, Washington // #Airstream #GoRVingThousand Trails Campground near Leavenworth, Washington // #Airstream #GoRVing Fly Fishing Icicle Creek in Leavenworth, Washington // #Airstream #GoRVing

I sat down recently and wrote a piece for Go RVing about our trip to Leavenworth, Washington that we took not too long ago.  I have to say that going through all of the photos, putting them together while reminiscing of our trip has made me yearn to hit the road again.

I’ve learned that our Silver Girl will be ready for pickup in a couple of weeks (poor soul has been in the shop getting some of her bells and whistle’s polished and fixed up after our last trip we took through Idaho and Montana).  I’m so looking forward to having her back and beginning our Fall season road trips.

In the meantime, won’t you come along and relive our trip to Leavenworth with me?  Just click here and away we’ll go :)

Happy First Day of Fall to You xoxo

~ Monica

Fresh Citrus Margaritas

Sep 152015

Downtown Vancouver at Night via J5MM.comDowntown Vancouver Skyline via J5MM.com // Monica Bennett Photography in Seattle, WA

I took my time this weekend driving the 140 or so miles to see my parents in Vancouver, BC.  I’ve been driving to see them now, back and forth — from Seattle to Vancouver for well over 20 years and usually I am quite in the hurry to get there worried about border waits and heavy traffic.  It figures, that this time, when I decide to take it easy and come as time takes me that I encounter one of the most pleasant drives I have experienced in a long time.

This was to be a weekend to unwind, relax and be with my mom and dad.  My plans were simple: relax and practice my photography.  I brought all of my camera gear, every lens, everything because I knew that the views that you see above would be waiting for me and I could hardly wait.  The pictures you see here were all taken from my bedroom balcony at their home.

Vancouver Sunrise via J5MM.com // Monica Bennett Photography Seattle, WA

We did actually leave the house for a few hours on Saturday to attend an outdoor festival that was happening at the tennis club just down the road.  At the festival we saw this darling Airstream trailer serving up some super delicious burgers (that’s my adorable mom there trying to decide on what burger to order for lunch.  I love her ♥)

food-truckHollygras at Hollyburn Country Club // Vancouver BC

As we were waiting in line for B to give the trampoline-bungee-jumping thing a try, a magician came by to entertain all of us in line.  B was mesmerized by him!  His tricks were SO good and he gave B his card to keep.  My mom told him, “You should be on America’s Got Talent,” and guess what?  He WAS.  His name is Wes Barker and he performed the “Nearly Nude,” act on live TV this past July :)  Here is a link if you’d like to see him in action.

Wes Barker // America's Got Talent Magician // Vancouver, BC

After spending the better part of the afternoon at the festival, we came home and let Oliver run wild in my parent’s backyard.   Poor little dog doesn’t get a chance to run free at his full speed so I am always happy to let him go in this backyard where he can have at it (Oliver is SO fast at his full speed, even when I run him, it’s still not fast enough!) My mom has an apple tree in the backyard and Oliver always finds an apple to chew on (and chase after we throw it for him).  Here in this picture you can see how happy he is !

Sir Oliver Bennett

Soon we hear a loud bellowing noise in the distance and it’s the horn of a cruise ship passing under the Lions Gate Bridge.  My dad says it’s a Princess ship probably heading to Alaska.  Alaska!  It’s a dream of mine to visit there one day with my silver girl (or, okay, a Cruise Ship will do just fine too lol).

Princess Cruise Ship departing Vancouver Bay via J5MM.comsailinglike-ships-in-then-ight

I truly enjoy visiting my parents and having fun filled, relaxing days like these ♥

I hope you are having a lovely September and that travels remain in your Fall future.  We will be bringing our Silver Girl back to her spot on our property in mountain country very soon — she still has a few more repairs that need to be done.  I miss her :(

Tired Out Pup named Oliver via J5MM.comGoodnight Vancouver via J5MM.com // Monica Bennett Photography Seattle, WA


Aug 252015

Fabulous Finds for your RV via J5MM.com


  1. The Adventure Begins Enamel Mug, because it’s enamel and oh so cute.
  2. Mason jar juicer.  This continues my obsession over mason jars and freshly squeezed OJ in the morning.
  3. This Rainbow Beach Towel makes me happy.  We primarily use Turkish Towels on board the Airstream but I keep a stash of terry cloth beach towels under the bed for those times when we just happen to drive by a beach ♥
  4. When this Etsy artist says her teacups are, “One of a kind,” she isn’t kidding.  I happen to think they are adorable.  You should check out her shop, she even has teakettles and more.  Really cute !

Foodie Link Love:

  • We picked a ton of cherries off our trees earlier this summer and in the freezer they sit.  I just may have to make these Cherry Hand Pies the next time I visit my Silver Girl.
  • I almost made this for my birthday dinner.  Almost.  I am definitely making them next weekend.  I mean, hello beautiful mouth watering picture !
  • While gallivanting in Montana we stumbled across some huckleberries.  I can tell you, I guard the precious berries with my life.  I’m thinking this recipe would be very worthy of them.  In addition, I still have ginger snaps from Stacey Cakes in McCall in the freezer.  Definitely a no-brainer.  Must make!
  • I’ve been making B yogurt parfait popsicles during the heat wave we’ve been having in Seattle.  I’m adding honey to my pops next time thanks to this recipe — looks delicious as well as her Cherry Tea Rose Popsicles.  Here’s to a lasting summer to enjoy these !

Happy Tuesday and happy August xoxo

~ Monica

Aug 252015
Heirloom Tomato Summer Pie via J5MM.com // #airstream

Birthday Flowers via J5MM.com // #GoRVing #Airstream

It’s official.  I am 44 years old.  And for the record, I am very much enjoying my 40s.  Living, loving, working, exploring, cooking, laughing, learning (always learning), being . . .  it all seems to just get better with time.  I am also much smarter than I was in my 30s, 20s, etc.  Thank goodness.

My boys are good to me on my birthday, always have.

“Honey, what would you like to do for your birthday?” hubby asks . . .

“I’d like to go and visit our Airstream and spend the weekend with her,” I replied.

I say, “visit,” because my silver girl is at a lovely RV repair shop in Cle Elum, Washington which just happens to be right next door to an even lovelier campground called the Whispering Pines RV park.  Sadly, she suffered some mishaps during our recent trip through Idaho and Montana like losing power (our 30 amp plug-in failed miserably and couldn’t provide us any power for an entire day!  That is, until the light bulbs went off over our heads and we realized we had another 30-amp plug in towards the front of the Airstream, oiy doi !  Sometimes we are truly geniuses I tell you – ha ha).  In addition to that, there were other minor issues such as the electrical wall outlets being pull out from the wall (impatient little boys pulling out chargers with no regard to the delicate nature of how the wall outlets are installed, lesson learned) and my beloved microwave has lost her lovely feet and now likes to slide and dance all over the inside cabinet while under tow . . . when hubby complains about these minor infractions I remind him like this, “Well honey, this is all much less money than owning a boat.  Do you remember?” and I poke him in the side to remind him and he laughs.  Case dismissed.

“What about dinner?  Shall we take you out?” he asks some more . . .

“You know what honey?  I would really like to cook YOU a delicious dinner, for my birthday,” I tell him . . .

Why do I pass on a glorious evening out at a fancy restaurant?  Well this is why.  Cooking for my boys is what I love to do when visiting my silver girl.  During the week at home I am rushed every day.  Rush, rush, rush.  I come home from work, the boys are “oh so hungry!” and I am whipping together this and that.  Poor Oliver sits at my feet hoping I will drop something to the floor (which always does happen) I slave at the stove, we sit down to eat and in 10 minutes, the meal is gone.  Oh how things are different when I actually have the time to cook.  Typically I am in a beautiful setting with my Silver Girl with the birds singing just outside my sunshine filled screen door, the radio is pouring out sweet melody’s that sooth my soul and finally, I am relaxed.  I cook with goodies from the local market, butcher, and/or fish monger.  Whatever the ingredient is, it is fresh and it is local.

Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to my birthday weekend with my Silver Girl.

Here is how it went:

Airstream Birthday Celebrations via J5MM.comAirstream Trailer Birthday Celebrations via J5MM.com

During our fly fishing outings, the skies were very smokey from the wildfires . . .

Smoke Filled Sky J5MM.comThe Yakima River via J5MM.comSmokey River and Forest via J5MM.comYakima River Day Outing via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingLichen decorated cedar via J5MM.commoonrise via J5MM.com

Dinner compliments of my home garden and Owen’s Meat Market in Cle Elum . . .

Birthday Steak Dinner via J5MM.comAluminum Glow via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingRosemary & Thyme Skillet Steak via J5MM.comGuiding Light via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingHappy New Day via J5MM.com

That’s my Vitamix.  It is a commercial model that I found on Craigslist for $150.  I decided to fancy it up with stickers (because it really isn’t the prettiest thing to look at).  This is the first sticker of many to come, I’m sure . . .

Smoothie Powerhouse via J5MM.com // #AirstreamKitchen #GoRVingPineapple & Cherry Cream Smoothie via J5MM.comHeirloom Tomatoes via J5MM.comFoolproof Pie Crust recipe via J5MM.com

An incredible pie crust that I stumbled upon over at Food52.  Recipe to follow with a few minor exceptions:

Vodka Pie Crust via J5MM.comFelt Ball Necklace via J5MM.com // #AirstreamFoolproof Pie Crust via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingCooling Vodka Pie Crust via J5MM.comOutdoor Hike along the Yakima River via J5MM.comOutdoor Hike along the Yakima River via J5MM.comTomato Summer Pie in the Making via J5MM.comTomato Summer Pie via J5MM.comTomato Summer Pie via J5MM.comHeirloom Tomato Summer Pie via J5MM.comA Good Place To Be via J5MM.com // #AirstreamHappy Birthday Airstream Style via J5MM.com This was a birthday celebration for the books — and one that I will remember for a very long time.

Thank you to all of the sweet birthday wishes — means so much!
Here is the recipe for the Heirloom Tomato Summer Pie.  Please note, you only bake the crust and layer the fresh fillings on top.
Prepare pie crust:

Found on Food52, I used Chris Kimball’s recipe from Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen (Click here for pie crust recipe) with a few exceptions:


  1. You will see the recipe calls for 1/2 cup solid vegetable shortening. I don’t really use that ingredient so I just replaced it with butter.
  2. I did not use any sugar.
  3. I added ground black pepper into the dough — I just eyeballed how much I think I would have liked.
  4. I put the water and vodka, together in a mason jar in the freezer to chill it up vs. keeping them separate. It turned into a slush before I added it.  I think that helped and was a good thing.
  5. I did have dough left over that is now in the freezer for later use.
  6. Once the dough was chilled, I rolled it out (adding a sprinkling of flour to prevent from sticking — this is a tacky dough), placed it into the tart pan, pricked it with a fork and put the tart pan into the freezer for 30-40 minutes to freeze it up to avoid shrinkage in the oven.  It still did shrink a little, I imagine if I skipped this step it wouldn’t have turned out so well.
  7. I then baked it for about 20 minutes at 375 until it turned a slight golden color.  I allowed the crust to cool. If you like your crust a darker golden brown color, keep your eye on it and bake it a bit longer.

Meanwhile I mixed 1/2 block of cream cheese with 1 cup of whole milk ricotta, a pinch of salt and whole heck of a lot of freshly ground black pepper until it was nice and smooth.  There were some lumps but I didn’t mind.  I spread this onto the pie crust once it was fully cooled, topped with sliced tomatoes, torn basil, crunchy salt and a sprinkle of black sesame seeds.

A drizzle of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil before serving is quite nice.

Happy August to you !

~ Monica xoxo

Aug 182015

Glacier National Park via J5MM.com

After visiting Glacier National Park last week we took a trip to Whitefish, Montana where I happened upon the Meriwether of Montana shop.  Let me tell you something fellow campers, glampers and outdoor enthusiasts alike – this is the shop for YOU.   But good news here, you don’t have to travel all the way to Whitefish like I did to enjoy their goodies, simply click here and you’ll see what I mean.

Here are some of the things I brought home to my silver girl:

Fab Finds Tuesday Montana Style via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing

#1 is a darling little red rimmed enamelware pail.  Came in perfect for storing my fresh picked huckleberries from the Montana alpine wilderness 🌲

#2 is a cute little wooden plaque that says all it needs to say :)

#3 is a coffee percolator.  Very happy to find this!  

#4 is a bandana that I just could not resist.  It is designed by a local artist from Montana.  I’m going to make a pillow out of it, I happen to think it is just that cute.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about our trip through Idaho and Montana with you.   Can you imagine?  I took over 3,000 photos.  I will be busy here in the next couple of weeks.

Silver shiny hugs to you xoxo

PS I made a huckleberry pie during our trip and other goodies :)  Stay tuned for scrumptious recipes ❤

Huckleberry Pie via J5MM.com // #AirstreamKitchenMontana Camping via J5MM.com

Jul 232015

Make Every Summer Count

Hubby and I have always taken care to make sure that we make each summer count for B.  Next week, for two weeks, we’re off to Idaho’s cool and refreshing flowing rivers, glorious lakes, majestic mountains and continual non-stop outdoor exhilarating adventures.  We are celebrating the precious #18Summers we have with B (seven left to go before college *snif*) with Visit Idaho and Row Adventures.  There’s a lot on the agenda that I am seriously looking forward to photographing and sharing with YOU.  I understand cell service is zero to nill where we will be, but you never know, I may manage to upload a photo or two to my Instagram Account @J5MM_Blog :)

See you when we get back ❤

Jul 232015

Thousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing Oliver, smile for the camera :) via J5MM.com #CanineWanderlust #AirstreamBlended Margaritas via J5MM.com // #Airstream #VitaMix Bumblebee via J5MM.com Flowers along our hike via J5MM.comThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing

Waffled Raspberry Lemon Curd Angel Food Cake // #AirsreamKitchen #GoRVingdaisies Leavenworth via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing Icicle Creek Fly Fishing via J5MM.comMorel Mushrooms via J5MM.comFlowers along our hike via J5MM.comIcicle Creek in Leavnworth Washington via J5MM.com#CanineWanderlust via J5MM.comThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingSalmon la Sac via J5MM.com

Oliver and Hubby via J5MM.com // #Airstream #FordF350 #Caninewanderlust Salmon la Sac Campground Site #44 via J5MM.comMother Nature's Gold via J5MM.comStarry starry night via J5MM.comCoal Miners Cabin in Mountain Country via J5MM.comlightening

Road Trip to Leavenworth

Campsite By The Lake

Warm Summer Days

Wild Flowers Galore

Icy Cool Margaritas

Majestic Mountains

Catch and Release

Coal Miners Cabin

Lightening Show

These words briefly describe my recent trip with hubby, B and Oliver to Leavenworth, Washington and then further onto our little piece of property in Roslyn, Washington where my silver girl now waits for my return.

Just one more week now, until we hit the road to Idaho for two full weeks of adventure.  I can hardly, hardly wait I tell you.  Until then I motor on working hard in corporate America and enjoying sunsets like these.  That’s Seattle there in the distance.  The sky, isn’t it amazing?  This is only one picture out of about 50 I took that night.  I couldn’t get over the colors.

Thank you for being here and I am sorry I have been so absent ❤  I have been working extra hard in corporate America and then I was dealing with a spider bite on my leg, which now, thankfully is healing.

Seattle Skyline via J5MM.com

My spider bite, if you want to see:










Hobo Spider Bite via J5MM.com

Jun 192015

Storage Under Tow via J5MM.com // #Airstream

We hit the road this weekend and I am so looking forward to it.  I’ve had a crazy few weeks at work with deadline-after-deadline and even though I am very thankful for my career and enjoy it, I am also very, very ready for a road trip vacation.  We’re taking our Silver Girl to the mountains of Leavenworth here in Washington State and then onward to some dry camping over Blewett Pass and a riverside spot we scored at Salmon La Sac that is close to our property in Roslyn, Washington.  I’ve got a serious hankering for some catch-and-release fly fishing, a cracklin’ campfire and some relaxation along with some down home cooking in my silver kitchen. Continue reading »