Mar 242015

Fabulous Finds for your RV via // RV LIfestyle #Airstream Style

#One // This would make a lovely gift for the new RVer (or you) — a personalized platter.  Super Cute!  Find it here

#Two // Let these steak thermometers help you relax during your next cookout.  They’ll tell you when that expensive cut is at the perfect temp.  I know I’ll be buying these because I have overcooked one too many $$ steaks.  Hopefully this will be my grilling savior.  Find them here

#Three // Another great gift idea for the new RVer is this 10 piece kitchen gadget essential roll up kit.  Plus, it’s red :)  Find it here

#Four // I have a soft spot for stars and polka dots — these two tea towels are the perfect pair.  Love love love them.  Find them here

Hope you are having a lovely start to S P R I N G !!

Thank you for being here,
~ Monica xox

Oliver wishes you a fab week! 

Canine Wanderlust Strong #CanineWanderlust via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

Mar 182015


Come travel with me to the breathtaking Olympic Peninsula as we embark on a seven day journey visiting three idyllic campsites.  We begin the first leg of our trip with a visit to The Waterfront at Potlatch RV Park along the Hood Canal.  We spend our first day in the cool misty mountains that are just a hop skip and a jump away from camp adventuring in the rainforest.  After we return to camp along the waterfront where we dig for clams that will soon become our delicious dinner.  B makes new friends, I make a refreshing oyster appetizer with Oliver by my side and hubby relaxes.  We experience pastel sunsets unparalleled anywhere else all while in the loving company of each other and our sweet silver girl.  I hope you can join me at my new writing venue with GoRVing // The Scenic Route.

Shall we go?

“The Magic and Beauty of the Olympic Peninsula”


PS  I hope you enjoy the trip :)


Mar 172015

Fabulous Finds for your RV via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

#1) I like the idea of these silicone chip bowl dip hangers because you can vary the types of dip served to accompany a single bowl of chips :)  Find it here

#2) In my silver girl the sides/arms of the sofa are soft — this tray, I think, would be beneficial to add some stability :)  Find it here

#3) I have a soft spot for napkins like these — find these Irish Linen Napkins here

#4) A campfire tripod adds fun to your outdoor culinary adventures :)  I have had one now for a few years and I absolutely love it.  I’d love to find a “grill grate” to hang from it from those times when campsite fire rings come without one.  Find this tripod here

I hope that you are having a nice week so far :)  Only four more days until Friday!

Thank you for being here and I hope you have a lovely St. Patricks Day :)
Monica xoxo

Campfire Cooking Tripod via Campfire Cooking Tripod via

Mar 152015

Washi Tape Door Accent via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

Washi tape is a thin, papery tape that comes from Japan.  It comes in hundreds of different prints and widths and has so many uses.  It also removes easily without leaving a residue behind which is perfect for home decorating.

I was quite pleased with my little door experiment — the magenta pop of color made my heart sing.

I also use Washi tape to hang sentimental items, like these napkin roses B made me ❤

Washi Tape Door Accent via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

. . . and his Valentine’s day card to me ❤

Washi Tape RV Decor via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

It also adds some interest to the white shades.

Washi Tape Shade Accent via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream StyleWashi Tape Outlet Cover via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

After having fun decorating the little details in my silver girl, it was time for a snack.

Did I mention my obsession with radishes?  I eat them almost everyday.  A sweet friend of mine shared his favorite way to eat radishes — he puts them sliced onto an “everything” bagel and then sprinkles a few drops of Yuzu Ponzu over the top. Have you ever tried Yuzu Ponzu?  It’s incredibly delicious!  I thank my sweet friend for introducing me to it when he sent me a package in the mail.  Just look at the goodies he sent me :)

In addition to his delicious bagel, another favorite way I enjoy eating radishes is placing them sliced on toasted rustic bread with cream cheese.  A pinch of Maldon sea salt and black sesame seeds finishes it off.   That’s what I enjoyed this weekend with Easter Egg Radishes (which happen to be my favorite).

Easter Egg Radishes via

Easter Egg Radish Tartine via

If you are a fan of radishes, I’d love to hear how you enjoy them.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend :) Spring is in the air, can you feel it?

With Love,
Monica xox

Mar 122015

Under Bed Storage Organization on the Airstream  via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

Hello big storage space under my Airstream bed. How I loved you so when the salesman proudly lifted the bed up and exposed all of your precious real estate to me.

“Wow…” was all I could say as I stood there staring at *all that space*

“Yep! You’ve got lots of room under here Monica. Plenty of storage for anything you could possibly think of.” he went on.

Oh boy, did I ever utilize all that space under there and not very efficiently I might add.  I just threw things into big plastic containers and eventually, over time, things co-mingled with one another and it became a big mess.  An organization FAIL.  It was an “out of sight, out of mind” type of place and it ranked low on my “things to organize” list.  I mean, really, really low.

It ranked low on my list until my friend Holly from emailed me asking if I had any “hidden” storage photos I could share with her for an upcoming piece she was doing.  My mind immediately went to that black hole under my bed.

I guess it was time to finally get things organized.  Thanks Holly for the push!  And can I just say — I should have done this a long time ago . . .

Under Bed Storage Organization on the Airstream  via // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

I started by removing everything (and I mean everything) from under there.  I took a picture of the space and took a trip to the Container Store.  I picked up some plastic baskets and colorful round rubber bins.  I picked up a wicker container that had smaller containers within it as well as some mini drawers and got busy.

#1) A wicker container with smaller compartments within holds our napkins (contained in a ziplock), holding tank deodorizer, trash bags, sponges, scrubs, laundry and fabric softener (small packets), mason jar lids and Brita filters.  This sits atop a red acrylic tray which sits atop a set of miniature drawers that hold batteries, sticky notes, pens, Airstream parts (fuses, door latches, etc.) and other miscellaneous objects.  Since the side of the bed is open, the drawers are easily accessed through the opening.

#2) The red plastic hand basket holds two glass drinking bottles (for outdoor entertaining) and kitchen tea towels and more napkins.

#3) TP

#4) Beach Towels

#5) Vacuum Storage — we have the Dyson Animal.  It’s such a great little workhorse.

#6) Outdoor essentials — picnic table cloth, lantern, woolen blanket, paper plates & cutlery

#7) This remains the same — Oliver’s hideaway.  He loves it.  I used to store wine here in a wine crate but that is now located in our *bar* area — that post coming soon

#8) Over-sized platters for outdoor entertaining both enamelware and acrylic.  The big bowls are also awesome for washing dishes outdoors and store in here perfectly.

So that’s it.  I’m finally organized under here and it feels great.

If you have any under the bed storage tips for me, I’d love to hear!

Thank you for being here,
~ Monica xoxo

Mar 102015

Fabulous Finds for your RV via // RVing Lifestyle #Airstream Style

1) I ❤ Kristiana Spaulding and if you haven’t seen her glorious Airstream inspired jewelry collection, I encourage you to have a look.  She also makes darling little charms for your fur babies too.  Have a peek here

2) Another way to clean your cast iron skillets.  It really looks super duty (yet it says you can also wash glassware? They must be right with all the positive feedback).  Find it here.

3) I bought this.  I have used it.  I love it.  From whipping cream to blending smoothies and crepe batter, I couldn’t live without it.  Find it here.

4) I have hand washed laundry before on the Airstream and when I do, I feel like I am wasting so much water in addition to not getting our clothes clean enough.  I have a feeling the Laundry Pod may solve that dilemma.  Find it here

Thank you for being here — I hope you find some of these items useful!

Oliver wishes you a happy rest of the week *woof* !


Oliver wearing his Lucky Little Trailer Pendant from Kristiana Spaulding of // #Airstream

Mar 092015


Last Saturday night a friend of mine on Instagram tagged me in a post.  It was a photo of Northwest Travel Magazine with a cover image of a little boy playing in the sand with an Airstream in the distance.

She continued:

“Please tell me this is you or else I’ll be on dish duty tonight.”


Northwest Travel Magazine, April 2015 Issue via // Monica Bennett #Airstream


I had to smile (big) because that was my photo and she recognized it.  I had no idea the magazine was out on newsstands yet so of course the next morning I had to drive to the store to see it for myself – and there it was.   Thank you Susy for letting me know xoxo

The article that my photo represents is about traveling in the Pacific Northwest over Spring Break with a focus on RVing.  My favorite mention in the piece is the recommendation of visiting Jetty Fishery in Oregon. We actually stayed there shortly after I took the cover image for this magazine.  I truly believe that Jetty Fishery is a hidden gem and if you are a fan of dungeness crab, this is the place for you.  You can either rent a boat and catch your own crab or simply pick and choose from the fresh tanks they have on site.  I clearly remember during or visit, people pulling off the road to enjoy fresh cracked crab at picnic tables overlooking the bay.  Truly, truly a beautiful spot.  Here is my blog post about our visit to Jetty Fishery if you’d like to learn more.


Jetty Fishery Marina via // #Airstream
Image taken at Jetty Fishery // Spring 2011

Thank you for being here — hope you are having a great start to the week xoxo
~ Monica

Mar 052015

Peshtamal Towels For RVing via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream Style

Over the last few years blogging here on J5MM I have gratefully received emails from fellow readers asking my opinion of what I think would work best in an RV from kitchen essentials to outdoor living essentials and everything in between.

A couple of weeks ago I received the sweetest email from Holly C.  She was curious as to what towels I have onboard and after I told her, she encouraged me to share it on J5MM.  So I am and thank you Holly ❤ The timing of her email to me was uncanny as I had literally just placed an order for three Turkish Peshtamal towels.  It was this article (and the comments) that convinced me they would be the perfect replacement for my big, fluffy terry cloth towels.  Because big fluffy towels are oh so comfy and luxurious but when your on the road and every square inch matters, you end up looking for an alternate solution.

I immediately started searching Etsy for a Peshtamal seller and low and behold I found him.  His name is Demet and lives in Turkey and ships to the USA ( here is his shop if you’re interested ).

If you have never heard of a Peshtamal before, they are super light weight, thin and extremely absorbent. They are big in size (typically 70 by 40 inches), but are very compact.  Unlike a thick terrycloth towel, Peshtamals are flat-woven with a smooth, soft texture of 100% Turkish cotton.  They also dry more quickly after use, so they don’t take on a musty smell.

Peshtamal Towels For RVing via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream Style

Also, as you know, multi purpose items are so beneficial when RVing and that’s where I really think these towels shine.  They are perfect for everyday use out of the shower and I can totally see them being used as a sarong on the beach, a picnic blanket or a picnic table cloth. The possibilities are endless!  They also take up a tiny amount of space in the RV closet and you can roll one up easily and tuck it into your day pack for your outdoor adventures.

One question I had upon receiving my towels was how to care for them.  I learned that gentle laundering is best. Machine wash in warm or cold water with like colors and tumble dry on low (or line dry).  Say no to bleach, harsh detergents, dryer sheets or high heat. I also learned from Demet that Pestemals get better with use and some need to be “broken in” by washing and drying them in a dryer on medium heat a few times. This make them softer and more absorbent.  Mine you see below have been washed and tumbled dried once to break them in and they are very lovely.

Peshtamal Towels For RVing via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream Style

I am quite pleased with my towels and if you’re looking for the perfect towels to take along on your RVing adventures, you may also like the Peshtamal as well.

Thank you for being here,
~ Monica xoxo

Mar 032015

Fabulous Finds Your RVing and Outdoor Adventures via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream StyleFabulous Finds Your RVing and Outdoor Adventures via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream StyleI’ve discovered a new love and that’s my (#1) Pocket Rocket Stove.  Small but incredibly mighty it’s capable of boiling two cups of water in less than 30 seconds.  We fired it up on many occasions during our recent trip along the Washington Coast with the the sole purpose of warming our chilly bones after days spent on windswept beaches.  I am here to tell you, if you don’t already know, a cup of hot tea or cocoa on demand, whenever you wish is quite a treat.  That cute little stove wouldn’t be complete without my little adventure cook set that I now proudly own by (#2) Stanley.  Those two green cups you see there stack together and fit inside of the stainless steel canister and travel in my pack ever so conveniently.  Speaking of my beloved pack, it is the (#3) LowePro Camera Backpack.  It sports a dedicated side padded compartment specifically for a DSLR camera which keeps mine nice and secure until I need to use it.  If you’re a photographer who loves outside adventuring, I can’t recommend it enough (plus hello built-in rain jacket, how perfect).  Lastly I wanted to share Oliver’s new sweater with you.  It’s from the canine sweater company called (#4) Chilly Dog Sweaters.  In this photo, Oliver is sporting the “Retro Ski Sweater,” complete with a pom-pom decorated hoodie.  His lead is a another fun design by (#4) Fab Dog and I think it matches his sweater perfectly.  I also want to mention that I never thought I would have a dog with such a wardrobe of sweaters, but they are necessary.  Absolutely necessary.  Even the slightest chill in the air and my little scruffy pup starts shivering.  Don’t be fooled by all that fancy hair because that’s just about all he has — he lacks a good sturdy undercoat so the sweaters must prevail.  He’s a rather good sport about it too (or at least I’d like to think so).

Thank you for being here,
Monica xoxo

Fabulous Finds Your RVing and Outdoor Adventures via // RVing Lifestyle Airstream Style

Feb 252015

Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVingLake Cushman // Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVingOlympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing Olympic Peninsula Road Trip in Washington State via #Airstream #GoRVing

I’m always amazed at how fast time goes when we’re on the road adventuring with our silver girl.  I guess the saying is true that time really does fly when you’re having fun.

We had a beautiful time exploring Washington’s coastline from south of Ocean Shores at Grayland Beach to the Olympic Peninsula — Kalaloch State Park.  We foraged for our own seafood from many varieties of clams (razors, manilla, butters, etc.) to dungeness crab and oysters.  I’ve always enjoyed my oysters raw on the half shell with just a squeeze of lime but this time I decided to make a cucumber shallot mignoette topping and oh my, what a flavor sensation that was.  We enjoyed a crab boil along the coast with our freshly caught crab and clam sliders were on order most days.  Speaking of clams, have you ever cooked with a razor clam straight from the shell?  It was an interesting experience for me.

Some non-seafood goodies we enjoyed on our trip were chocolate crepes, baked eggs in my trusty cast iron skillet as well as nostalgic  Toas-Tite campfire treats.  Cooking with our Toas-tite’s brought back sweet memories for me from my childhood days in Girl Scouts when our camp leader introduced this camping essential to us.  If you don’t know, you butter a piece of bread and place it in the round part of the Toas-Tite.  You then proceed to fill it up with whatever meltable filling you’d like (in our case – ham and swiss cheese).  Then you place another buttered piece of bread on top (the buttered side facing up) and close the griddle together creating a “seal” and then you cook it over an open flame.  About a minute per side.  It creates the most perfect little portion of heavenly melty goodness.

We spent our days exploring sandy beaches and enjoying pastel sunsets.  The weather was pretty and clear with no rain and then we had rain but it was all perfect for us.  On the cloudy days we enjoyed beach fires with our trusty One Log Fire.  Such a cute little “campfire to go,” that log fire is.  B carried it easily in his tiny hands and lit it without a hitch.

Evenings were peaceful inside the Airstream and early walks were guarantees with just Ollie and I.

I’m enjoying sifting through all of my photos and putting them together to share with you and soon I will have a grand post that details all of our doings during this trip.  It was a beautiful trip indeed and thank you for being here.  I love sharing our adventures with you xx

Thanks for being here, 

With all my heart,


While hubby, B, Ollie and I were on the road I learned that GoRVing published my story of our Airstream winter road trip through the sweet mountain town of McCall, Idaho.  If you would like to get a taste and feel for adventuring in McCall, you can travel with me here.  I also shared some things that I do for peace of mind when traveling with Ollie.

I hope you like it and I hope it inspires you to put McCall, ID on your travel bucket list.  We’ve been back twice already ♥

Your Own Private Idaho via J5MM.comYour Own Private Idaho via // #Airstream #GoRVing