Jun 132013

Airstream trailer road trip and glamping around the Olympic National Park

Map of Port Townsend Fort Worden

It was our last night glamping with our Airstream at Fort Worden State Park.  Around 2 am we awoke to winds howling and rain pouring down.   I’m glad we were smart and put the awning up before going to bed.  Have you ever had to put your awning up in the middle of the night because of strong winds and heavy rain?  Not a pleasant experience, that’s for sure.

Stormy night at Fort Worden

While the boys slept in, I took Oliver for a walk up to Fort Worden to get an up close and personal look at the historic buildings and also get a feel for where the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman,” was filmed.  I also thought about those crepes I would make for the boys when they woke up . . .

Egg and Cheese Filled Crepes

Airstream Glamping Crepes Breakfast

Fort Worden State Park

The basic recipe for the crepe batter is here (that link will take you to one of my very first posts on J5MM).

What I did this time with the crepes was a little different and I thought a “play-by-play” photo collage would be helpful.

step by step crepes with egg and cheese

1)  Under medium high heat — ladle into your buttered skillet enough crepe batter to coat the bottom

2)  Once the first side has cooked, flip it and immediately crack an egg ontop of the uncooked side.  Lower your temp to medium.

3)  Take your fork and gentle break the yolk and spread the egg evenly around the top of the crepe (a level trailer/RV is critical here – this is learned, lol) allowing it cook under the “medium” heat of your skillet.

4)  Once the egg has almost set, place some thinly sliced cheese (any kind you like — I used brie) on one side and allow the cheese to melt a bit.

5)  Flip your crepe closed like an omelet and continue to cook adjusting the heat of your skillet as necessary to melt the cheese.  You could also add more butter and flip the crepe again and cook the other side a little more.  This will only make it more “crispier.”  Whichever method you prefer, they both turn out excellent.

As my father always said before each meal:  Bon Appetit :)

PS  I garnished the crepes with some chive oil (just a bunch of chives and olive oil put through a blender and strained) along with some chive and kale blossoms :)

easy crepes with egg and cheese prepared on our Airstream







Our loop around the Olympic Peninsula has come to an end.  We look forward to coming back more and exploring every nook and cranny since it’s relatively close to our home allowing for weekend getaways.


If you have never seen (or heard of) the movie, “An Officer And A Gentleman,” here is the movie trailer I pulled from YouTube to share with you.  It’s a great movie — honestly :)

Wishing you happy travels !!! xoxo

~ Monica ♥

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