Mar 142011

B: “Mommy, I know how to make a cloud!  Do you want to see?”

Me:  “Wow, sure!  But I don’t want any thunderstorms in the house okay…?”

B: “Haa haa mommy, don’t worry, that won’t happen.  I have a book from school and it tells me how to make one in a jar!”

Me:  “A jar?  Wow!  Let’s go make the cloud in the Airstream!  It’s raining outside right now so we can listen to the rain drops on the Airstream while we make your cloud”

B:  “Yay!!”

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Mar 122011

We have so much storage on our Airstream that this shelf under the mirror* was always empty because we just haven’t had the need to use it.  When I did put things there – it was an eye sore. Ugly medicine bottles just glaring at you whenever you’d come into the bathroom.

Then one day I thought how cool would it be to put some artificial green grass in there so it looked like a nice little row of green grass.  Plus greenery always brightens up a room, so why not in here?  So finally yesterday I made my way to our local craftstore and low and behold, they had exactly what I was looking for!

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Mar 102011

If you are not in the mood to cook, this is an easy way to feed your family.  Everyone gets a little bit of what they like, prepared their way.   Simply grab your butcher block cutting board, place on it whatever you think your family would like in order to prepare a sandwich in addition to some nice cheeses, dips, spreads, veggies, etc. The possibilities are endless and my boys always say how much they enjoy this meal.

Bon Appetit!

Mar 082011

After a chilly day of skiing up at Alpental, this Mexican hot chocolate warmed hubby and I right up and took no time to make.

I’ve never made hot chocolate this way before using a solid block of chocolate, but I can tell you, once you make it this way, you will always want to make it this way.  It was really rich and delicious! The added amaretto and dark rum weren’t too bad of an addition either, lol. I did find it to be on the sweet side but since I did not sweeten the whipped cream, it really balanced out very well. Even hubby approved (and he’s not a big sweet tooth kinda guy).


Mar 072011

Astronauts, the moon and all of the planets in the solar system – these are the kinds of books we have for B on the Airstream and ones that he enjoys. At night, when we are tucked in and reading about the moon, the Airstream lends itself well as we pretend we are traveling through the solar system in our own personal space ship discovering new planets.

Mar 072011

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can open up a child’s world and their mind.

Next time you are out and about with your child, bring along a magnifying glass and watch them discover new things with amazement.

Mar 062011

“B?  What would you like for breakfast tomorrow?”  I asked him as I peeled off layers upon layers of wet everything:  socks, pants, shirt, ski gloves, coat.  Ahhh, the joys of skiing.  All the wet gear that comes after — and not to mention, where to put it all?  Lucky for us, we have a nice shower on our Airstream that doubles as a drying room for all of that wet gear. I love that I can hang it all up (extra large suction cup hooks are my best friend in that shower of ours), shut the door and know that the next morning, it will all be dry and ready to go for another round of skiing and snow play.

What a silly question.  “Crepes mommy!”  — “Then crepes it is,” I replied.  “Mommy, I love you so much.”  My sweet boy.  To make him happy, makes me happy.

Crepes have been a staple in my family for as long as I can remember.  My brother and I would stand at either side of my mom at the stove as she would cook up these tender, delicate crepes.  We kept intense track of each one with our eagle eyes as she would flip them onto the plate making sure we would have our fair share.

The next morning I whipped these up in no time.  We had some leftovers so I happily delivered them to a darling couple we met at the ski park RV lot who are fellow Airstreamers.  It was a 1962 Bambi and I was so honored to be able to step inside.  What made it even more so special?  This Bambi had been passed down from father to son.  He said he remembered the many wonderful trips he took with his dad on this Airstream.  I think that is just so special to be able to carry on a family tradition in this way.