Oct 122011

J5MM is headed to Rossland, B.C. for some incredible cat-skiing, Airstream style this winter and we can hardly wait.

When I started heli-skiing and cat-skiing in the late 70’s with Canadian Mountain Holidays skiing the Monashees out of Mica Creek and Revelstoke, the industry was in its infancy.

Some of the biggest problems facing the guests were the wide difference of abilities. I remember clearly in one of our groups we had levels from intermediate skiers who had never ridden any off-piste terrain to professional skiers from Steamboat, Aspen and Crystal Mountain.

Still, decades later, heli-skiing and cat-skiing/boarding operations still struggle with the disparity in athletic and technical abilities of their clients.

Step in Big Red Cats. They have eliminated the most aggravating issue amongst back country guests. They separate their clients into four separate ability levels and cats. Intermediate, advanced, expert, and uber-expert.

Look out Monashee’s, Valdez, Canadian Mountain Holidays, Mike Wiegele and Island Lake – Red Cats are going BIG!

Stay tuned for our Big Red Cat Post: Terrain Beyond Your Dreams

Big Red Cats - Catskiing Adventures


Oct 122011

Did somebody say Terrain? 19,300 acres of advanced, expert and intermediate glades and cut runs of high-quality sun and wind protected pow pow. With eight primary mountains and numerous additional ridges and sub peaks, it is impossible to run out of that commodity which is more precious than gold, “untracked powder.”

Many cat and heli operators will ration out the powder by having the guest’s ski closer together, and substituting powder runs for wind and sun effected slopes there by saving the primo snow for future guests. Not so with Big Red Cats. There is so much terrain in the vast areas of operation that it would take a guide three seasons to ski every run.

Spread it out riders, there’s plenty of “over-your-head,” fluff for everyone with pitches and bowls you can only imagine in your dreams.

Oct 102011

Anacortes-to-San Juan Islands Ferry

We are excited.  We are happy.  Finally we are back in the beautiful San Juan Islands in our Washington State.  We caught the early morning ferry in Anacortes and arrived at our destination:  Orcas Island — specifically, Doe Bay Resort.

Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island

We are excited to explore this part of the Island.  As you may recall, last year we were here.  As much as we miss it there, it is nice to explore new grounds and learn new things.  I prepared a simple Italian dinner of gnocchi with oven roasted tomatoes and home made tomato sauce from my garden last year.  Here are some pictures of my home garden where you can see how many tomatoes I had one particular season.  I roasted almost all of them in my oven with garlic and olive oil.  Alongside this dish was sauteed sole in butter.  That’s all.  So simple.  Oh and a little gourmet salt of your choice (we like crunchy Maldon Sea Salt).  The recipe for this dish will follow shortly, but please feel free to email me in the meantime for an email version if you can’t wait :) xoxo

Roasted Tomatoe Gnocchi Dinner

It is very peaceful here.  Could you guess?

Doe Bay Mineral Soaking Tubs and Sauna

I hope that if you ever visit Orcas Island you will visit beautiful Doe Bay Resort.  If you do come, plan on leaving very relaxed.  This is where Heaven meets the Earth.

Orcas Island Ferry Landing


Oct 102011

When we are not ‘streaming, we are at home taking care of business.  One of my other hobbies is gardening.  Being outside taking care of my vegetables makes me very happy and makes me relaxed.  Especially when the sun is shining.

I order all of my veggie seeds from Baker Creek.  They are the Seed Bank of the World.

Baker Creek Seeds

tomatoe babies

I start my tomatoes indoors beginning late January.

tomatoe babies hardening off

Tomato babies hardening off.

If I am lucky, I am awarded with a harvest like this.  This particular season was an excellent one.

My tomatoes are evolving . . .

home grown tomatoes

Tomato plants

silky corn

Silky corrn


Rabbit proof garden

Rabbit proofed

Driftwood sign I made

herb garden

Herb garden

blooming chive

This is my favorite.  Chives.


My sweet Buddy, he is always next to me while I garden.  Here he is looking at me probably wondering when he will get his treat I have promised him.  I should probably go and fulfill that promise :)


Oct 072011

The White House

Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons

Someone in the White House has been ‘Streaming on Just 5 More Minutes.

On October 6th at 2:40 eastern standard time, the highest office in our land (the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America) hit our post on the interior decor of our Airstream.

Do you think they will go with our 1960’s “Dating Game” look or opt for the sheepskin “Western Motif”?

Is an Airstream-Style remodel of Air Force One on the agenda?  Maybe the Limo fleet will be replaced by an Airstream Caravan.

Anyway, we will take it as a “thumbs up!”

This is the Greatest Country in the World!

Keep on ‘Streaming,

Monica, Jeff and B

Oct 032011

Hubby, B and I decided to take life a little easy this past weekend and take camp at Fidalgo Bay Resort while on our way to the San Juan Islands and not stress out about catching/missing the evening ferry.  We knew there would be an option to catch an early ferry the next morning.  So why not?

Our spot  (lucky #13 in case you are interested) is nothing less than amazing with full hookups right along the waterfront.  If you bring your boat,  you can enjoy your limit of crab and clams within a couple of hours.  Amenities include a playground, game and work out rooms, full kitchen and immaculate bathrooms.

If you are ever in the area and are on your way up the San Juan Islands, J5MM encourages you to visit Fidalgo Bay Resort.  You will leave the next morning refreshed and ready for your journey to the San Juan Islands.

Before our trip I decided to feed the boys pancakes.  But not just any pancakes, but stuffed pancakes.  I used my new Ebelskiver pan to make them.  Just prepare a traditional pancake mix and add a small pat of butter into each part of the pan.  After the butter melts, add a tablespoon of your batter and flip (with a fork) when the tops become “bubbly.”  Then take a filling of your choice (I whipped up some heavy cream and mixed with strawberry jam) and place into a zip lock bag with the corner cut off (just slightly) and pipe into the inside of these hot little gems.  Top with powdered sugar and maple syrup if your heart desires :)

Fidalgo Bay Resort