Dec 242012

We live about 10 minutes outside of downtown Seattle.  Hubby has lived here all of his life and as for me, I am going on 15+ years.  In those 15 years I still feel a little ashamed that I have yet to explore so many places in this wonderful city of ours.  There is so much here that people come from all over the world to visit.  The tourist scene in downtown the other day was amazing.  People were everywhere and of course the number one place to go when you are visiting is the infamous Pike Place Market.

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Dec 182012

Santa is coming and soon.

It’s hard for me to believe his arrival is only one week away.

“Should we go for one night or for two?”  Hubby asks me over dinner the other night.

“I’m Sorry?”  I asked . . . not understanding .

And then it all comes back to me — we had discussed taking a ski trip to the mountain pass with our Airstream that I had completely forgotten about.  The trip was planned right in the middle of this upcoming week.  This week when I was supposed to be getting my act together and getting everything ready for Christmas.

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Dec 062012

The Whistler Sliding Centre is one of the legacies left behind by the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Here is where you will find the 1,450 metre long ice track with a 152-metre vertical drop over 16 corners where the World Cup Skeleton, Luge and Bobsleigh athletes compete and train regularly. Want to feel just like one of the athletes racing here? You’re in luck as the center offers visitors a chance to try their skill at these sports. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about that since speeds range around 140 KM (almost 90 miles per hour!) but more importantly the disclaimer from the Sliding Center handout read:  “Participants should use the washroom before the start of the run (due to gravitational pressure on bladder during runs)”  which definitely reinforced my decision.

I think I’ll stick to the sport of skiing (for now, at least).

Today at the Sliding Center, it was the second day of the 2012 IBSF (International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation) World Cup. We heard from locals and friends alike that this was an event that we absolutely had to see.

“Monica, you can be right there and practically feel the wind that comes off the racers as they swoosh by you at amazing speeds,” my friend Todd tells me with great enthusiasm.

Paying the $10.00 entrance fee we walked into the center and immediately felt the excitement in the air ring straight down to our bones. People were everywhere, cowbells were ringing in the anticipation of the upcoming races and in general the feeling here was one of complete, pure excitement.

Before we knew it the announcer comes across on the loud speaker and alerts us to the start of the Skeleton races and everyone gathers close to the track.

The races were breathtaking with the Canadians earning four medals in all between the Friday and Saturday races. Luckily for the spectators there were outdoor heating posts, hot chocolate, chili and the can’t-be-missed beer garden to keep everyone warm and comfortable while enjoying the races.

Soon enough it was time to head back down to the village. We downloaded from the Blackcomb gondola and began our walk through the village making our way back to our Airstream which was waiting for us at the Riverside RV Resort.

“Mommy, that was so awesome!” B tells me as we are strolling through the village.

I had to agree with him 100%.

Whistler is such a fun place to come and visit be it with your travel trailer, RV or opting to stay in the lodging within the village. There is so much to do here and explore that you will want to come back again and again. This was our first time coming here with our Airstream and to be honest, I wouldn’t travel any other way. Our home away from home is my favorite place on earth.

Dec 032012

Photo Credit Randy Lincks

{Written By Hubby}

Having visited Whistler and Blackcomb for decades,  traditions amongst friends and family at this ultimate recreation resort have become firmly rooted. From the Peak to Valley and Sudan Coular Extreme Races, summer backpacking in Whistler’s back country and of course celebrating the American Thanksgiving holiday at North Americas top rated ski resort have been nothing short of amazing.

Whistler is always the first ski operation to open and has the most and best quality snow in the early season.   On Thanksgiving morning we knew we were going to have a lot to be thankful for.   Awoken by the thunder of avalanche control explosive detonations alerted us to an over night accumulation of 22 cm of new fluff and it was opening day for Blackcomb Mountain.   Had I died and gone to heaven?  Nope — I just woke up at Whistler Resort.

I met up with a couple visitors from Silver Star and Revelstoke (or “Revy” as some like to call it).   We skied the seemingly bottomless powder until our legs turned to jello. Throughout the weekend, other families and friends from the Seattle area joined us and the kids had a blast!   They loved the Jersey Cream chair the best.  Last Chair ride was Crystal lift.   The four of them raced down Zig Zag Run to the bottom of Excalibur.

The kids downloaded on the Blackcomb Gondola to the village where nachos and hot chocolate awaited them.   After that they enjoyed a playful swim in the Pan Pacific pool.

What more could you ask for (except to do it again tomorrow)?

Photo Credit Randy Lincks
Photo Credit Justa JeskovaPhoto Credit Bruce Rowles