Jan 232013


We are going on three years of proudly being Airstreamer’s and I am STILL trying to get the inside organization of our trailer just right. During each trip I find things that I should have organized better in addition to finding things that I haven’t used in a long time. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time in my Airstream, with Oliver (♥) to help get things together in a practical organized way not only for our ski trip coming up, but for all future trips (but the ski trip definitely has me excited – 10 days of glamping in the snow).

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Jan 012013

Hello 2013!

With the new year comes a new start and new beginnings . . .

Meet Oliver, our newest family member.

We love this little guy.  So much.

Today I introduced him to the Airstream which will {soon} be his home away from home ♥

So far Oliver has been on four car trips.  One home, the second to Costco, third to the pet store and the fourth to the park.  Everywhere we went, people stopped me to ask me questions all about him.  How old is he?  How big will he get?  What is he?  He’s so cute!!

He is eight weeks old and fits into the palms of ours hands perfectly.  He is TINY.

But not for long, 10 pounds is the max size he will be.

He is a mixture of Japanese Chin, Poodle and can you guess?  That’s right – Terrier.

He runs around the house chasing our feet (we must be very careful!) and biting our toes.  He just discovered his tail this morning and chases it around and around, non stop.  When we can’t watch him 100% of the time, into his crate he goes — which is very hard sometimes (our hearts are breaking).  But most of the time he is with us.  He also loves to sleep, a lot.

Right now, he is on my lap (sleeping) as I am typing this and tomorrow?  I think I may bring him to work with me.

To work, in corporate America!

Are you reading this Bossman?

{ hope not }

I have a really nice handbag that he fits into perfectly and where I work, just downstairs and outside, there is big grassy spot for him to continue on with his potty training.

We are really looking forward to traveling with our new little guy and bringing him on all of our adventures.  Now I just need a silver Airstream charm from Kristiana for him!

Here is to 2013 and new beginnings!!

{ ♥ }