Sep 132016

2016 Best Food Blog // Seattle A-List via

Thank you to the sweet person out there who nominated J5MM on Seattle’s A-List site for “Best Food Blog.”  I’m beyond flattered for the nomination (it’s my first nomination for anything, ever ♥ )  and it makes me glad that someone thinks I am worthy of this very special title.  Would be nice!

So if you will, please vote for me friends :)  It would mean a great deal to me, hubby, B and I am quite certain even Oliver :)

Please Vote Here: 2016 Best Food Blog

Sir Oliver Bennett // Canine Wanderlust ♥


Recipe:  Skillet Paella


Recipe: Crab Boil by the Sea


Recipe:  Layered Hot Crab Dip


With gratitude,
Monica xx

  8 Responses to “2016 Best Food Blog”

  1. Well deserved and I also voted!! You’ll win. Always a fan & fellow travel trailer follower- even though you’ve got the trailer I wanted. Lol

  2. Totally deserved Monica, and I’m going to make sure all my Airstream buddies vote for you as well! Kudos!

  3. happy to vote for you. Love your blog. My Airstream is full of your ideas and products you find. Kudos on getting nominated.

  4. Yep, you’re the best. Don’t live in WA (dau/s-i-l live in Bothell); glad you were nominated. Love your blog. Thanks. CC

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