Feb 272018

Friends and family often wonder how long I’ll last commuting back and forth from the glitzy big city to the small town vibe of San Juan Island.  Quite frankly, I’m feeling pretty dang happy (+ lucky + grateful) about our new life. Sure in the beginning I wanted desperately to live on island full time, but as time marched on, I’ve learned a couple things about myself —  firstly — I really do enjoy my career in the bustling big city and secondly, I crave my alone time.  The best of both worlds have arrived and this girl is not looking back — she’s looking forward to the future and embracing this beautiful journey called life ♥


  3 Responses to “Sailing the Salish Sea”

  1. Sounds perfect. I cannot wait to visit once I receive my invitation. As long as you have room in the driveway for my Airstream, we will hardly be a bother. You will always have a spot in Maine or Ohio. Most people would choose Maine.

    • PLEASE COME VISIT :) Anna is coming to San Juan Island next September with her silver girl — can hardly wait and another friend is also coming. We actually DO have an extra hookup site, would be ridiculously fun . . . and you are tempting me to come visit Maine and Ohio — actually Ohio has been on my mind lately, would love to come back and revisit my sweet old memories. ♥

  2. The pics are amazing, make me think I was dreaming… it’s indeed marvelous :)

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