Dec 262013


Ever since bringing home our Airstream in 2010 it has somewhat become a tradition to spend the cozy Thanksgiving holiday in the San Juan Islands – specifically Orcas Island.   Year after year we return with the longing of peace, relaxation and just taking things easy next to the Salish Sea.

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Jun 062013

You can spend an eternity in the San Juan Islands and it still would not give you enough time to discover everything these magical islands have to offer.  As we continue our spring trips and postings here on J5MM I would like to share with where we were this time, last year :) 

This weekend we are heading to Hood Canal to stay at a really cute RV park called, “Rest a While” where we are hoping to get some clams that I can cook for dinner.  Part 3 of our Olympic Peninsula Loop is also coming soon — hopefully tomorrow!

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Apr 252013

This time, last year we took our Airstream to the San Juan Islands, specifically to Orcas Island where we camped with her at West Beach Resort.  This island holds a very special place in my heart and I truly believe that if you visit, she will hold a special place in yours too . . .

Here is a link to ♥ ALL ♥ our outdoor and culinary adventures on Orcas Island :)

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Nov 132012

Every. Single. Weekend.

Those are the days over the past summer that I was lucky enough to spend here in the San Juan Islands helping spread the word on J5MM about how lovely these islands truly are.

Hubby and B were even luckier.  They vacationed here all summer and were always on time to pick me up at the ferry landing of whatever island we happened to be on.  Our last island to spend time on was none other than Lopez.

“Mommy do you remember when we made the forts on Spencer’s Spit?”  B asks me this over dinner last night.

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Nov 092012

Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands

Ahh, the summer of 2012 in the San Juan Islands.

First Orcas Island, then San Juan Island and now we move forward to our last stop in these emerald green archipelagos:  Lopez Island.

Or should I call it as the locals so fondly do:  SLOWPEZ.

All of the islands share some form of commonality and we have come to the conclusion that a slow way of life is generally it.  However, here on Slowpez – it is really just a bit slower. I think ♥

We spend our first Saturday on island visiting the farmer’s market.  Full of colorful, organic bounties from all over the island we load up our sacks with goodies for dinner in the Airstream.

No sooner than we agree it was time to leave and head back to camp we hear in the distance the faint sound of  a helicopter approaching.  We look up into the blue sky and could hardly believe our eyes — a big and beautiful red, white and black Airlift Northwest helicopter (air ambulance) is making a landing right here in the village!  All at once everyone from the market approaches the street to watch.   The street is blocked to traffic and we are told to “stay back” as this beautiful helicopter comes in for landing.

We came to learn that these amazing Airlift Nurses and Pilots spend their weekends here, alternating between the islands to be “on call” for any life threatening emergencies.  This gives the residents and vacationers of the islands peace of mind knowing that help is there if needed.

As I help B into the helicopter, I can tell he is in complete awe.

“Mommy — I feel like I am ready to take off!” he tells me as he is strapped into his seat.  He. Is. Beaming!

Just outside of the helicopter there is a darling little girl with pigtails who is trying her best to be patient (while hopping from one foot to the other) to have her turn to sit in the helicopter.  B notices this and she smiles at him at which time he decides it would be a good thing to be polite and let her have a turn.  Out he goes and in she climbs full of excitement as we make our way back to camp at the Lopez Islander Bay Resort just a short minute drive away from the village.

We have a great spot up on the grassy hill where we are plugged in with our Airstream.  Campers surround us and new friends are made.  Down the hill to the left is the recreation facility which has a fantastic pool with sweeping views of Fisherman’s Bay and if you are in the mood, a state-of-the-art workout facility.  Bill, the fun loving and easy going guy who runs the place here tells me with pure excitement that he has “big plans” for it here.  He shows me the architectural drawings  of what’s in store and I am blown away.  Fully paved sites are coming along with some darling cabins that will be built.  It will be quite the place I can tell, but for now — we think it’s wonderful as it is and honestly, we wouldn’t change a thing.

We spend our day here playing outside, swimming and just soaking in the sun ♥♥

We have enjoyed many fun filled days here at the Islander from delicious dining at the restaurant to crabbing in the bay.  At night this resort can really rock with live music.  On one particular evening hubby, B and I listened to the band “Temporary Moorage“  where Bill himself enjoys playing the guitar.  I can tell you that we danced the night away!

Here’s a video from Temporary Moorage performing at the Tulalip Ampitheater

The following morning after a breakfast of baked eggs in the Airstream which I prepared in my kitchen with the most lovely view of the bay down below, we headed over to discover Iceberg Point.  It was here many moons ago when hubby introduced me to this part of our world and now we were looking forward to introducing it to B.

If you are a regular reader of J5MM and have been following our journey through the San Juan Islands I am sure that you can agree that there is so much one can do and see on these islands that even an eternity would not be enough time to explore everything.    It is with a heavy heart that I only have one last story about the San Juans to share with you.

♥ Please stay tuned ♥

Coming next :: A day at Spencer’s Spit and a Farewell Dinner ::

Sep 142012

Dear friends,

I apologize for being away for a while.  You see, a lot has been happening and I can’t wait to share with you our big news!  But first, I want you to know that our San Juan Island’s Airstream adventures continue.  Superb restaurants, beautiful hikes, fun camp sites and hidden gems . . . not only are the islands beautiful in the summertime, but wait until you see how they are in the off season.  You know, there is a little known secret that coming here in the off season is just as nice (if not better – we think!).

Our “Big News,” coming soon :)



Aug 212012

{ Chef Gretchen Allison – Duck Soup Inn, San Juan Island – Washington State }

As you slowly travel down a forested gravel drive meandering alongside a golden sunlit pond, you soon find yourself at Duck Soup Inn.

Situated in a fairytale-like forest setting complete with giant pine trees, twinkling lights and lanterns hanging here and there, you soon realize that your dining experience at Duck Soup Inn will extend beyond your dining table. Once again, we were amazed and rightly so.

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