May 102011

This is going to sound crazy, to some.

But after years of longing for a farm fresh egg, my dream has finally come true.  Really.

We were driving along one of the most beautiful scenic drives on the San Juan Islands when I reached over and squeezed hubby’s arm (to use as my own steering wheel in case he didn’t abide) and declared him to:  “Stop!  Stop – Stop!!” Pointing excitedly to where he should pull off — this is what we saw — possibly the cutest Farm Stand I had ever seen (and I will surely capitalize “Farm Stand,” because to me, this was Heaven).

It was quiet here.  It was peaceful here.  It smelled of fresh flowers and the birds were singing and that funny rooster was, well, funny and curious.

Need I say more?  Pictures certainly do speak 1,000 words and this one could quite possibly exceed that.

But why is it when your hubby is waiting for you while you shop, you can never relax and just enjoy yourself?  He was waiting in the car and I was perspiring just waiting for his beckoning call of ‘hurry up honey,’ but this time, he got out.  He got out of the car and was amazed too.

“Wow honey, this is really nice.”

I couldn’t have agreed more.

I could hardly wait to get back to the Airstream where I would prepare baked eggs . . .

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