Oct 182013

Airstream in Grand Teton National Park

As we say goodbye to Jackson, Wyoming —  I’m touched with a bit of sadness.  This part of our country is truly, so beautiful and I really look forward to returning one day.  We had such amazing adventures here and they all will live deep in our memories forever.  I know this will be especially true for B because he was so brave on many of them!

As we head out we stop at a popular market that the locals of Jackson love to frequent.  I knew immediately once I stepped through the doors I would have to tell hubby I’d be more than just five minutes . . .

This market was full of so many goodies!

The Aspens Market in Jackson, WY

Discovering the Aspens Market in Jackson Hole

That’s Josh the butcher and he’s holding a super huge “Tomahawk,” cut for me.  We had that for dinner the second night we camped in Yellowstone :)

Josh the butcher at the Aspens Market in Jackson, WY

After a short and very pleasant drive we find ourselves in Yellowstone National Park!

Continental Divide in Yellowstone National Park

Airstream Adventures through Yellowstone National Park

Our glampsite for the next two nights would be at the Fishing Bridge Campground.  Everyone welcomed us so warmly and took the time to explain to us everything there was to know about our site as well as the campground in general.  It felt good to be back in the Airstream glamping again!


That  squirrel you see in the above collage of pictures was a crazed little squirrel going absolutely nuts on a dog bed that was left outside atop a crate next to one of the RVs.  It was hilarious!  I think it was trying to shred the bed to make a nest — not sure though, but amusing to watch nonetheless.

After settling in we hopped into the truck and got started on our Yellowstone tour!

Old Faithful

black sand basin at yellowstone national park

black sand basin yellowstone national park an airstream road trip

black sand basin yellowstone national park

Airstream Yellowstone National Park

Airstream road trip through yellowstone national park

Now I understand why people come to Yellowstone National Park for more than TWO days, lol :)  You can spend eternity here discovering new things every day.   As for us, we had a wonderful time seeing all of the beauty the park had to offer on our first day.

For a perfect ending to our day, we had reservations at the Historical Lake Yellowstone Hotel . . .

and those reservations, did not dissapoint!

Historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel

dining at lake yellowstone hotel

Crab cakes, duck breast, steak and a buttery and-oh-so-heavely lobster ravioli was on the menu for us that evening.

Everything was simply – fabulous!

dinner at hotel yellowstone lake hotel

Never Stop Exploring Airstream

One our second day we went kayaking to the geysers!  That post coming next :) xoxo

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