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Fishing the Cle Elum River in Washington State via

As sure as the summer sun sets and the big moon rises, my heart is drawn to this river that runs just beyond our property.  I call him Mr. River (and I love him).  Hubby doesn’t seem to mind.

It is here where I feel most at peace.  It is here where most of my summer is spent fly fishing, writing, crafting and frolicking about with Oliver.  Mr. River flows not only through the windy channel he has carved out, but also through my heart.  Our hearts.  I feel my brother is here too.

To get to Mr. River, we must travel through gravely back roads.  Only a few people know of this and I feel proud I can navigate when I do come here alone.

Backwoods River Drive via J5MM.comCle Elum River, Washington Fly Fishing Mecca

To begin our days spent with Mr. River, we enjoy early mornings on our property with simple breakfasts . . .

Glamping Breakfast via J5MM.comEarly Morning Coffee via J5MM.comRiver dog on the Cle Elum River, WashingtonBackroads with Oliver via J5MM.comB Fishing The Cle Elum River via J5MM.comRiverside Snack via J5MM.comCatch and Release Baby Rainbow Trout via J5MM.comRushing RiversFly fishing the Cle Elum River in Washington State via J5MM.comRiver Walk via J5MM.comAfter Fishing Lunch via J5MM.comThe Transforming Cle Elum River, Washington State via

Mr. River’s friends, the tall trees that live along his banks, give B a gift of a bark puzzle.  He is mesmerized by it.

tree puzzle

Some days I fish and other days I sit alongside Mr. River and create.  Sometimes I come with hubby and B and sometimes I come alone. I dip my toes into the water and make sage bundles.  I listen to Mr. River gently talk to me as I craft. He tells me that when I am here, with him, everything in the world is right. I love him.

River Craft via J5MM.comAirstream in Autum via // A River Story //Black Eyed Susanproperty (2 of 8)

The days spent with Mr. River are warm and when we come back to camp, the wind picks up with a slight chill to it.  We make ourselves at home and I prepare a pot of comforting chicken stew.  I love cooking in my silver kitchen.

Airstream Kitchen via

I make Mr. River Earrings.  They serve as a reminder of him and my summer spent here.  The blue stone is for his rushing waters, the chain symbolizes his swiftly flowing movement, the red is for the wild berries that grow alongside his banks and also the strawberries that live alongside my coalminers cabin.  The brown agate stone reminds me of the spotty skin of his trout, or the slippery stones I carefully and gently walk upon — and the pink gem reminds me of the sparkles that radiate off his waters.

Mr. River Earrings via J5MM.comRiver Earrings via J5MM.comRiver Love via

It was a whirlwind love affair I will never forget ♥

Goodnite Airstream

  10 Responses to “A River Love Story”

  1. Dear Monica, You just took my mind on a wonderful journey through a glimpse of your world. We are so Blessed for the freedoms a our disposal. With all that is wrong in this world.. there are many things “JUST” right. SENDING BLESSINGS AND LOVE YOUR WAY!! P.S do you sell Mr River earrings? ..they are glorious <3 Love "T" XOX

    • Oh Thea, you make my heart flutter – thank you my sweet friend for such precious words. You are right, we are so very blessed for these freedoms. I’m sending you shiny hugs and who knows, maybe one day I will sell some earrings. You have inspired me ♥ XOXO forever XOXO

  2. Your pictures are always so beautiful. I follow you on Instagram, but these pictures really capture the fragrance of the adventure.

  3. Such beauty and light through your eyes. Thank you for sharing your world. Now I just need an RV to hit the road. I am so inspired by you. Thank you

  4. Oh Monica, what a glorious love affair we have with Nature! I know how you feel, to be so close and in harmony with the wind, sun and rushing water. Leaving such beauty and peace behind is devastating…never wanting to walk away, but rather stay and enjoy every moment, every change in the seasons, every gift it gives us.

    Bless your tender heart, my name sister!


  5. I am completely beside myself with this post. You are such a talent in so many ways than one. Those Mr. River earrings are so beautiful in both style and story. Would you ever consider selling them or perhaps creating a series of Mr. River earrings? I would be your first buyer !

  6. Ahhhhh, a breath of fresh air. As always, your posts are little get-away for those of us not fortunate enough to live in crisp autumn, mountain air. Delicious, thank you.

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