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“Mommy, I think we should put some of those snowflakes on the top of the Airstreams.”  B tells me as we complete our edible diorama over the weekend.

This was a fun project making Meringue and piping it into letters and other fun shapes to be included in our final project.  I should also mention the simple and delicious chocolate pudding we made as the centerpiece with sugar mountain cookies in the background.

Skiing and our “mobile ski lodge” was the theme and while we worked away we talked about all of the places we have skied with our Airstream.  And we talked about the places we are going.

“Will I go to ski class on Brundage Mountain” he asks me.

Brundage Mountain Resort in Idaho near the town of McCall is our next big ski trip.  10 days of skiing, cooking, shopping, dining, exploring  ~ we are really looking forward to it all.  A little over one month away, B is especially looking forward since I was able to give him a “yes” to his question.  There is nothing more than skiing and meeting new friends that he loves to do more (except, well — playing with his new puppy Oliver).

Here we were at the Summit of Snoqualmie ~ specifically Alpental in Washington.  This is where you can find us most weekends as hubby teaches and B takes classes.  This year B becomes an official “Buddy Werner Kid” and we are pretty proud of him.

In addition to skiing and enjoying the beautiful outdoors, cooking is my favorite thing to do in my Airstream.  Below are just some of the “B and hubby approved” apres ski meals I have made over the last year while visiting different ski resorts.  If you would like, most of these recipes can be found under “Culinary Delights” in J5MM’s navigation bar.

Caramelized Onion and Parmesan Cheese Tarts at Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, British Columbia.  The lower left picture is from our visit to Riverside RV Resort in Whistler, British Columbia just this past Thanksgiving.


When you travel to Canada with your trailer, it’s a good idea to call the border patrol to find out what fruits and veggies are or are not allowed if you want to bring some along.  These veggies came with me from my Full Circle CSA Box and luckily everything in it was allowed.

It snowed a lot and skiing was awesome.  There is nothing like retreating back into your Airstream while settling in and making an easy dinner all while watching the snow fall outside.  Beautiful.

Eric Skiing

Eric Skiing3


This combination may sound a little strange, but oh my — it is addicting.  Be warned ♥

That was a super huge icicle that B pulled off our Airstream one morning.  Sadly, it didn’t survive in our freezer.  B was hoping to keep it frozen forever.

Chocolate pudding recipe here and the meringue recipe here.

When I wasn’t in the mood to cook on our past ski trips, we enjoyed some fabulous apres ski dining in the ski villages.  Below are pictures from Gabriellas and Gypsy at Red both located at the base of Red Mountain.  The dining was amazing and we will never forget it.


Here is to a new 2013 full of new adventures and culinary experiences!

Photography by Monica Bennett

Ski Action Shots by Matt Small

  6 Responses to “A Winter Wonderland”

  1. Where do you get all those adorable disposable spoons with the lovely prints on them?! Just adorable!

    • Hi Patty – those spoons come from a company called “Sabre” out of Paris. You can find them online at different retailers. There are so many to choose from but the ones I have in my photos are from their “Liberty” line. Hope that helps!

  2. We have been staying in the Central lot this year with our 19′ Airstream, including during the single digit temps last weekend. Trailer did great. Kids have lessons on Saturdays at Central. We want to try the Alpental lot but heard that once you get in, you are staying until Sunday afternoon. It really has been a blast and we expect to be there every weekend (Fri afternoon through Sunday morn) through the lesson season. We get a lot of comments on the Airstream and have posed for numerous pictures and given several tours already. It would be great to meet you one of these weekends. We love your blog.

    • Thanks Tom! We would love to meet you guys too. You are right, if you want to make 100% sure you get a spot in Alpental you need to head up early on Friday and then you are stuck until Sunday afternoon. Jeff usually picks up B at his school with the Airstream (parked down the road of course) and then they head up at that time. They can usually get a spot right up front for a “ski in and ski out” type situation. We will be up every weekend (including this one) so please do stop by to say hello if you come over to Alpental.

  3. Thanks Monica!

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