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Suddenly Last Summer with our Airstream via J5MM.com

Fall is upon us now and the other day, it suddenly dawned on me, that last summer — a lot of cooking had been done in my silver kitchen which never made it onto J5MM.  Pouring over all my photos I took of my culinary creations made me realize also — what a beautiful, gloriously long summer we had here in Washington.  The warm breezes continue to blow, even now in what should be a chilly October.  We have our funny days where temps reach 80!  But today will be a nice mid 60’s October day according to the weather woman.  I’m ready for warm sweaters in the upcoming season and exhilarating early morning hikes where the frost graces the edges of the creek near my home.

We spent a majority of this past summer in Eastern Washington in the little town of Roslyn.  My heart is still there, that is for sure.  I long for my little sliver of property that is home to fruit trees and families of cute little (and large) critters.  Sitting on my bed and sipping coffee one morning while looking through my Airstream window at the coal miners cabin, I spy a family of quail run like crazy to the pasture beyond.  Mamma and papa were running furiously fast while  their little feathery babes tried hard to keep up — some even flying out of desperation.  I wonder what they were running from?  Then I knew —  a family of deer stand up and stretch from a patch of wild fluffy grass that was their bed for the night and make quite a ruckus (at that moment the mystery of flattened and smooshed grass had been solved).

Airstream with a view via J5MM.com

We spend our days here in a leisurely way.  As it should be.  I cook for my boys.  They are always hungry it seems.  I hone my cooking skills and create new recipes and all the while enjoying myself.  I simply love cooking in my little silver kitchen ❤

Lunching In The Country via J5MM.comOliver the Airstreaming Canine via J5MM.comCountry Glamping via J5MM.com

Every Sunday was the day to visit the farmers market in town.  From fresh veggies from local farms to some of the most beautiful craft, it was always a pleasure to take a walk into town and see everything.  Every time I visited, I came back to my silver kitchen with a bag full of goodies that I then prepared for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  It was a good feeling to cook with ingredients that I knew were local.

Roslyn Washington Farmers Market via J5MM.comRoslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (9 of 9)

Over Father’s Day weekend the annual Vintage Trailer Rally was held in Roslyn and I went with my sweet friend Kim who shares an obsession for trailers both old and new.

I found myself admiring all of the happy little kitchens in these trailers. Such attention to detail was found in the decor and set up that I was inspired completely. If I could, I would have an entire fleet of vintage trailers and in my dreams those trailers would live on a pristine piece of property alongside a crystal clear flowing river.  Their campsites would dot the banks of the river.  I would live there in my Airstream and I would host cooking classes and make friends with everyone who comes to visit.  I would have fly fishing rods on the ready and the river would certainly be full of big beautiful trout.  Everyone can fish — catch and release — to their hearts content.  Now THAT’s a dream I tell myself lol.  But what fun is living without dreams like that?

But until then, I tour the trailers and dream on . . .

Roslyn Washington Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com

Roslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (4 of 9)

Roslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (1 of 9)Roslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (3 of 9)Roslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (2 of 9)Roslyn,-WA-Vintage-Trailer-Rally-2014-via-J5MM.comRoslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (6 of 9) Roslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (7 of 9)Roslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (5 of 9) Roslyn, WA Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 via J5MM.com (8 of 9)

I made a Father’s Day feast to remember and breakfasts that B still continues to ask for.

“Mommy, can you make me that raspberry toast breakfast again tomorrow,” he asks me the night before a super busy corporate America morning.

“Of course,” I tell him smiling.

I set my alarm extra early for the next morning and I make him that gloriously sticky and sweet but yet oh so satisfying breakfast of Apricot and Raspberry Ricotta French Toast.  Because I know, this will make my boy happy.

And it will keep him full until lunchtime . . .

Fathers Day Breakfast via J5MM.comInside Our Airstream Trailer via J5MM.comOprah's Favorite Grilled Cheese via J5MM.comYellow Country Roses via J5MM.comSummertime Tartines In The Country via J5MM.comA Golden Country Sunrise via J5MM.comChocolate Icebox Cake via J5MM.com // Glamping DessertYellow Summer Roses via J5MM.com

I will never forget the summer of 2014 — what a beautiful time it was.  Here’s to new seasons and new adventures . . .

From my happy little silver trailer kitchen to yours — Bon Appetit :)


Airstream Country Kitchen via J5MM.comAirstream Kitchen via J5MM.com

  11 Responses to “All The Happy Little Kitchens”

  1. Thanks for sharing… that french toast looks good; maple syrup I hope. :)

  2. Hi Monica! I always love when you post! It’s like receiving a favorite magazine in the mail! Please tell me what you use to secure the ipod or kindle that is in your kitchen picture to the aluminum wall. Thanks again for the beautiful pictures and recipe ideas! Keep them coming! A lot of us love your posts and everything in them! Sandi

    • Oh Sandi, you are just the sweetest!! Thank you for your sweet comments to me — honestly, they keep me going. Not even kidding. Thank you !! I would be happy to tell you about how I mounted the iPad on the aluminum wall. I went to Michael’s craft store and purchased “industrial strength” velcro. They come in 2″ diameter circles that have adhesive backing and I stuck four of them on the wall and the other four on the back of the iPad. I’m telling you, it holds so incredibly well and whenever B wants to use the iPad, it comes off lickety split. There is also a system called “Wall-e” if you google it that comes with hardware you screw into the walls, but I wasn’t crazy about that so I went to the sticker route. Figured if I ever wanted to remove them it would be a lot easier than trying to cover up a hole. I hope that helps you my sweet friend !!

  3. Hi Monica!

    Your food photos look soooooo delicious!! Thank you for the inspirations.

    Sign me up for your cooking class along the river…!
    Your dream of having a sliver of land along the riverbank is something we share. Since we began our Airstream adventure, I have wished that we could have a piece of lakefront land with a few extra vintage trailers, as rooms for rent in the summer.
    Last winter we visited the Santa Barbara Auto Camp, which has done well with that concept (except it’s in the city – not even on waterfront)…and they are expanding to other cities! However, their renovations are quite drastic – the interiors are modern, but certainly fits in as an interesting alternative to a hotel room.
    Your idea is brilliant, and would be a great investment, if the location has a long enough season to make it worthwhile…maybe in Oregon?
    Let’s keep daydreaming about it and maybe the stars will align for us, after all…

    Your Sister in Airstream Dreams,

    • Miss Monica ! My sweet name soul sister :) !!

      Can I just say how much I love how we both share this dream — there must be something there with us. No question!

      I’ve longed to check out the Santa Barbara Auto Camp — I’ve drooled over the renovations. They are truly beautiful, sleek and modern, that’s for sure. There is one in particular that caught my eye online — it is the one with the woodwork up the walls . . . sooooo beautiful with a cozy cabin-y feel.

      I think you may be right with Oregon or Idaho even. Something about the landscapes of Idaho always captivate me.

      Thanks for dreaming with me — I heart you XOXO

  4. Monica, I can totally see you with a little vintage trailer spot along the river-that would be perfect ! Your work continues to inspire me..Next time you are in Portland check out the Tiny House Hotel..they have put together a little hotel of tiny houses -I thought you would enjoy them even if they aren’t Airstreams !

    • Oooooooo — thanks for sharing that with me Sandy — can not wait to check it out. Thank you for thinking of me and thank you for your continued sweet words to me — means so much XOXO

  5. I LOVE your pictures!! The vintage kitchens are what dreams are made of. Blue, Red, Yellow…….. the rainbow of Airstreams. Thanks for sharing your always beautiful pictures. Most inspiring :-)

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