Jul 272012

I am guessing that you probably have a dream for someone to take you out on their luxury yacht, cook a delicious evening meal and allow you to do absolutely nothing but relax and enjoy the views.  Am I right?

Well, on this night I can say that dream came true for me.  Thank goodness for Captain Robin of Cruise Control who offers this incredible journey!   Our destination was Sucia Island and with that simple fact, my dream come true was made even better :)  Sucia Island is not serviced by the Washington State Ferries.  It is only accessible via pleasure boat or I would imagine a sea plane.  There are no roads here, only beautiful paths that lead you around the island so having the chance to come here and enjoy this island was a treat in and of itself.  Here is nature untouched and at its best.

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Here is Captain Robin’s yacht named Capricorn tied up to the dock on Sucia Island.

Kids love this adventure and Captain Robin loves teaching them how to navigate.  Bradley could not stop talking about the fact that he steered this big yacht all on his own.

Here is a heron that was fishing off the shore of Sucia Island . . .

That is Olivia, Captain Robin’s crewmate.  Oliva is wonderful, that is all I can say.  She cooks amazing recipes for dinner guests of Cruise Control and makes everyone feel comfortable.  When I asked her who her favorite chef was, guess what her answer was?

“My mom,” and she said it with a big smile.

She.  Is.  The.  Best. !!

These incredible rock formations were formed by geological folding as evidenced by the many beautiful colored layers you see.

I will let the pictures speak the words as to how spacious and comfortable the inside of Capricorn is.  Here are even more pictures of her on Captain Robin’s website.

“So there are no cars here on Sucia Island mommy?”


“So that means, there are no roads too?  Only trails for people?”

“That’s right.”

“Wow, that is sooooo cool!  It’s like we are on a deserted island.”

It was an evening to remember forever from the hike on Sucia Island to the fine dining we had anchored out in the bay complete with sweeping views of the Salish Sea.  The San Juan Islands are a true paradise and seeing them in this way in such a relaxing environment was something I will never forget.  Neither will B.

“When can we come back and see Captain Robin mommy?”

Thank you Captain Robin!!!

If you have the Google Earth Plugin installed, you can take a virtual tour of Sucia Island :)

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