Jun 042013

Airstream trailer road trip and glamping around the Olympic National Park

Day two takes us north from beautiful Pacific Beach State Park to a day full of beach explorations, rainforest discoveries and settling into our new campsite.

Olympic Peninsula Loop Day 2 with our Airstream

Have a look at our beautiful Washington Coast.  With miles upon miles of undeveloped land, it is easy to sink in the vast beauty that is found here.  For me, this rest stop was special as I was really able to feel like I was “away from it all.” Continue reading »

May 202013

Delicious Tarts Prepared in an Airstream Kitchen
“You must have loved to build forts when you were little . . .” My friend Amy tells me as we both sit in the Airstream one evening enjoying a glass of wine while taking in our silver surroundings.

Such a keen observation I thought — and how it made sense to me. Forts were one of my favorite outdoor activities as a child and now that I think about it — I get a similar sense of happiness in my Airstream today, such as when I spent time in my forts as a child.   My small space in the world where I can get away from it all.

Fortunately, I’ll be able to take my “fort on wheels” on a trip.  It’s a very last minute trip but one that is well needed and I can hardly wait!  You can see where we will be going on the map below. We are doing a complete loop around the Olympic National Park here in Washington. We’ll be doing a lot of hiking, exploring, cooking and just taking things easy. Oliver is coming too! It will be his first trip to the ocean ♥

During our trip I’ll be taking a lot of pictures I am sure.  If you would like to follow me during our trip, you can find me at {Instagram}.  I’ve been using it more and more lately and I really like it — it kind of gives you a “behind the scenes” on what we are up to between blog posts.  Continue reading »

Jul 262012

One of our first missions when visiting Orcas Island years ago was to discover the plethora of trails to hike here on the Island. Orcas is home to many, many incredible hiking trails including this waterfall hike located in Moran State Park that we are still talking about to this day.

We have heard about Turtleback Mountain for quite some time and today was the perfect day to go and experience it.  As we spotted the trail head, I also spied this sweet little self serve farm stand nearby.

Of course we had to stop :)

 ~ B analyzing the trail map

~ Peek-a-boo sweeping views greet you around every switchback

~ Eagle Feather (can you see it?)

The freshly harvested greens that were for sale were even decorated with blue borage flowers, which are edible.

As we hiked on I couldn’t help but think how wonderful it was to know that this beautiful place where we were, would stay like this forever thanks to the San Juan County Land Bank and the San Juan Preservation Trust.   Both of those special organizations have created security and peace of mind for everyone who lives on the Islands and beyond.  Peace of mind in knowing that future generations will be able to come here and enjoy Turtleback Mountain as much as we were enjoying it today.

Close up view of an island outside of  West Sound Marina.  I believe it is a private island as there is a house there.  But I could be wrong . . .

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The residents of the San Juan Islands do live in sweet abundance and how lucky they all are xoxo

I hope that if you ever come to visit Orcas Island you will take a nice hike on Turtleback Mountain. Here is a brochure/trail map for you if you would like.

A View of Turtleback Mountain on Google Maps (you may have to hit F5 if it reads an error, sorry about that)

View Larger Map

Apr 162012

Dear friends,

Just yesterday is when we returned home from our spring trip to beautiful Oregon.  

Oh how I miss it already . . .

I took over 1,500 photographs on this trip if you can believe it.  I couldn’t help myself, Oregon is so beautiful with some of the most incredible landscapes you will ever find.  I keep thinking how I will put all of my photos together so I can clearly share with you our experiences.

Until then, I will leave you with some images of places that we visited and meals that I prepared.  If you can tell it, we had an incredible time and are already planning when we will return.  I can hardly wait.

“I wish we could have stayed for just one more day mommy,” said B over dinner last night.

“I know it darling.  Me too . . . me too.”

Dec 052011

Sometimes it’s nice to take life easy and enjoy the simple things.  That was the theme for our Thanksgiving holiday weekend getaway in the San Juan Islands.  Roast a simple turkey in the Airstream’s oven, enjoy some gourmet cheese along with a rustic loaf of bread and we’re set.

Since we had plenty of leftovers it only made sense to pack them up in our picnic basket and go for a hike the following day. Our destination?  Shark Reef Sanctuary on Lopez Island where we experienced magnificent sweeping views of the San Juan Channel and the Olympic Mountain range in the far distance.

The weather seemed to be cooperating.  It was rather chilly, but we were not worried, we had our blankets.  Oh, and hot cocoa too.

Picnic with a view at Shark Reef Cove, Lopez Island, WA State

We finally found the perfect spot to enjoy roasted turkey with stilton cheese and cranberry chutney on “pillowy soft,” brioche buns.  Honeycrisp apples to accompany the sweet creamy cheese (complete with flower).  Buttery, rich pecan pie and hot cocoa completed our seaside picnic.

Picnic with a view, Shark Reef, Lopez Island

Soon it was time to turn back and retreat to our warm and cozy Airstream where we would have our campfire (complete with s’mores) and light up the living Christmas tree.

Picnic with a view, Shark Reef Cove, Lopez Island, WA State

Watching the Washington State ferries pass by was such a pleasure . . .

An Airstream Thanksgiving Holiday, 2011

Jun 012011

At about 40 feet tall, Cascade Falls is the largest waterfall in the San Juan Islands and is located on Orcas Island within breathtaking Moran State Park.  Moran State Park was established in 1921 and named after Robert Moran who was the original owner of the land.  Mr. Moran’s former residence is known as Rosario Resort and Spa.

We have been wanting to take this hike for quite some time and we finally had our chance.  To have as a snack on our hike, I made some chocolate granola in the Airstream’s oven and it was so good.  Crunchy, toasty and sweet – but not too sweet.  What a beautiful day for a hike, photography and just absorbing our most beautiful surroundings.