Jul 292016

Emery-Campground-Montana-2-of-15Emery Campground Montana (3 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (4 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (5 of 15)  Emery Campground Montana (7 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (8 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (9 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (10 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (11 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (12 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (13 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (14 of 15) Emery Campground Montana (15 of 15)

It’s here at the Emery Bay Campground in Montana where we get little peeks at the peaks of Glacier National Park that is seemingly just around the bend.  We’re inching closer, but not quite close enough which warrants a stay at this sleepy lakeside campground.  Tomorrow morning we head out early, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the days new adventure that will take us into GNP ♥

But while we’re here we walk around and absorb our surroundings.  Tall pine trees towering above rustle in the wind as we stroll alongside the curvy roads.  I spy many bear safe food storage containers which puts me on alert.  I’ve never had an encounter with a bear, nor do I ever wish to.  But I’ve head stories such as the time we visited the Fishing Bridge Campground in Yellowstone National Park and upon checking in, the ranger gave us the low down and on the do’s and dont’s of bear safety.  One being keep all scented items inside the trailer and away from doors as well as being sure to close up all the windows at night.  The story that followed was of a family that were staying in their small trailer at that very campground.  Someone left a bag of trash inside the trailer, by the front door that was meant to be taken out in the morning.  Fast forward to 2 am when they awoke to some serious rocking and shaking of their trailer.  They huddled together in fear of the unknown as the father went to investigate.  Through the window with flashlight shining he spied a huge grizzly bear trying to claw his or her way in to get to the bag of trash.  I never did ask how the bear was scared away or if he/she was even that, but in the morning light the devastation of the trailer came to be seen.  Major damage as you can imagine from a powerful animal with amazingly sharp claws (I would imagine, even sharper now).  **shudder**

As we continue on our walk we reach the lake which greets us with sweeping views and little peek-a-boos of Glacier National Park.  I stand for a moment and exhale.  I remember I am on an almost three week holiday from work in corporate America and suddenly a sense of huge relief washes over me.  No deadlines.  No pressing appointments.  No stress.  I can’t help but smile :)

B blows bubbles and I try and photograph them.  He laughs when they pop right before I get the shot.  Little stinker.   But I did get one and it’s kind of neat because if you look closely, you can see the campsite reflection in it.  But you reaaaaaaly have to look.

We roast marshmallows and just chill at our camp.  Hubby studies the map.  Oh and by the way, have you looked at a real map lately?  Like a real paper, old school map?  I must say, after studying maps on line and trying to figure out which route to take and where, it is so refreshing to be able to sit down and see it all on paper, right in front of you.  Talk about getting the “big picture,” — I’ve realized I’ve really missed maps!  Same goes with my daily planner.  I’ve tried to use my iphone and on line calender to keep me organized but in the end, nothing can, for me at least, compare to the good old pen to paper daily planner.  My own daily planner, designed my way using the Bullet journaling style.  I am sorry I haven’t learned about that sooner!  I am finally at planner peace in my life and it’s taken 44 years, ha!

I do turn on my kindle and begin reading though and soon after, B follows suit.  I look up for a moment and smile.  It’s nice to be outside with the ones you love, all doing your own things.

We fall asleep that night under a bright blanket of stars and I dream about tomorrow and what’s to come.

Here’s to the open road and trips with the ones you love ♥

~ Monica XO

Sep 232015

Thousand Trails Campground near Leavenworth, Washington // #Airstream #GoRVingThousand Trails Campground near Leavenworth, Washington // #Airstream #GoRVing Fly Fishing Icicle Creek in Leavenworth, Washington // #Airstream #GoRVing

I sat down recently and wrote a piece for Go RVing about our trip to Leavenworth, Washington that we took not too long ago.  I have to say that going through all of the photos, putting them together while reminiscing of our trip has made me yearn to hit the road again.

I’ve learned that our Silver Girl will be ready for pickup in a couple of weeks (poor soul has been in the shop getting some of her bells and whistle’s polished and fixed up after our last trip we took through Idaho and Montana).  I’m so looking forward to having her back and beginning our Fall season road trips.

In the meantime, won’t you come along and relive our trip to Leavenworth with me?  Just click here and away we’ll go :)

Happy First Day of Fall to You xoxo

~ Monica

Fresh Citrus Margaritas

Aug 252015

Birthday Flowers via J5MM.com // #GoRVing #Airstream

It’s official.  I am 44 years old.  And for the record, I am very much enjoying my 40s.  Living, loving, working, exploring, cooking, laughing, learning (always learning), being . . .  it all seems to just get better with time.  I am also much smarter than I was in my 30s, 20s, etc.  Thank goodness.

My boys are good to me on my birthday, always have.

“Honey, what would you like to do for your birthday?” hubby asks . . .

“I’d like to go and visit our Airstream and spend the weekend with her,” I replied.

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Jul 232015

Thousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing Oliver, smile for the camera :) via J5MM.com #CanineWanderlust #AirstreamBlended Margaritas via J5MM.com // #Airstream #VitaMix Bumblebee via J5MM.com Flowers along our hike via J5MM.comThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing

Waffled Raspberry Lemon Curd Angel Food Cake // #AirsreamKitchen #GoRVingdaisies Leavenworth via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing Icicle Creek Fly Fishing via J5MM.comMorel Mushrooms via J5MM.comFlowers along our hike via J5MM.comIcicle Creek in Leavnworth Washington via J5MM.com#CanineWanderlust via J5MM.comThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingSalmon la Sac via J5MM.com

Oliver and Hubby via J5MM.com // #Airstream #FordF350 #Caninewanderlust Salmon la Sac Campground Site #44 via J5MM.comMother Nature's Gold via J5MM.comStarry starry night via J5MM.comCoal Miners Cabin in Mountain Country via J5MM.comlightening

Road Trip to Leavenworth

Campsite By The Lake

Warm Summer Days

Wild Flowers Galore

Icy Cool Margaritas

Majestic Mountains

Catch and Release

Coal Miners Cabin

Lightening Show

These words briefly describe my recent trip with hubby, B and Oliver to Leavenworth, Washington and then further onto our little piece of property in Roslyn, Washington where my silver girl now waits for my return.

Just one more week now, until we hit the road to Idaho for two full weeks of adventure.  I can hardly, hardly wait I tell you.  Until then I motor on working hard in corporate America and enjoying sunsets like these.  That’s Seattle there in the distance.  The sky, isn’t it amazing?  This is only one picture out of about 50 I took that night.  I couldn’t get over the colors.

Thank you for being here and I am sorry I have been so absent ❤  I have been working extra hard in corporate America and then I was dealing with a spider bite on my leg, which now, thankfully is healing.

Seattle Skyline via J5MM.com

My spider bite, if you want to see:










Hobo Spider Bite via J5MM.com

May 172015

Kalaloch Beach State Park on the Olympic Peninsula via J5MMM.com // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

“Mommy?  Mommy, are you still sleeping?” B is whispering this into my ear as I sleep  . . .

I don’t say a word, hoping he will take pity on his poor tired and sleepy mom and let me be, for at least a moment longer.

“Mommy?  Mommy?”

This boy of mine.  No matter what time he goes to bed, as soon as the crack of dawn is upon us, he is up and at ’em.

“B — we are on vacation — you can sleep in if you want . . .” I try and convince him.

He is still standing next to me, I can feel his presence — he is probably pondering his next move . . .

Then hubby says, “Good Morning B,” with all smiles (I can hear him smiling, does that make sense?)  and he is next to rise and now it’s official, our day has begun.  But after the fog clears from my sleepy head, I am grateful for the early morning wake up call.  I look outside and see that the clouds moved out overnight and a beautiful pastel sunrise is on its way.

These two posts of mine covering our trip to Kalaloch Beach State Park is proof of the Olympic Peninsula’s moody weather behavior.  Cloudy, cozy and drizzling one day and the next?  Nothing but blue skies.  I took at least a million pictures.

Hubby and B headed down to the beach for a game of soccer while Oliver and I pulled ourselves together and made a skillet breakfast fit for an Olympic Peninsula king :)

Kalaloch Beach State Park on the Olympic Peninsula via J5MMM.com // RV Lifestyle #Airstream Style

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May 152015

The Road To Kalaloch State Park on the Olympic Peninsula via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing

Hwy 101, as it meanders around and occasionally hugs the Washington coastline takes us to our last stop during our road trip through the Olympic Peninsula not too long ago.  I have shared our OP trips on GoRVing’s blog up until this one.  This one, I’ve been saving for J5MM.

Here is a map I designed detailing our road trip in visual detail with our three stops:

Map of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State via J5MM.comj // #Airstream #GoRVing

My first post for GoRVing shared our experiences at the Waterfront at Potlatch . . . Continue reading »