Feb 182013

We woke up early this past Saturday morning and hit the road with Airstream in tow with a b-line in mind to the town of McCall in stunning Idaho.

I have never been to Idaho. Hubby has been telling me for years how beautiful the state is and when we arrived, I was in complete awe. The scenery here is just something that if you have not had the opportunity to experience, should be added to your bucket list.

The mountains, the rivers, the wide open spaces and how they all come together is completely breathtaking.

We are staying at the McCall RV Resort and the amenities here are perfect! Full hookups and they refill your propane tanks for you! There is an indoor pool with hot tub and full work out facility right at our Airstream’s door steps. Nice and so convenient!

Since Saturday we have experienced skiing at Brundage Mountain Resort and have met some of the nicest people around. Everyone here in McCall is very proud of this town and they are happy to share their love for it with anyone who will listen.

I look forward to sharing with you more of our adventures in depth here on J5MM but in the meantime if you would like you can follow our updates on J5MM’s facebook page and click like if you too would like to experience what we have so far { http://www.facebook.com/J5MMAirstream }.

Tomorrow we are experiencing a snowmobiling adventure to hot springs! We had to take Oliver to the “Happy Dog Inn” where he is surely being pampered beyond belief by wonderful Auntie Barbara. I did try and figure out the logistics of bringing him along on the snowmobile but since I have never snowmobiled before and since it is FREEZING cold while you are underway I opted for Ollie to stay in a warm cozy home. Ugh, we miss him. Especially B.

We also have a lot of fine dining, brewery tours and art galleries along with other outdoor winter adventures to share with you that the town of McCall offers.

I also look forward to strolling the town and taking as many pictures as I can to help you get a sense of how it truly is here. Magical!

Thank you for following and I hope you like what we are up to because it is our mission to share with you what this wonderful town has to offer so if you do come to McCall, you’ll have a great sense of places to go and things to do!


McCall Trip Roundup:

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Apr 172012

Here everyone is all smiles.


So kind, so caring and so, well . . . always making sure you are having a good time.

This for sure, we were having. Especially B.

We could hardly wait to take a hike up into the beautiful mountains that surround Kahneeta.

The views were so beautiful.

So incredible.

To fuel our day I made chocolate crepes.  Oh those crepes . . . B is still talking about them.  This time we kept them plain with just a sprinkling of sugar and I can tell you, we probably won’t have them any other way after tasting them.  What that sugar does to those crepes, it’s magical almost.

I also want to share with you photos of double bruleed custard oats that I also made. The hard candy topping on the custard oats, well, it was almost desert.

There was so much to see on our hike from wildlife tracks (I am guessing these are mountain lion maybe?) high up in the mountains to the cool rushing river down below . . .

I also was eager to make beautiful bowls of berries with vanilla stewed rhubarb from my garden.  Greek yogurt with some honey finished it off perfectly along with a sprinkling of chopped pistachios.

It was quite the feast that morning that took us through to the end of the day when I prepared an amazing rice pasta and cheese dish (using this recipe and subbing out the pasta with the rice version).  If you want to add an extra layer of “cheesiness” to your mac and cheese — try a sprinkling of nutritional yeast.  It’s really SO delicious (and what is typically used as the main cheese substitute in vegan mac and cheese versions).

Kahneeta is a very special place for us.  It was our very first time here and it will most definitely not be our last.  The combination of the beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities, incredibly friendly people that always have non-stop smiles on their faces and just general overall feeling of complete peace really sets the stage for the perfect family vacation.

I miss it there, very much.

So does B.

“B, can I take off your wrist band for you?” (It was a wrist band for access to the slippery slides)

“No mommy, please don’t.  I want to keep it on forever.”

See?  It’s a paradise for children and adults alike.

Thank you so much Kahneeta for the memories that we will keep forever :) xoxo

Dec 082011

Breakfast on Lopez Island, WA State

What a beautiful morning.   The sun was rising like a brilliant gem in the sky lighting up our surrounding landscape with beautiful hues of yellow and orange.

Breakfast on Lopez Island, WA State

Breakfast this morning was a warm bowl of steel cut oats, to eat outside. I followed my recipe here and added 2 tablespoons of pumpkin pie filling while I was warming it up. I folded in a handful of white chocolate chips too.

To finish off this decadent breakfast, I pulled out my brand new kitchen torch so I could melt or “Brulee,” some sugar on top.

The result? An amazing hard-shell candy top to a heavenly bowl of sweet and rich steel cut oats.

To me? This was dessert.  B must have felt the same. He devoured the entire bowl, and asked for more.


Breakfast on Lopez Island, WA State Odlin County Park

Nov 292011

Hubby, B and I awoke Thanksgiving morning to awe inspiring gale-force winds that literally shook the Airstream like a maple leaf being torn from its tree. The Doe Bay Resort retreat tearfully was at a seasonal transition to winter destinations. We were both honored and grateful to be their guests for one of the most memorable times in our lives. I don’t think there is one particular highlight one can single out about Doe Bay. It is the synchronicity between all its moving parts. The spectacular coastline exposure, inspiring views, hot pools, sauna, yoga facilities and classes, the culinary artistry at the Cafe, and most importantly, its friends and family. We will miss you dearly, Doe Bay.  Thank you for the incredible, life changing experience.  Heaven on Earth this is. xoxo.

We now slowly make our way back to the mainland. Our very last stop in the San Juan Islands is Lopez Island.  Odlin County Park, to be specific.  To celebrate Thanksgiving.  A simple meal prepared on our Airstream.  Just the three of us.

Here we are in the Orcas Island ferry line on that stormy morning.  What a peculiar sight!  No one here but us . . .

Orcas Island Ferry Line Thanksgiving 2011

Orcas Island Inter Island Ferry to Lopez

Odlin County Park, Lopez Island

The ferry you see in the distance, stopped to enjoy the view of our Christmas tree and our silver, shiny Airstream as well, I am sure . . .

Thanksgiving on Lopez Island, Odlin County Park, WA State

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.


Oct 032011

Hubby, B and I decided to take life a little easy this past weekend and take camp at Fidalgo Bay Resort while on our way to the San Juan Islands and not stress out about catching/missing the evening ferry.  We knew there would be an option to catch an early ferry the next morning.  So why not?

Our spot  (lucky #13 in case you are interested) is nothing less than amazing with full hookups right along the waterfront.  If you bring your boat,  you can enjoy your limit of crab and clams within a couple of hours.  Amenities include a playground, game and work out rooms, full kitchen and immaculate bathrooms.

If you are ever in the area and are on your way up the San Juan Islands, J5MM encourages you to visit Fidalgo Bay Resort.  You will leave the next morning refreshed and ready for your journey to the San Juan Islands.

Before our trip I decided to feed the boys pancakes.  But not just any pancakes, but stuffed pancakes.  I used my new Ebelskiver pan to make them.  Just prepare a traditional pancake mix and add a small pat of butter into each part of the pan.  After the butter melts, add a tablespoon of your batter and flip (with a fork) when the tops become “bubbly.”  Then take a filling of your choice (I whipped up some heavy cream and mixed with strawberry jam) and place into a zip lock bag with the corner cut off (just slightly) and pipe into the inside of these hot little gems.  Top with powdered sugar and maple syrup if your heart desires :)

Fidalgo Bay Resort