Jan 242012

Over the last week or so I have been going through all of my photos I have taken over the last year. It has really been such fun going through those photos and reflecting back with hubby and B on all of the places we have visited in 2011. Actually, it is really amazing to us everything that we were able to do considering I recently returned back to corporate America so my vacation time wasn’t as much as I would have liked. Nonetheless, we made it happen and we enjoyed every minute of our travels.  We are looking forward to many more trips to come in 2012 along with the new friends we will make.

Alpental Ski Resort Area

Alpental Ski Area, WA State

Here we are along the Oregon coast — the views were spectacular and we were really excited to see all of the surfers at Pacific Beach

Surfing in Pacific Beach along the Oregon Coast

As we continue along the Oregon coast, we are amazed at the dramatic beauty of the ocean with the huge rocks in the distance.

The Oregon Coast

Taking a cruise through Seaside, OR.  This was a fun town!  We stopped at an arcade and hubby and B played some table hockey.

Seaside Oregon 2011

Tofino, BC.  This camp spot was beautiful.  We were right on the beach and experienced very strong storms with clear skies the next morning.

MacKenzie Beach in Tofino, BC

We did some fishing in Tofino and met some great friends and family of Lance who runs Lance’s Sportsfishing Adventures. They brought back some of the most beautiful seafood I have ever seen and I cooked up a feast for them. We all had such a fun time.

New Friends and Lance's Sportsfishing Adventures in Tofino

We will never forget the wildlife we saw on our cruise with Captain Mike of Browning Pass Charters in Tofino, BC.

Cruising for Wildlife in Tofino - Browning Pass Charters

Back on the mainland, we did some fly fishing with Troutwater Fly Fishing along the Yakima river here in Washington State.

Troutwater Fly Fishing on the Yakima River in Washington State

Golfing at SunCountry was such a pleasure.  This is truly a hidden gem and the RV spots are huge and full service.

SunCountry Golf in Washington State

Chuckwagon rides at Suncadia’s harvest festival was a treat for B as well as visiting the neighbor’s horses in Roslyn, WA

A Chuckwagon Ride, Some Cute Horses and our Lot in Roslyn, WA

Heading up to our favorite islands — the San Juan Islands, Orcas to be exact we are very, very excited!  Especially for me since this is the mecca of farm lands.  Of course eggs were on my mind!

Orcas Island, Farms and a very special Giving Tree

Hope everyone is off to a great start to 2012!

Jan 162012

In order to view the epicurean and outdoor adventures these beautiful islands have to offer, please click on the “Enlarge Map” links below.

We love the San Juan Islands.   I will be populating this map with the places J5MM has visited and truly enjoyed so that one day, should you ever decide to come for a visit — you’ll know exactly where to go!

Please feel free to explore the interactive map below by clicking on the callouts to discover more about these wonderful destinations.


View Larger Map



View Larger Map



View Larger Map

Below you will find links to some stories of our outdoor and epicurean adventures on the islands.  These are our personal, heart-felt stories and will show you just how beautiful the islands truly are.

Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island

The Outlook Inn and Orcas Homegrown Market, Orcas Island

Crabbing Season, Orcas Island

Odlin County Park, Lopez Island

Shark Reef Sanctuary, Lopez Island

. . . and many, many more

    Jan 132012

    I have some exciting news to share.  For me, this is very, very special and makes me so happy.

    I am now, so honored, to be a part of the Williams-Sonoma authorship on their wonderful blog called “The Blender.”  My very first post was published yesterday.  I worked very hard on it.  Picking the right words, taking the right pictures and putting it all together.   It is a very special post to me.  It is a post about discovering your local farm and a recipe of baked eggs with the most incredible crispy potato cakes.

    If you have been following my blog here at J5MM, you know my passion for fresh, organic eggs and how nice it is to support your local farmer.  I do hope you have a moment to check out my very first post.  It is with the utmost honor that I provide this link below for you.  I hope you enjoy it!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Discover Your Local Farm:  Baked Eggs with Crispy Potato Cakes

    A link to Williams-Sonoma's Blog called The Blender

    Oct 122011

    Did somebody say Terrain? 19,300 acres of advanced, expert and intermediate glades and cut runs of high-quality sun and wind protected pow pow. With eight primary mountains and numerous additional ridges and sub peaks, it is impossible to run out of that commodity which is more precious than gold, “untracked powder.”

    Many cat and heli operators will ration out the powder by having the guest’s ski closer together, and substituting powder runs for wind and sun effected slopes there by saving the primo snow for future guests. Not so with Big Red Cats. There is so much terrain in the vast areas of operation that it would take a guide three seasons to ski every run.

    Spread it out riders, there’s plenty of “over-your-head,” fluff for everyone with pitches and bowls you can only imagine in your dreams.

    Oct 072011

    The White House

    Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons

    Someone in the White House has been ‘Streaming on Just 5 More Minutes.

    On October 6th at 2:40 eastern standard time, the highest office in our land (the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America) hit our post on the interior decor of our Airstream.

    Do you think they will go with our 1960’s “Dating Game” look or opt for the sheepskin “Western Motif”?

    Is an Airstream-Style remodel of Air Force One on the agenda?  Maybe the Limo fleet will be replaced by an Airstream Caravan.

    Anyway, we will take it as a “thumbs up!”

    This is the Greatest Country in the World!

    Keep on ‘Streaming,

    Monica, Jeff and B

    Sep 262011

    One does not always have to camp in the woods and hike to Spectacle Lake or the Crest trail.

    We find it inspiring sometimes to park our Airstream amid the skyscrapers, downtown nightlife and historic public markets.

    You can hike the city trails, connecting  landmark parks with waterfront boutiques and trendy restaurants.  Your day pack is lighter, the pathways more forgiving and water does not need to be rationed.

    Visit the art museums, aquariums, the zoo amongst other urban sights.  Before you know it, you’ve covered 15 miles and seen it all from street level.

    Back at camp, you freshen up and prepare for a night on the town, Airstream style.

    Sep 142011

    Some friends of mine have been encouraging me to create a book based on J5MM’s blog.  After some long hours of compiling, editing, crying, reviewing, smiling – I did it.  Last night I received an email from Amazon.com that my book has been published and is now live for the Kindle.

    I based this book on the fact that the color Kindle will be due out soon as it is filled with photography from my blog and recipes as well.  So if you don’t have a Kindle and are thinking of purchasing one – keep in mind the color Kindle is on its way!

    In the meantime, you can view my book, in color on the following devices:

    • Kindle for Android
    • Blackberry
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • Kindle Cloud Reader
    • Mac
    • PC
    • Windows Phone 7

    Link to my book on Amazon.com

    An Airstream Travel Trailer's Storybook of Recipes, Vol. 1 by Monica Bennett


    Aug 242011

    It is the one year anniversary since Hubby delivered the Airstream from Southern California and what a ride it has taken us on.  From the Northern American coastline to tens of mountain passes — from ski resorts at -4 degrees to the Eastern deserts in the hot 90’s.  Hobnobbing with Rock Stars as well as wicking and wacking it with ski and golf bums.  All had one theme in common – spending those moments in safety and luxury thanks to our beloved Airstream.

    We would like to give a big thank you to all of our loyal followers, friends and sponsors who have literally made this dream possible.

    As many of you already know, Airstream has published the photographs from our travels in their 2012 sales brochure.  Here is a slide show from our highlight reel of photos that are in the new brochure: