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As sure as the autumn leaves are to fall, my Etsy shop will eventually, forthcoming have its very first shop update.

Next Tuesday, around 9 am I will be stocking my shelves with a few travel inspired jewellery pieces I have been happily working on these past few weeks. 

After long days in corporate America, after preparing dinner for the boys, after homework studies with B and after Oliver’s twilight evening walk, I slip into my garage where my workbench lives, sit down, turn the radio on and begin creating. My garage is very dark, but cozy and the light from my workbench as well as the white christmas lights I have strung above gives my little corner in which I work a very warm feeling.  Outside the rains falls and I can clearly hear it sharply hitting the window pane next to me. I have strategically placed the space heater close to Oliver who sits next to me on his very own chair wrapped in a fluffy blanket watching my every move.  Curious little dog he is.  Every now and then I peer over at him through my safety googles, reach over and give him  a nice scratch under his furry chin and tell him, “You’re the best boy Oliver,” and I think that makes him happy.  I enjoy so much, having him next to me.

As I work, I let the memories of past travels form the pieces I make.

I think of the river trip we took this past summer in Hells Canyon, ID.  I think of how we pulled the raft over one afternoon and explored an old homestead.  On this homestead were many, many cherry trees heavy with fruit.  We picked these cherries and ate them until we could not eat anymore.    In my pocket, for hundreds and hundred of miles, I brought home with me the pits from the cherries of those trees deep in the canyon.  I planted them on my coal miners homestead, next to existing cherry trees the miners planted.  I hold my breath now until next Spring to see if they will sprout from the thawing earth.

I think about time spent on our coal miner’s homestead and the heirloom apple trees that grace the property.  The leaves specifically on those trees, although simple to some, are exquistely beautiful and now are the most beautiful blazing red-orange color.  I too create based on those leaves.

On those leaf laden apple tree branches, many summer mornings, I found little birds happily perched watching us busy inside the Airstream.  When we ventured out and enjoyed the early mornings, I could hear them happily singing the most beautiful tunes.  Hopping from branch to branch just looking down on us, curious — and us looking up at them, curious as well.

I continue to work into the wee hours.  The boys are both asleep in the house and Oliver is running in his dreams next to me on his chair.  I wonder what he is dreaming of.  Eventually, when I can no longer keep my eyes open, I turn off the light and head upstairs to sleep.

When my head hits the pillow, I immediately fall asleep and have dreams of our past travels.

Autumn in the Air via J5MM.comAmbrosia Earrings via J5MM.comAutumn Reflections via J5MM.comMetalsmithed Treasures via J5MM.comGolden Leaves via J5MM.comAutumn Foliage via J5MM.comGlamping in Domerie Meadow // Cle Elum, WA via J5MM.comI hope you swing by my shop next Tuesday morning and have a look around.  Here is the link to my shop: (or click on the Etsy logo on the right hand side)

Until then, have a beautiful weekend!

Thank you for being here :)

Humbly yours,
Monica xoxo

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  1. Just beautiful! I can’t wait to see your shop! The descriptive prose that has inspired your work translates to your wonderful works of art! Best of luck Dear Monica! Maybe some of your creative food will inspire your jewelry as well! Cheers! Sandi

    • Oh Sandi, thank you SO much (I had to smile) !!! Great minds must surely think alike because I have two pieces that will be in my shop tomorrow that are in fact inspired from a culinary creation I made in my silver kitchen. I can’t wait for you to see ! ! ! xoxo Monica

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