Mar 142011

B: “Mommy, I know how to make a cloud!  Do you want to see?”

Me:  “Wow, sure!  But I don’t want any thunderstorms in the house okay…?”

B: “Haa haa mommy, don’t worry, that won’t happen.  I have a book from school and it tells me how to make one in a jar!”

Me:  “A jar?  Wow!  Let’s go make the cloud in the Airstream!  It’s raining outside right now so we can listen to the rain drops on the Airstream while we make your cloud”

B:  “Yay!!”


This was a great experiment.  I suggest putting the jar against a dark background so you can really see it in “action” as it is a little hard to see otherwise.

The principal is:  Moist air rises in the atmosphere, cools and water droplets form into clouds.  In our jar, it looked like a whirlwind.  Pretty awesome according to B.

We boiled our water in the tea kettle and let it cool within the jar for a minute or so.  B took pleasure/fascination in playing around with the steam with his hand.  Make sure to supervise your child(ren).

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  1. What a great kid project! Beautiful photos too!

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