Jul 042011

The beauty of Airstreaming is that you can practically go anywhere your heart desires and still have your creature comforts of home wherever your destination may be. There are so many places in our beautiful America to explore and discover.  One way we like to Airstream is to find a nice campground and walk or ride our bicycles to our destination(s). We get our exercise and we have more time together which is always so nice.

One of our favorite destinations to visit is called Suncadia. Suncadia is located 90 minutes east of downtown Seattle so it is a great weekend getaway for fellow Seattleites. Suncadia does not have RV accommodations; however, there are quite a few spots around where you can easily camp and walk (or bike) your way into this beautiful golfing, fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. community.

I have never had the opportunity to dine at the Swiftwater Cellars which is located within Suncadia.  Hubby sensed that I was in one of my “don’t feel like cooking moods,” and asked if I’d like to have dinner here.  “But of course!”   We had an incredibly delicious butter leaf wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, a savory gorgonzola tart alongside grilled ciabatta bread which was drizzled with an amazing sweet, thick balsamic vinegar and two crispy and rich dungeness crab cakes.  For dessert, B had a simple but so delicious vanilla ice cream with berries.

Our day was spent swimming, bicycling and dining at gorgeous Swiftwater Cellars with a pleasant and peaceful walk back home in the warm summer air to our camp where our Airstream awaited our return.

What a beautiful day.

Swiftwater Cellars at Beautiful Suncadia Resort

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  1. Too cool. I’m making crab cakes for dinner tonight

  2. They were SO good!

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