Oct 212014

Fab Finds Tuesday // RV Acccessories via J5MM.com

  1. If there was every a one-pot-wonder — this is it.  Small yet mighty — perfect for making soup for two, sweet and savory sauces, puddings and morning oats.  It is the perfect little deep frying vessel because it is just the right size to keep things under control.  Take for example these Fall Apple Pumpkin Fritters I made.  Heavenly I tell you — Heavenly :)  But mostly I use it to make breakfast porridge for B and the clean up is quite amazing.  Find it here
  2. Pumpkin Carving Templates :) B wants to carve out the trailer one and I am in love with the campfire scene — these are by far the cutest glamping and camping templates I have ever seen — from KOA
  3. I will admit, I have gone through more coffee making devices than I care to admit on the Airstream but when ordering more capsules for my Nespresso maker (that USED to be on the Airstream and since moved it indoors because it was a little too big for the Airstream counter) I discovered this little gem.  Tiny and space saving and the price can’t be beat — $99.00.  I was sold on the red one.  Check out all the colors (blue, white, cream, and more) here
  4. I’m not really a big fan of cornbread — mine always turns out so crumbly and dry and well — this recipe may be my saving grace.  Can’t wait to try!  Find it here

I hope these finds inspire you — and for the record:  none of the above mentioned products/companies are my sponsors.  They are merely things I find that I think are just fantabulous!

Thank you for being here :)

Peace & Love,

Monica xoxo

Breakfast Apple pumpkin Fritters

Breakfast Apple pumpkin Fritters

Apple Pumpkin Fritters

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  1. I always enjoy scrolling through your sweet blog. Imagine my surprise when I saw this Best Made pot featured today. I had literally just made a purchase of one myself, only minutes before finding this on your Facebook page! I wish you good luck and long years of use. Me, too!

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