Aug 182015

Glacier National Park via

After visiting Glacier National Park last week we took a trip to Whitefish, Montana where I happened upon the Meriwether of Montana shop.  Let me tell you something fellow campers, glampers and outdoor enthusiasts alike – this is the shop for YOU.   But good news here, you don’t have to travel all the way to Whitefish like I did to enjoy their goodies, simply click here and you’ll see what I mean.

Here are some of the things I brought home to my silver girl:

Fab Finds Tuesday Montana Style via // #Airstream #GoRVing

#1 is a darling little red rimmed enamelware pail.  Came in perfect for storing my fresh picked huckleberries from the Montana alpine wilderness ?

#2 is a cute little wooden plaque that says all it needs to say :)

#3 is a coffee percolator.  Very happy to find this!  

#4 is a bandana that I just could not resist.  It is designed by a local artist from Montana.  I’m going to make a pillow out of it, I happen to think it is just that cute.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about our trip through Idaho and Montana with you.   Can you imagine?  I took over 3,000 photos.  I will be busy here in the next couple of weeks.

Silver shiny hugs to you xoxo

PS I made a huckleberry pie during our trip and other goodies :)  Stay tuned for scrumptious recipes ❤

Huckleberry Pie via // #AirstreamKitchenMontana Camping via

  11 Responses to “Fab Finds Tuesday Montana Style”

  1. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Oh….joy! Great finds. And, lucky you to have fresh huckleberries to make pie. Whitefish is a fabulous place. Were you able to attend the Farmer’s Market? Just the best…and when we were there last year, they had Dixon melons that truly were the best I have ever tasted. Great post…and I want to taste your pie! YUM! And of course, the flathead cherries are pretty delicious too.

    • I saw signs all over for the flathead cherries. Now I kick myself for not pulling over and buying a bag. Next time! But for sure, I am hooked on huckleberries. I have never tasted them before and oh my. What a treat and the colors they produce when cooking — the most beautiful pink magenta. Love them. I didn’t get a chance to visit the market but what a charming town it was. I fell in love.

  3. I love that store! Got myself a mushroom foraging knife and a whistle when I was there.

    • I think it was probably one of my favorite stores, hubby had to drag me out of there, which was good for the wallet I suppose. But now that I know they’ve got an online store, watch out, ha. I was eyeing that whistle . . .

  4. How you always manage to find the loveliest of all places I will never know. Thank you for sharing this fun shop. The keychains are absolutely hysterical!

  5. I need that freaking adorable bandana omg thank you for bringing your fab finds back!

  6. Really like the happy camper goods. The enamelware especially is my favorite. Nothing beats enamelware for camping ! Love your blog

  7. Where did you find those hucks?????? I know, dumb question but wow!

  8. I’ll be right over for a slice of that seriously yum looking pie.

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