Jan 232011

Hubby is a ski instructor and B takes ski lessons every weekend while daddy teaches.  This typically entails early morning rising (read: 5 am) and a rushed experience to get out the door in order to get to the slopes on time for hubby’s first class and B’s ski lesson.

“Honey – the weekend will be beautiful at the pass, why don’t we take the Airstream up?” Hubby hollers to me from the office.  “…and the roads?” I reply back with great skepticism.  After all, towing the Airstream in snow and ice isn’t exactly what I would call a pleasant experience – its rather like a nail biting experience (my manicurist can attest to that).

Leaning over hubby’s shoulder and reading the weather forecast on line, I did in fact see that the forecast called for beautiful sunny weather and dry roads.  Then it dawned on me, taking  the Airstream to the pass would give us more time in the morning to prepare for our day while gaining another hour or so of zzzzz’s.  Brilliant!

Here are just a few photos from our weekend.

  2 Responses to “From Sea to Ski via Airstream”

  1. Hello Monica,
    Nice to meet you this weekend
    Love your Airstream & Great pictures!
    Can you e-mail me the one of my husband throwing the snowball
    Thank you so much, Dana Russell

  2. Hi Dana — it was great to meet you guys too! I don’t see your email address but if you can email me at monica@just5moreminutes.com I will most certainly send that picture to you! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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