Apr 192017

Fly Fishing Guides in Cle Elum, WA

We’ve got a little one bedroom condo located in beautiful Suncadia Resort.  It’s located at the Lodge which is one of the most coveted places so stay when one visits the area.  With that said, our condo has literally been a revolving door of  bookings with new and repeat guests for the longest while.  Miraculously there was one single night when it was not rented so hubby and I figured it would probably be a good idea to head over and check out the current situation and condition of it.  Thankfully everything seemed to be in tip top shape (such a nice surprise).  

Over dinner, hubby and I got to talking about all of the history we have here, which made me start thinking about just how long we’ve been coming out here and all of the experiences we’ve shared together.  Pre-resort days we would spend our time at the Bennett cabin, swimming in Lake Cle Elum, fly fishing the Yakima and hiking to the top of Domerie mountain (which you see there in the last picture — over to the right) but now that Suncadia and Tumble Creek are here, our outdoor adventures have really stepped up a notch from golfing to swimming and even enjoying the spa!  I clearly remember hubby telling me that there might be a resort community coming here waaaaaay back when and I could only imagine how incredible it was going to be — and guess what?  All of those glorious visions I had — they are now a reality.  

One of my most favorite places to dine when visiting Suncadia is at Swiftwater Cellars.  I am telling you, the menu is off the charts and the ambiance is warm, cozy, relaxing and very inviting.  Service is always top notch and owners Lori and Don are just about the sweetest couple you will ever meet.  Hubby and I always enjoy our time spent there.  Plus, did I mention the BOUTIQUE?????  Ladies, oh my goodness!  

In addition to Suncadia there is so much to do out here that one could literally spend a lifetime and still not conquer it all.  If you do come to visit, you must visit Salmon La Sac, it will blow your mind.  The scenery is incredible — literally jaw dropping!  Also visiting the quaint little town of Roslyn will warm your heart with it’s deep history rooted in the coal mining era along with Roslyn’s notoriety for it’s role as the fictitious Alaskan town of “Cicely,” in the TV show Northern Exposure.  Fans from all over the world still come to Roslyn to pay a visit and relish in the Northern Exposure history.  The farmers market in summer is a real treat drawing growers from all over to sell their fresh produce, cheeses and freshly baked breads.  Artists also join the market and the talent that is found there is beyond anything I have ever seen.  It really is such a pleasure to visit and kids love it as well.

I hope that you may get to experience what this beautiful area has to offer and if you do plan on coming through, let us know– you can stay on our lot with your RV– we’ve got a 30 amp plug in– just let us know!  Or you can rent our condo!!  Or both :) If you do stay on our lot, which is minutes from Suncadia and the heart of Roslyn, you will absolutely love our neigh-bors :) They are the sweetest horses, and so very smart!  Once they spy you, they mosey on over begging for apples from the mini apple orchard we have.  It’s hard to resist their begging!  I just love them and I firmly believe, our lot wouldn’t be as magical as it is, if it weren’t for them ♥

We plan on spending this summer up in the San Juan Islands, but hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in some time to visit the cabin and Suncadia/Tumble Creek because I really can’t imagine going a full summer without some river fly fishing.   We shall see!  Summer will be here sooner than we know.  Hard to believe.


Monica ♥

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