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Frends Layla Headphones

When sitting down to write here on J5MM or out and about during our travels, my Layla headphones from Frends are always with me.  I love them that much :)  In fact, I love them so much that I am writing about them here on J5MM to share with you.  I’ve owned many a pair of headphones from your dollar store variety to the more costly Beats by Dr. Dre and I can honestly say to you, from the bottom of my heart that these headphones you see in that picture above are my end-all-to-all-headpones.  They are the “Layla,” headphones in gold from the company called Frends.

They are beautiful not only to look at, but also to the touch.  They are wrapped in white leather, feel ridiculously luxurious in your hands and are so incredibly comfortable on your ears.  The sound when you are listening to them stay with the headphones — meaning, no one around you hears what you’re listening to — but more importantly, the sound quality is:





That’s right — they beat my Beats by a mile and I will never go back to any other headphones, ever.

I’m writing about my beloved headphones today because when a company goes above and beyond and truly CARES about their customers, I’m all over spreading the word about their KINDNESS.

You see, this past summer I bought B his very first iPod Nano.  He received excellent grades on his 4th grade report card and I knew that he has been longing for an iPod now for quite sometime. “I’m going to put it on my list for Santa mommy,” he would tell me time and time again.

So as a surprise, I went to the Apple store and bought him his very first iPod in green as a congratulatory present for him for his excellent grades.

“Oh mommy, I love my nano, thank you, thank you so much !! I’m so surprised!”  He was super excited!!  He opened the package, inspected everything and I uploaded some music for him and he was ready to go — except for one thing :(  The ear buds that came with the iPod were way to big for his tiny ears and they kept falling out.  I felt so bad :(

Over the past year, he’s admired my Layla headphones.  He would see me wear them at home or on the road while on Airstream trips.  He always told me, “Mommy, those are beautiful headphones…..”

So when his new headphones didn’t stay in, he asked me:

“Mommy?  Could I please borrow your headphones until I can save my money to buy my own pair?”

How could I say no?  So we shared them and sadly, I neglected to mention to B that with headphones, you have to be careful with the wires.  He wasn’t rough by any means mind you, but they did end up getting kinked in two spots which made the music hop from one ear to the other.

The poor kid felt awful about what happened and I felt awful because they were my favorite headphones.  But I was a good mom and didn’t show him I was sad too and explained they are just headphones and we’ll get them fixed.

But I was sad, so I typed an email to Frends the next day explaining exactly what happened and within minutes I had a response that they were very sorry over what happened and totally understood.  They asked me to please mail the headphones to them and they would fix them for me.

Less than seven days later I had them back with a surprise :)  They included a pair of “Ella,” for me so obviously B and I didn’t have to share anymore :)  I was so incredibly touched by the generosity of this company and how much they care about their customers.

I want to thank you FRENDS for your superior customer service and actually caring about your customers!

And that is why I wanted to write about Frends here on J5MM — CARING PEOPLE makes AWESOME COMPANIES :)

— and that just makes the world a better place :)

Peace & Love,
Monica XOXO

PS Here are some pictures I took from their Website and also their Facebook Page just so you can see the other beautiful headphones they offer — perfect for glamping wouldn’t you say?

We are FRENDS - makers of the most awesome headphones EVER

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  1. Love the post. Where did you get the tree hanger? It is stunning. Local artist?

    • Thank you Caryl :) I fell in love with those tree hangers when I saw them at the Container Store. They come in a small size (like the ones I have) or one larger size. I opted for two of the smaller ones to attach together vs. the large one (since it seemed to be so big for the trailer). I attached them with super duty removable tape — Command Strips :) Hope that helps you XO

  2. I was also admiring the tree hanger. May be a future project for me if I can find the perfect branch.

  3. Did you make the tree hanger? I really like how it looks in the Airstream.

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