Jun 192013

Airstream Trailer

When we were driving home from our Memorial Day Weekend Olympic Peninsula Loop — this RV park (called Rest-A-While RV Park) caught my eye and I made a note of it.  It looked really cute and was located right on the water.  Very pretty.  When the following Friday rolled around, we left after I got off work to come and check it out.  We made it in time for sunset.

The following morning was so relaxing as we were in no hurry to do anything but wait for the tide to go out to gather clams and oysters.   I prepared breakfast and coffee while the boys went for a walk.  Oliver decided to stay with me and continue snoozing away :)  

Rest a While RV Park Hoodsport, WA

While hubby waited outside for the tide to go out . .

Waiting for the tide to go out

B kept himself entertained inside (great cell reception here and wi-fi too – full bars on Sprint) . . .

B before Bkfst

And before we knew it, it was time to head out onto the beach and begin our gathering.

Food Beach in Hoodsport, WA

Eagles, Seagulls and many other birds watched us closely as we made our way out . . .

Eagle Clamming Competition in Hoodsport, WA at Rest A While RV Park

This is a great place to come and visit for a weekend to get your seafood fix.   Located in Hoodsport  there is a lot to do here from boating, kayaking, hiking (down the road a bit from here unfortunately) and if you’re into scuba diving this place is it.  Hoodsport is renowned among scuba divers as a staging area to view the giant Pacific octopus as well as wolf eels and rock fish.

Camp Rest a While RV park

Rest a While RV Park in Hoodsport, WA along the Hood Canal

low tide hood canal

Oysters on the half shell.  I was so proud of myself for perfectly shucking these babies.  Thanks to Toni, the expert “Mother Shucker,” lol — from Buck Bay Shellfish Farm on Orcas Island who taught me (and can teach you here ).  It really is so simple doing it her way ♥

Perfect Oysters from Rest a While RV Park


Oysters in our Airstream

Edible Calendula Petals

Cooking Clams in an Airstream Trailer

Canine Glamping

Along with me on our trip I brought some “Tom Kha Gai” soup I had previously made at home and froze.  I heated up the soup and added the clams with butter/garlic to it along with a toasted baguette and our dinner was simple and so delicious!

Clams in a Thai Broth from Rest A While RV park in Hoodsport, WA

Clams from Rest a While RV Resort Hoodsport, WA

Canine Glamping

Airstream Trailer

We are in countdown mode for our biggest trip ever coming up in a couple of weeks.  Heading through Idaho, down through Montana and Wyoming — we are calling this trip, “Rockin’ the Rockies” where we will be experiencing so many outdoor adventures my eyes get crossed just looking at our itinerary.  But it will be fun I am confident of that and more than anything I look forward to sharing our adventures with you.

Happy and safe travels from hubby, B, Oliver and me ~

~ Monica ♥

Map of Rest a While RV Resort in Hoodsport, WA

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  1. This was such a visually stunning post! Love it so much.

  2. Love this so much! You make my heart yearn and my mouth water for Oregon!

  3. You are whetting my appetite for taking our Airstream on the road! And this area will definitely be on the list of places to see. Thanks for writing!

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