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Suncadia and Tumble Creek in the Wenatchee National Forest Setting

When hubby and I first met, one of our very first trips taken together was to the Bennett cabin which is located next to the Wenatchee National Forest.  I’ve heard a lot about this cabin and how it took many, many years for the Bennett family to build, by hand — all themselves.  No machinery here, just pulley systems and lots of muscles to get the logs one on top of the other.

I was pretty excited for our first trip together,  I will never forget it.  I packed like a queen.  I think I had three suitcases all stuffed with (now looking back) ridiculous items like multiple pairs of hiking shoes — one pair waterproof, another pair breathable, the last pair — purely fashionable.  Oh and then came the beauty regime, not sure what I was thinking to pack my super duty industrial strength hairdryer and multiple curling irons. After all, we had power (hubby said) so I was prepared.  But I was not prepared when midway through my first blow drying session in the cabin bathroom, I saw a spark fly from the electrical socket my dryer was plugged into then followed by a huge **BOOM** with sudden darkness filling the Bennett cabin.

“Honey!  Are you okay?” hubby asked rushing to the bathroom door . . .

“Yes!  What happened?” I asked through the door, shaking — literally . . . because in a way, I think I knew what happened.

I blew the inverter to smithereens. 

And I felt awful.

Hubby had to call Orv.  Orv is hubby’s dad — he wired the entire cabin, himself.  Orv had to give instructions on how to fix — all of this over superiorly poor cell phone reception (back then, there was one spot for cell reception — standing on a certain rock facing North — it’s better now, which is good I think — in case of an emergency).

So now when we visit the Bennett cabin, I leave the hairdryer at home.  But I do bring my curling iron — it’s propane powered :)  Who knew?

Bennett Cabin in Eastern Washington

With all of those great (and not so great) memories of early cabin trips, it always feels good to come back.

So last weekend, we brought our silver girl over the pass for some glamping on our lot in Roslyn which is conveniently located near the Bennett cabin.

This was going to be a great weekend, I just knew it.  Mushroom hunting was on our agenda as well as fishing and relaxing.

“Mommy, what are we going to do first?” B asked me.

We always let B choose what our first activity will be and in this case, he picked fishing and  I’m not surprised.  He’s not to keen on mushroom hunting and I totally get it.  It’s boring but he comes along with a positive attitude nonetheless ♥

Fishing near Suncadia and Tumblecreek

We fished for a long time.  It was so beautiful — the scenery and the feeling of being out in nature with your loved ones, fishing in the river — just waiting for someone to get a bite.  We really love fishing together and I love that B loves it.

And eventually, we made our way into the woods, behind the Bennett cabin to find mushrooms.

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of Morel mushrooms we found Monica,” Marilyn, my mother-in-law once told me years ago.

“We had brown grocery bags, at least three of them, filled to the top with mushrooms!”  her hand gestures were what got me, “HUGE mushrooms!” she exclaimed waving her hands in the air.

To this day, 16 years later, I am still in awe of her story and every-single-year I return to where she told me she found those mushrooms (with her story repeating in my head).  I scour the earth with my eyes, along the river, near melted snow patches, under pine needles and find nothing.

Not one.

But, I remind myself that it is the experience — the journey rather — to finding mushrooms that is the most exciting.

I also tell this to B when he starts to complain :)

 “There are no mushrooms here mommy, please can we go home?” he begs . . .

So we do.

We go back to the Airstream for a snack .

But I swear it, if I ever find a morel mushroom, I will pass out from happiness (I am not even kidding).

Morel Mushroom Hunting in Eastern Washington

Preparing veggies in the Airstream kitchen

Back at the Airstream we relaxed and enjoyed some seriously tasty crostinis I put together.  Crostini are basically baguette slices that have been brushed with oil and sprinkled with salt which are then baked until golden brown.  Sometimes I will bake then, but other times I will cook them up quick in my cast iron skillet.

You may remember my technique for whipped mozzarella here?  That is what I spread atop the crostini which I then finished off with thinly sliced radishes, freshly shucked corn that I quickly roasted in my cast iron skillet with a bit of butter, fresh peas and chopped Marcona almonds.  Juicy and sweet baby heirloom tomatoes also joined the party — and these were heavenly bites.  SO delicious!

This is by far, our favorite way to eat.  We could literally live on these crostini :)

Hunting for Morel Mushrooms in Eastern Washington

Whipped Mozzarella Crostinis via

And even though we didn’t catch any fish or find any mushrooms, we still made some pretty wonderful memories.

I hope you are having a wonderful Spring so far and if you are planning a trip through Washington, let us know we would love to meet fellow travelers!

~ Monica XOXO

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  1. Your blog is so visually stunning and I am drawn in each and every post to find out what the Bennett family is up to and the beautiful memories you share and those you create!

  2. Looks awesome!!! Tried Google’n the Bennett Cabin with no success

    • Kent — I am so flattered you even tried to google that, lol !! Thank you, I guess I should probably get to figuring out how to add it so it will show up. Thank you !!!

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