Nov 072010

Here is a virtual tour movie I made last summer. Hubby says my hand looks like the “Thing” from the Adams Family – anyways . . .

Here are some interior shots I have taken of our Airstream over the past year.  As you can probably guess, I thoroughly enjoy decorating as she has gone through many different decorating schemes.  She currently is in the “sheepskin” phase as we are gearing up for our winter cat skiing adventure to Big Red Cats.  I hope you enjoy my pictures and also hope they will bring you some inspiration if you are thinking of redecorating your Airstream.

2006 25′ Airstream Safari FB SE LS

See that spider web?  It looked so awesome all lit up on Halloween night.  The lights just reflected right off the aluminum.

She was made during Airstream’s 75th anniversary year

The Galley


He loves the Airstream too

  6 Responses to “Organization & Decor: Our First Airstream”

  1. I covet this trailer. This is the perfect trailer for us, however I fear it will never be mine. Have you sold it yet?…(sigh) caroline

  2. How did you adhere the magnetic strip for knives to the airstream. Looking to do this myself.


  3. I love the fabric magazine “rack” and found one for our airstream at the container store thanks to you! I also purchased the magnetic strips to hang postcards and pictures. . .but am afraid to use the self-adhesive strip that it comes with. . .is this what you used? Does it damage the finish on the interior walls? You also mentioned using silicone sealant to hang the knife rack. . .I have the same concern as above. . .any problem if you want to remove the rack? How did you hang your magnetic board? I have been unable to find the bamboo box you use by the stove (you have one in your first airstream and also in your new one – they look different though)..or the plastic containers that you have your dishes in.

    Thanks so much for all of your great ideas! Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated! I am having so much fun with all of this!

    • Hello Jackie — I am SO sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve never tried to remove any thing I have attached with silicone sealant so . . . . I wish I could answer that one for you. I did use the self adhesive strip that came with the magnetic strips and when I did remove some of them, they were quite easy to “peel” off. Some stickiness remained so I guess that citrus based goop remover called “GOOP GONE.” Worked very well! The bamboo box I found for my second Airstream is different from the bamboo box in my first as the sizes are narrower in comparison. But I did find both at the Container Store. I hope that helped you and again, I am so sorry for the delay !!! xoxo

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