May 292013

Airstream trailer road trip and glamping around the Olympic National Park

Airstream Road Trip Along the Olympic Peninsula at Pacific Beach State Park

The wonderful thing about Airstreaming this time of year is the amount of daylight hours you get :)  This means, for people who work during the day in the 9 to 5 rigamarole can still have a good chance at leaving right after work on a Friday while enjoying their new surroundings that evening if their destination is relatively close.

At least that’s how it is for me  . . . until I win the lottery and can afford to travel full time, while homeschooling B (he says he would LOVE it if we could do it).  Since I’m terrible at math I avoid buying lottery tickets — but every once in a while I do, lol :)

We arrived at Pacific Beach State Park / Campground in a few hours after leaving our home in Bellevue.  After we unhitched and set up, we took a walk on the beach and started to discuss how nice of a drive it was — and it was so close to our home.  We need to make trips like this more often.  It would be crazy not too we agreed!

View from the inside of our Airstream towards Pacific Beach in Washington State

We spent our early evening exploring the beach, playing baseball and exploring the beach.  Did I mention how beautiful the beach is??

Playing baseball on Pacific Beach State Park while camping with our Airstream

The sun made its appearance every now and then followed by some cool misty — mist.  When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you learn to travel with all of your rain gear, all the time.  Unlike Buddy, our sweet lab who could tolerate wind – snow – ice – rain without a coat of any kind — this little guy of ours, Oliver — needs clothes.  Believe me, I don’t dress dress him up because I like too — this little guy shivers — its necessary ♥

Oliver in his raincoat

Pacific Beach State Park Glamping with Airstream

And speaking of Oliver — as I seem to do so much!  {I apologize} — it was his first time his paws had ever touched the beach.

Oliver's first time on the beach

Cell reception here at Pacific Beach was *meh*  (Sprint)  I had about two bars but was able to push some photos through to my {Instagram} account to share.  Imagine my surprise when I made it onto Facebook to see myself tagged in a photo of a sketch of our sweet Ollie!  A sketch that Brian did — in five minutes — on his iPhone !!  Thank you Brian Vegter!!

Brian and his wife Corrine are very talented artists and I have been admiring their work now ever since we became Airstream owners (which is how I discovered them – they are fellow Airstreamers)!  Brian paints such beautiful and touching portraits of the sweetest dogs ever and Corrine is a mastermind at creating unique, one-of-a-kind, vintage inspired ceramic travel trailers.   You can check out Brian’s work here at and Corrine’s magic over at  Then you can see for yourself what I mean — truly amazing talent !!

Drawing of Oliver by canine artist Brian Vegter

Pacific Beach State Park

Pacific Beach Set 11

You can definitely walk for a very long time on this beach, it truly is a special (and quiet) place here.

Pacific Beach Set 6
Pacific Beach State Park with Airstream

Pacific Beach State Park

Hubby, B and I all agreed that it would be a perfect weekend trip in the future to come back here.  The sites are nice and big, the restrooms/showers are well maintained.  The only bummer is that there’s no water — at least not at our site which was site #6.  But believe me, we were not complaining.  At all :)

Pacific Beach Campground Camping with our Airstream Site 6

Pacific Beach Set 7

And for dinner, well — there wasn’t any this night, lol.  No really.  I suppose I became so enthralled with exploring our new campsite that cooking was the last thing on my mind.  Instead we just did our butcher block smorgasbord with some chips, prosciutto and french onion dip….

Nobody complained.

But wait till you see what I cooked on the rest of the trip :)  Post 2 and 3 to come !

Pacific Beach State Park Site 6

Pacific Beach State Park Site 6

Wishing you and your loved ones safe travels this Spring/Summer season xoxo

~ Monica, Hubby, B and Ollie  ♥

  5 Responses to “{Olympic Peninsula Loop} Part 1: Pacific Beach State Park”

  1. Gorgeous as always. ❈

  2. Thanks Jen :) xoxo

  3. I was SO delighted to find your post! We’re renting an airstream, going to the same campground, and would you believe it, staying at the same spot as you did! Thanks for such beautiful photos and inspiration. I am SO stoked for this weekend! Continued blessings on you and your family….

    • So happy you found my post about Pacific Beach — you will absolutely love it!! My vivid memories are of relaxing times on the beach and morning strolls. I hear there is a great pizza place nearby, wish I could remember but maybe if you take a walk into the tiny tiny town you can ask the locals. Have fun !!

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