Apr 242016

Monica Bennett Forest Photography (3 of 5)Monica Bennett Forest Photography (1 of 5)Monica Bennett Forest Photography (2 of 5)Monica Bennett Forest Photography (5 of 5)

I took a stroll through the forest this morning.  It’s one of my most enjoyed morning rituals — becoming enveloped in the peace and quiet found here.  I feel truly blessed to have the riches of the forest so close to home.

I was inspired from my morning walk to finish up these beautiful silver earrings.  They are the first in my series, “Riches of the Forest.” They’ve been sitting on my bench now for a while and I am beyond delighted that they are finally ready, for you.  In my shop now:  Just5MoreMinutes.etsy.com

I do hope you can swing by!

Riches of Forest Earrings Riches of the Forest earrings via J5MM.comMonica Bennett Forest Photography (4 of 5)


Apr 242016

Goey Skillet Cookie (1 of 1)-5Goey Skillet Cookie (1 of 1)-4

I’ve been sharing some recipes of mine over on GoRVing’s recipe site.  This fudgey skillet cookie with a soft center is a decadent treat that I actually make quite often during our road trips.  Scoop it straight out of the skillet or allow to cool slightly and cut into slices.  Vanilla ice cream makes it that much better, if that’s even possible.  You can find the recipe here and I hope you enjoy :)

Bon appetit!

PS:  There are so many great recipes on GoRVing’s site and it’s a great resource for meal planning your next road trip :)  Be sure to have a look around.

Apr 122016

From left to right . . .

Fabulous Finds for your RV via J5MM.com

  1. Just discovered Junk Gypsy and and all their happy goodness. Here is their glamper pillow for starts . . . too many adorable items over there.
  2. Protect your cookware from the bumps and owies on the road with these cookware protectors :)
  3. Entertain in style at the campground with these super cute napkins :)  What could be more perfect?
  4. When the mountains call, be appropriately dressed :)

See you next Tuesday friends!
Monica xx

Apr 062016

Deep cleaning your RV via J5MM.com

We’ve had some pretty perfect weather around here in Washington.  Mid to upper 60’s and tomorrow, oh my — we are going to be in the 80s!  When the weather turns from dreary, rainy and grey to beautiful and sunshiney, I am all about Spring cleaning.  I put on some tunes, open up all the windows in the Airstream and get busy.

Spring Cleaning your RV via J5MM.com Spring Cleaning your RV via J5MM.comIf you’d like to see the method to my spring cleaning madness, head on over to GoRVing’s blog, The Scenic Route and see how it’s done.  Hope to see you there and I do hope you are having a lovely Spring!

Monica xx

Apr 052016


Note:  I fell off the Fabulous Finds bandwagon but am wrangling to get back on! 

Airstream Chopping Board

Gosh, I am in LOVE with how this turned out!  I had a hand in the design process and AHeirloom really took my idea and turned it into pure perfection! My plan will be to chop on the opposite side of the board and save the beautiful engraving front as a display piece when not in use.  If you’d like to order one of these for your silver kitchen, you can contact Amy at AHeirloom here.

Airstream Cutting Board by AHeirloom via J5MM.com

Three Sisters Mountain Pillow

While out photographing a multifamily property not too long ago, I came across this pillow sitting pretty on a sofa in one of the apartment units.  I have been wanting this particular pillow for the longest while and after seeing it in person, I promptly went home and ordered it up!  If you would like this pillow, please visit ThreeBadSeeds on Etsy :)

Mountain Pillow by ThreeBadSeeds on Etsy via J5MM.com


If you haven’t heard of the Best Made Company, let me tell you a little about them.  When they make something, they make it right and they make it last.  The proof is my little pot you see behind my two new cups!  I have used that pot for everything from porridge in the mornings for B to thick sticky sauces for ribs to deep frying breakfast pumpkin fritters and each and every time, that little pot comes out shining like its brand new.  Also after all the bumps while towing, I am happy to report not a single chip.  This enamelware is built strong and built to last.  Anyhow — when I saw the cups (that are bigger than the average cup on their site) I knew I had to have them.  If you’d like a set of cups, you find find them here You can find the cute pot, here.

Enamelware from Best Made Co via J5MM.com

Here is a picture of my new cutting board for my kitchen also created by AHeirloom.  This measures 20″ x 23″ and fits perfectly.  I have been wanting a cutting board the spans the width of the counter top so I would have one big working surface and finally my search for the perfect board came to an end.  It is engraved with geometric triangles that reminds me of the mountains here in the Pacific Northwest.  I am so pleased!

Airstream Kitchen via J5MM.comAnd that wraps up my Fabulous Finds for this Tuesday :)  I hope you’ve enjoyed this special over due post!

Thank you for being here friends,

Monica xx

Feb 262016

J5MM Forest Walk (1 of 1)J5MM Forest Walk (2 of 9) J5MM Forest Walk (3 of 9)

The forests of the Pacific Northwest are a soothing retreat for the mind, body and soul.  Believe me when I tell you I come here often especially after extremely busy and stress filled days at the office.   There is no better medicine during those times than a walk through the forest where one can decompress.

My weekends also begin with a refreshing hike along the trails. The glorious sun-lit mornings belong to me — and as I walk, I think about the day ahead and what’s in store.  Thankfully (so thankfully) last weekend and this one belong to ME.  No commitments, no work, no plans — I get exactly 48 hours all to myself and believe me, I am quite giddy about it.

Last weekend I began taking the time to work on some silver pieces for the Etsy shop.  A stunning carnelian ring in a sterling silver setting as well as a pair of antlers adorned with ferns and flowers that will eventually grow into a beautiful necklace.  These two pieces have been so enjoyable to work on.  I am hoping to have a shop update in the new couple of weeks — please stay tuned!  If you would like to bookmark my shop for future, you can click on this link here: Just 5 More Minutes’ Etsy Shop.

In addition to working on my silver pieces, I also had my very first podcast interview with Stephanie and Jeremy from RV Family Travel Atlas a couple weeks ago.  It’s a photography based podcast and I had such a fun time chatting with them (after getting over being so nervous, goodness!).  You can listen to the podcast directly from their website here or subscribe on iTunes here.

Thank you Stephanie and Jeremy for having me on your show — was fun :)

J5MM Forest Walk (4 of 9)

Oliver enjoys our forest walks too :)

On this particular morning, I was thinking — I should have recorded the sound around me to share with you here.  Imagine the sound of a fast running creek with the birds happily chirping above you — and that’s all you hear.  Magical and peaceful both at once.  I just love it here I tell you.

J5MM Forest Walk (5 of 9)J5MM Forest Walk (6 of 9) J5MM Forest Walk (7 of 9) J5MM Forest Walk (8 of 9) J5MM Forest Walk (9 of 9)

Wherever you are this weekend, I am wishing you a very happy and relaxing one!


Monica xo

Jan 252016

2016 Interior Design Trends - Geometric Wall Decor (1 of 5)

“Hi honey, what are you doing there?” hubby asks me . . .

“Oh, I’m making a little wall hanging for the Airstream.  Where the clock used to be.  What do you think?  Do you like it?”  I hold it up for him to admire . . .

“You should blog about that, it’s really nice,” he tells me.

What I didn’t tell him was that the redesign and craft bug that recently bit me hard, was all his fault.  But it was all his fault in the  most best possibly way of course.

2016 Interior Design Trends - Geometric Wall Decor (2 of 5)

A couple of months ago we had to move Grams and Gramps to an assisted living facility.  Hubby and his brother took care of cleaning out their house and while doing so, hubby came across one of his beloved rugs he brought back from Mexico in the 1970’s.  When I came home from work one day and saw it there, draped over the back of the sofa I was in awe.  It was sooooo beautiful.  The geometric lines and the neutral colors just made me swoon.

“Can I put this in the Airstream?  You know, just to see how it will look?” I sheepishly asked him . . . because I knew how much he loved that rug.

And well, this is where it all began.  You see, now that my new, modern-ish, geometric rug fit there perfectly, my cute little flower clock above the TV just didn’t sit right with me anymore. I ended up buying a stainless steel clock in its place, and even though I did like it, I didn’t LOVE it (I’m trying to keep only the things I love in the trailer nowadays).

So one day, during my lunch hour I paid a visit to The Container Store and found a geometric triangle shaped scarf holder by Umbra (find it here).  The idea is to hang it from a hook and display your scarves.  My mind immediately went to my hot glue gun and some Pacific Northwest foliage I’d adhere to it.  Kind of a modern spin on on a wreath.  Kind of.  Okay, maybe the wreath part is a stretch, but you get where my mind was going.  The next day I paid a visit to Michael’s craft store and bought some faux ferns and guinea feathers and went to town with the glue gun.  I really love how it turned out.

2016 Interior Design Trends - Geometric Wall Hanging (1 of 1)

For the kitchen counter, I bought a wood and cast iron tiered vegetable and fruit holder taking advantage of vertical space and I added a couple of copper pieces (copper mug, soon to be a mini-planter and a copper colander from Anthropologie).  The red frames on the fridge got a fresh new coat of copper paint and the photos have been swapped out to show beautiful trout and artistic feathers.  Those new photos and my mushroom tea towel remind me of the things I love in nature.


2016 Interior Design Trends - Geometric Wall Decor (4 of 5)

A little while ago I reached out to A Heirloom (oh they have some beautiful cutting boards I tell you — absolute beauties!) asking if they could make me a custom cutting board to replace my current one you see on the counter there next to the stove.  They were so sweet and we are still in talks back and forth but more IMPORTANTLY — I asked if they could create a custom Airstream shaped cutting board and they said yes.  Would this be something you would be interested in?  I’m purely curious!  I should also mention this company is not a partner/sponsor.  I just love their cutting boards and I can only dream of how an Airstream shaped one would look.  Okay, moving forward . . .

2016 Interior Design Trends - Geometric Wall Decor (3 of 5)

And while searching Etsy for a “Mushroom Shaped Salt Cellar,” (still looking) I came across this adorable little felted Amanita mushroom that I  absolutely couldn’t resist.  I tell you, my cute-0-meter exploded.  You should check out the artist behind these little felted treasures over at Portland based, The House Of Moss.

2016 Interior Design Trends - Geometric Wall Decor (5 of 5)And just look at this adorable apron my Auntie made me.  She is a seamstress extraordinaire I tell you and whenever I am presented with a gift from her, my heart is racing with excitement.   Oh and over to the right there is an embroidery hoop I decorated into a dream catcher of sorts.  The purpose is to hold my necklaces I like to wear exclusively during our trips.

Ahhh . . . all these little decorating projects equate to just too much fun ;)

DreamCatcherNecklaceHolderI hope 2016 has been off to a good start for you.  It’s hard for me to believe we are infact, in 2016.  Sounds so futuristic!

Oh and speaking of 2016, did I mention?  GoRVing invited me to continue blogging for their readers (and YOU).  It really is such an honor for me.  I can’t wait to share my very first 2016 post with you.  If you crave organization in the kitchen then just-you-wait.  You’re in for a sure treat!

Monica xoxo

Dec 052015

San Juan Islands Holiday RV Vacation via J5MM.com / #Airstream #GoRVingSan Juan Islands Holiday RV Vacation via J5MM.com / #Airstream #GoRVingJ5MM_DEC_3  San Juan Islands Holiday RV Vacation via J5MM.com / #Airstream #GoRVing  San Juan Islands Holiday RV Vacation via J5MM.com / #Airstream #GoRVing San Juan Islands Holiday RV Vacation via J5MM.com / #Airstream #GoRVing

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.  Spending the holidays in the San Juan Islands warms my heart.  There is no other place like the Islands during the holidays.

To really get a feel for the islands, please visit my first post for Go RVing here and I hope you enjoy (and visit one day, if you have not had the chance.)

Happy shiny holidays,

~ Monica XO