Nov 292010

THANKFUL we were that our Airstream survived the record breaking temps here in the San Juan Islands just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  Apparently temps were down into the low teens with gusts of winds up to 50 mph.  Luckily we learned that when our furnace runs, not only does it keep the inside of the Airstream nice and toasty warm, but the furnace is also “ducted” so it blows warm air on the pipes as well.

  2 Responses to “Record Breaking Temperatures”

  1. We love West Beach Resort!! Go there often? We love that they let the cats wander and visit you. Pebbles is our favorite. We missed doing Thanksgiving there this year because we now have a dog and the dog friendly cabins filled up faster than we anticipated…

  2. It was very busy over the Thanksgiving weekend! This is our first time staying here and we really enjoyed it. The view is amazing and the entire setting is just so tranquil. Hopefully next year you will be able to make it — there were lots of cute doggies running around.

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