May 202013

Delicious Tarts Prepared in an Airstream Kitchen
“You must have loved to build forts when you were little . . .” My friend Amy tells me as we both sit in the Airstream one evening enjoying a glass of wine while taking in our silver surroundings.

Such a keen observation I thought — and how it made sense to me. Forts were one of my favorite outdoor activities as a child and now that I think about it — I get a similar sense of happiness in my Airstream today, such as when I spent time in my forts as a child.   My small space in the world where I can get away from it all.

Fortunately, I’ll be able to take my “fort on wheels” on a trip.  It’s a very last minute trip but one that is well needed and I can hardly wait!  You can see where we will be going on the map below. We are doing a complete loop around the Olympic National Park here in Washington. We’ll be doing a lot of hiking, exploring, cooking and just taking things easy. Oliver is coming too! It will be his first trip to the ocean ♥

During our trip I’ll be taking a lot of pictures I am sure.  If you would like to follow me during our trip, you can find me at {Instagram}.  I’ve been using it more and more lately and I really like it — it kind of gives you a “behind the scenes” on what we are up to between blog posts. 

Airstream trailer road trip and glamping around the Olympic National Park

Since we are leaving relatively soon, I spent some time in my Airstream this weekend getting her ready — organizing (again) and this time baking up a delicious tart with some new tart tins I have been dying to use.  It was a key lime caramel tart kind of day . . .

Cooking and organizing an Airstream Travel Trailer

For the graham cracker crust I used (both from Trader Joes) thick graham crackers and candied pecans . . .

Baking in an Airstream Trailer Kitchen

tarts ready for the oven

I think I can finally say goodbye to the big bag of ice that always gets stuck to the bottom of my freezer.  I picked up this ice box at my local Sur La Table.  It is by Lekue and I love it :)  The top is silicone and fits over the bin where you keep the ice that the lid makes :)

best ice box for storing ice on an Airstream trailer or RV

I also had forgotten about my little mini food processor that we used to keep on our boat that has been collecting dust in the home kitchen pantry.  I was surprised how well it worked in the makings for this tart recipe :)  I am definitely keeping it on the Airstream.

Key Lime Caramel Airstream Kitchen Tarts

I also found some really cute ceramic mugs (sugar bowl and nesting bowls) from an Etsy store called CircaCeramics.  I love the colors and how the mug feels in the hand.  Substantial and comforting . . . They have also partnered up with Nordstroms too (which is originally how I found them).  You can check them out on Nordies here.

Also that lamp that you see behind those mugs is {perfect} for glamping :)  It is the Fatboy Edison Petit Lamp.  You plug it in, it charges and you have almost 7 hours of light on the highest setting (you have a choice of mood lighting, low lighting and reading lighting).  It’s perfect for outdoors on the picnic table, on the beach or anywhere else you can imagine.  Plus it’s cute don’t you think?

coffee mugs by CircaCeramics

This is the overhead locker/cabinet above the dinette.  I’m always struggling with organization in here due to the curves of the Airstream.  In those metal bins I have an endless supply of instant oatmeal (B’s favorite snack) as well as a nice selection of teas.

Airstream overhead locker organization

The other side of that cabinet/overhead locker — I like how the “library” has come together :)  In the brown market basket I don’t keep much in it (yet)

Airstream overhead locker organization3

This is the locker/cabinet above the stove . . .

Airstream overhead locker organization2

Ever since I saw these beautiful gleaming silver branches at the Container Store I could not get them out of my mind.  I knew they’d be perfect for the entry of the Airstream to hold little things (like my favorite ring from Kristiana Spaulding of Silver Trailer who makes some of the most precious silver trailer jewelry ever).   It’s also excellent for hanging hats and other things you’d like to get off the counter.

PS  If you don’t have an electric bug swatter — it’s WONDERFUL in the Airstream.  Seriously.

Kristiana Spaulding Silver Trailer Airstream Ring

My little bathroom . . . that round mirror is perfect for B when he brushes his teeth :)  It’s just his height.

Airstream international signature bathroom

A View of the Airstream inside facing the bedroom

finished tarts on the Airstream ready to eat 2

For a long time we’ve always kept the dinette down but I decided to put it back up for a while to see how we like it.  I love the versatility of the Airstream when it comes to seating options ♥

A View of the Airstream inside facing the dinette

finished tarts on the Airstream ready to eat  And the never ending changing cutlery drawer . . .never ending airstream drawer organization

finished tarts on the Airstream ready to eat 4

Wishing you a wonderful summer to come and many awesome road trips ahead xoxo ♥

finished tarts on the Airstream ready to eat 3

For the tarts:

Make your crust first — it needs to bake and cool (recipe here )

While the crust is baking — prepare your filling (recipe here )

Finally, prepare the caramel sauce (recipe here)

Just a few notes on some things I did differently. In my my mini food processor I used freshly squeezed key lime juice vs the bottled and I added some zest from the limes to the mixture as well.

After the tart shells were nice and cool, I poured in the caramel sauce and put the tarts into the fridge to let them cool.

Using a zip lock bag as my piping bag, I piped the filling on top of the cooled caramel tart.

garnished with chopped pecans and zest . . .

Bon Appetit :)

  4 Responses to “Road Trip Countdown and Key Lime Caramel Tarts”

  1. Those tarts look so delicious. I love our little Ruby but everytime I see all the fabulous things you do inside the Airstream I must admit to space envy ! Love that little light ..happy summer journeys to you and your sweeties.♥

    • I love your little Ruby too and believe me you when I tell you that I admire how you can just pull into a spot and well, there you are — all ready to go! No unhitching, leveling, etc…..Hope to see you on the road one day xoxo !!

  2. Great beach road trip -watch out for the roaming village dogs on the beach at Quileute-friendly but they will steal your heart and if you are like me,you will want to adopt them ! There is a cool little store near the kite shop in Pacific Beach, sorry I can’t remember the name of it-funky clothing,art- check it out. How did you make that cool little map-you are so creative ..Have fun and safe travels ♥

  3. Love your organization of cabinets!

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