Jun 292013


July 3 – 21st

After four months of analyzing maps and making reservations for some of the most awesome outdoor adventures while pinpointing hidden gem restaurants, our summer road trip is finally here.  FINALLY.

I have 18 days away from corporate America.  E I G H T E E N.  I can hardly believe it.

And I can hardly wait.

The map above will give you an idea of the places we’ll be going.  Everyday will be full of adventure and delicious food from some pretty amazing restaurants as well as my silver Airstream kitchen (I’m really excited to explore and discover the local markets along our way).

There will also be a {GRAND FINALE} experience in Livingston, MT at the end of our trip (!!).

If you follow us on {Instagram} you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re up to.  I’ll also be sharing pictures on {Facebook} too.  Once we get back home I will go through all of my photos and create detailed posts here on J5MM covering  everything we’ve experienced.  There will be many posts I am sure of that.

So for now, I wish you and your loved ones a happy summer and hope that it is filled with wonderful adventures :)

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~ Monica ♥

  13 Responses to “{Rockin’ the Rockies} ★ A Social Media Road Show ★”

  1. Sounds like an action packed trip look forward to following

  2. Really excited to see this part of our beautiful country through your camera!

  3. There aint nothing better than fly fishing on the Salmon but taking your Airstream right down to the river. Post pictures!!

  4. Your photos…..wow, so beautiful!! Would you mind sharing what camera you use?

  5. I can’t wait to see what delicious recipes you will be cooking!

  6. I am jealous you have all that time away from corporate america! Can’t wait to see where you guys go and what you cook up in your Airstream :)

  7. I left my heart in Jackson Hole. It is definitely Gods Country. Take tons of pics (I know you will)

  8. I’d love to visit this part of our country but at least I can live vicariously through you xo

  9. I love you, from the very beginning and this adventurous trip sounds incredible! If you ever travel to Atlanta you must let me know!!

  10. Salmon is breathtaking, you will love it. Your trips sounds like its once in a lifetime. Have fun!!!!!!

  11. I am so excited for you and your family. That is a trip of a lifetime. You are hitting some of the best places in the western United States. I can hardly wait to follow along. Have a great trip and be safe.

  12. I just have one word for your trip: AMAZING!

  13. Since I’m getting the house ready for sale-painting-landscaping-purging and packing, I am going to live vicariously through you. This trip looks absolutely freaking amazing ! When we lived in Salt Lake we used to drive to Jackson all the time and camp in the Gros Ventre area-gorgeous. And we almost moved to Polson just because we fell in love with Flathead Lake ! Have a wonderful trip,can’t wait for the first posting of your stunning photos and delicious food-and yes your fabulous family !

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