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Thousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing Oliver, smile for the camera :) via J5MM.com #CanineWanderlust #AirstreamBlended Margaritas via J5MM.com // #Airstream #VitaMix Bumblebee via J5MM.com Flowers along our hike via J5MM.comThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing

Waffled Raspberry Lemon Curd Angel Food Cake // #AirsreamKitchen #GoRVingdaisies Leavenworth via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVing Icicle Creek Fly Fishing via J5MM.comMorel Mushrooms via J5MM.comFlowers along our hike via J5MM.comIcicle Creek in Leavnworth Washington via J5MM.com#CanineWanderlust via J5MM.comThousand Trails Leavenworth Camping via J5MM.com // #Airstream #GoRVingSalmon la Sac via J5MM.com

Oliver and Hubby via J5MM.com // #Airstream #FordF350 #Caninewanderlust Salmon la Sac Campground Site #44 via J5MM.comMother Nature's Gold via J5MM.comStarry starry night via J5MM.comCoal Miners Cabin in Mountain Country via J5MM.comlightening

Road Trip to Leavenworth

Campsite By The Lake

Warm Summer Days

Wild Flowers Galore

Icy Cool Margaritas

Majestic Mountains

Catch and Release

Coal Miners Cabin

Lightening Show

These words briefly describe my recent trip with hubby, B and Oliver to Leavenworth, Washington and then further onto our little piece of property in Roslyn, Washington where my silver girl now waits for my return.

Just one more week now, until we hit the road to Idaho for two full weeks of adventure.  I can hardly, hardly wait I tell you.  Until then I motor on working hard in corporate America and enjoying sunsets like these.  That’s Seattle there in the distance.  The sky, isn’t it amazing?  This is only one picture out of about 50 I took that night.  I couldn’t get over the colors.

Thank you for being here and I am sorry I have been so absent ❤  I have been working extra hard in corporate America and then I was dealing with a spider bite on my leg, which now, thankfully is healing.

Seattle Skyline via J5MM.com

My spider bite, if you want to see:










Hobo Spider Bite via J5MM.com

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  1. Ouch! That looks like it was painful. The pictures are amazing. The colors of the one of Seattle is just WOW! I am trying to learn how to use my camera in hopes of getting shots like that, someday. My husband and I just started tossing around the idea of getting an Airstream and hitting the road. Any advise you have would be appreciated. Your blog has been so encouraging.

    • Thanks Juli :) Have you ever been RVing before? If you haven’t, I would probably suggest you rent a unit and take it out for a couple of weeks to see how you like it. With that said, I never spent time in an RV before but have always longed for an Airstream. We eventually bought one and jumped right into the world of RVing back in 2010 and I have never looked back. I love it so very much. I guess it depends on you and what you want to do . . . Personally I am a very impatient person so I like to just, “go for it,” lol — which sometimes may not be the best approach.

  2. Hi Monica –
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and you have such beautiful pictures and go to a lot of the same places we do (although we go in a Class A but have always loved Airstreams – even have a dealer in our town). Spider bites are NO fun – had one put me in the hospital for 4 days many years ago and it absolutely destroyed my immune system. I’m so glad to see you are on the mend. GORGEOUS pictures!! I especially love the margaritas, considering today is National Tequila day, it seems quite appropriate! I look forward to your posts – keep up the great work. Have a fabulous time on vacation and safe travels.

    • Thanks Kelli — wow. Four days in the hospital? I’m glad to hear you are okay but how scary! I was bitten in my sleep, could never find the spider . . . and spent the better half of the day searching for it. I don’t sleep well now which is another reason I am looking forward to our trip. Sleeping in the trailer bed! Maybe I’ll have a margarita tonight, didn’t know it was National Tequila Day — woot ! Thank you for your sweet words and reaching out — oh and where are you from? I’m curious ♥

      • Hi Monica –
        Hopefully you enjoyed a margarita on Friday! I managed to have one on Saturday at Alderbrook Lodge and it was the best one I think I’ve ever had (Sunset Margarita with a peach raspberry Grand Marnier that I didn’t even know existed but I found it at Total Wine and More and hope to try and copy the recipe)! I live in Covington (down by Maple Valley) and both my husband and I work in Bellevue – so same neck of the woods as you as far as work. We have an Airstream dealer right in downtown Covington by Costco.

        Have you ever heard of or tried Tea tree oil (Melaleuca)? Works great on spider bites – that stuff will actually kill MRSA, so it works on pretty much anything you want to heal and make sure you don’t get an infection (or need to get rid of an infection).

        Maybe one of these days we’ll have an opportunity to cross paths and meet. Safe travels, Kelli

        • Hi Kelli — I know exactly where the Airstream dealership is in Covington. We bring our silver girl there for repairs when need be and I always obsess over all the other units they have. I always enjoy myself there! You work in Bellevue too? Such a small world. I work at the Hyatt in downtown Bellevue. Are you close by? That margarita sounds really super yum. I’m not a huge fan of tequila (really bad hangover once, and that’s all it took lol) but the one you described sound delish. Please share the recipe with me if you can. Would love to know! I bet it looked beautiful too . . .

          Thank you for the tip about the Tea Tree Oil. I had no idea it was so powerful enough to kill MRSA. WOW. I have a friend who is very knowledgeable about essential oils and she just sent me a sampler pack after hearing about my spider bite so she must know what you know. It included tea tree oil. Needless to say, it is coming with us on our trip.

          I would love to meet you one of these days — !!

          Hugs xoxo Monica

          • Hi Monica –
            We are not that far from each other – I work at City Hall! I think our odds of paths crossing just improved – haha! The margarita was very good but I’m not sure I got the quantities right. I don’t see why you couldn’t use vodka instead of tequila if that’s your preference – I completely understand being ruined on something after overindulging. I mixed 2 oz tequila, 1 oz peach raspberry Grand Marnier, 1 oz ginger liqueur (BroVo brand) and 5 oz regular (but good quality) margarita mix in a shaker. Muddle a slice of lemon and lime in your glass, fill with ice and add your cocktail. The fresh citrus and the lime in the mix helps cut through the sweetness of the liqueurs.

            Definitely include tea tree oil in your first aid kits and on your trips. It’s great for any bug bites and takes the itch out of mosquito bites (plus they don’t like the smell). Oregano oil is another one that will kill MRSA but it is also harder on the skin if not diluted.

            One of these days I’ll have to take a stroll through the Airstream dealer in Covington just to take a look, considering how close they are.


  3. Thanks for sharing your Airstream world! I enjoy every single post. You are a gifted photographer and have such great insight and advice — you make it all look so easy, however I’m sure your adventures are well thought out and organized. Love it!!! Looking forward to more posts. ☺️

  4. Omg I am so sorry about your spider bite! Those can be so dangerous! Hope your hubby’s hip is doing better too! I was so glad to see you had a post! I miss your stories and great pics! Enjoy your trip! You all deserve it! My kids are now all in their 20’s. B will be too before you know it, so enjoy every minute while you can!
    Safe travels my dear :)


    • Thanks Patty !! B is now 11, can’t believe how fast time goes. Can’t imagine him at 20 — will work hard to cherish every moment. Hugs to you friend ❤❤❤

  5. OMG, ouch. The spider bite looks awful….

    But the posts look amazing (as usual)…

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