Jan 032011

This park is where the movie Practical Magic was filmed.  I absoultely love that movie so it was a real treat for me to be there.  After researching a bit on the web I learned that beautiful house in the movie was built just for the movie and then destroyed after.  What a pity — that house was amazing!

This is such an incredibly beautiful park with sweeping views across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  At night you can see the lights sparkling from Victoria to the South to Sidney to the North.  Unfortunately we didn’t see any Orcas — the last sighting was at 9 am on October 10th, 2010.

One thing to keep in mind that if you plan on a trip here with a trailer, the maximum (and I mean maximum) length allowed is 25 feet.  I wasn’t sure if our Airstream had 25 feet of living quarters or 25 feet total with the hitch.  Well we found out, it is 25 feet hitch and all (the ranger actually measured it!).

Here are some pictures from our visit to San Juan County Park as well as a quick clip to our surroundings:

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