Jan 192014

Gravlox and Avocado Bites

Welcome to a beautiful Sunday my friends :)  For 2014, I’ve decided to add another feature/category to J5MM named:  Snack Sundays :)

This feature idea came from the fact that every day, when I come home from work, hubby and B are asking me (as soon as I walk in the door) “We’re starving!  What’s for dinner?!” Seriously.  Oliver is jumping all over me begging to be picked up, my coat is still on and I usually have an armful of something either groceries for dinner or files from the office that I can barely hang onto.

My sweet boys.

They are:  Always HUNGRY.

So lately I’ve come up with some easy snacks that not only hold them over until dinner but are super tasty too.  I’ll feature them here along with some other delicious eats that I’ve picked up along my way home from work or on our travels which require no cooking or assembly on my part.

Today I introduce you to these Crunchy Salmon Bites:

Snacks in the Airstream

It’s important to find the BEST quality ingredients here since there are only four components to this.  Ready?

  • Lox or a sweet candied smoked salmon would be awesome . . .
  • Avocado – use a melon baller to scoop out beautiful little creamy balls of avocado — gently drop into a bowl of fresh squeezed lemon juice to prevent browning.
  • Kewpie ♥  If you unscrew the cap, the bottle has a “star” shape at the opening so you can “pipe” pretty patterns . . . oh how I love this stuff :)
  • Rice Crackers – I found a Wasabi flavored kind last night — wow !
  • Sprinkling of Black Sesame Seeds

Assemble as below and enjoy :)

Warning:  TOTALLY addictive :) xoxo

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Just one more thing:



  4 Responses to “Snack Sundays: Crunchy Salmon Bites”

  1. I love this new feature Monica. I have to go find my Kewpie now. Why is it that everything from Japan is exquisitely beautiful. I am pretty sure they don’t marvel at our Hellman’s bottles. That looks like a very simple but tasty dish. I cannot wait to recreate it myself. All of those familiar flavors go well together. Forget America’s Test Kitchen. I will log in every week for your tips.

    • Hey Buddy — I’m so happy to read this comment from you :) !! I agree 100% — everything from Japan is beautiful — the attention to detail amazing and I always find myself inspired time and time again. Thank you for your kind words as usual — I heart you :) Hugs to the fam xoxo

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