Aug 082012

We have arrived on San Juan Island and I would like to thank you for coming along with us as we begin our second journey in the San Juan archipelagos.   To be able to share with you the adventures, beauty and everything else that this island has to offer makes me very happy (and excited!).

But first thing is first.  A special visit to our favorite beach.  SOUTH BEACH.

“I don’t remember coming here mommy…”

“Oh but we did come here and sooo many times,” I told B as we walked along the beach.

I was glad to have him back here to begin the memories again because this was such a special beach to us. Many memories here.

Years ago we began coming here to the beauty you see before your eyes. Perhaps you remember when we visited in the off season and I made an easy seafood dinner? That was a beautiful day for sure!

Today a celebration of s’mores was in order. It felt good to be back.

~ a very different kind of s’more (assembly instructions below)

If you have not had the opportunity to read my piece on the Huffington Post about Orcas Island you can do so here.  It was a labor of love writing about Orcas.  All of these islands are the same but yet all have very different “flavors.”  I feel so very lucky (and honored) to be able to write about them for the whole world to read and discover.

A Special Kind of S’more


  • Nabisco Chocolate Wafers (instead of the chocolate bar)
  • Biscoff Spread (instead of the graham cracker. If you are unsure of what Biscoff Spread is, google it but be warned, it is amazing!)
  • Jumbo Marshmallows (cut in half, length wise)
  • Currants


Step 1
Spread the chocolate wafers with the Biscoff
Step 2
Toast your marshmallows and place on top of one of the wafer with the Biscoff spread
Step 3
Sprinkle some tart currants on top and seal this heavenly deal with another chocolate wafer




  5 Responses to “Sweet Beginnings on San Juan Island”

  1. I don’t blame B for saying he doesn’t remember, just in looking at the photos my first thought was, “It looks so different.”. But I suppose the sea is like that… always changing. My new fav way to do s’mores is to roast the marshmallow, remove the toasted “shell” and roll the sticky part in Rice Krispies. Sort of a s’more crispy treat hybrid. ❈

    • Oh wow, that sounds amazing! I will have to try that — sounds genius :) As for the beach/water looking different, the weather was sunny but super windy. There were kayakers that came in from the rough sea but they said it was, “Awesome!” *gulp*

  2. oh my gracious. those s’mores could not be more perfectly lovely.

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