Jul 232012

Warm air, sunny blue skies and long days.  These are just a few of our favorite things about summer.

Our summer, so far has been spent in the San Juan Islands here in Washington State.    Every weekend, we are here.  Well, I should correct that — every weekend, I am here.  Hubby and B are the lucky ones that can be here all of the time since school is out for summer.  They call me while I am working away in busy corporate America telling me about the whales that are breaching off the coast of South Beach on San Juan Island while I am frantically fixing the copy machine that has flooded our work room with a sea of papers.  Or they call me to tell me about the most delicious lunch they have just enjoyed while I glance down at my pitiful brown bag lunch now smashed because I unknowingly dropped it on the floor and proceeded to roll over it with my chair.  *sigh*  This is not all, I also receive pictures via my email that hubby snapped from his phone of certain events happening during their days such as dungeness crabs they have caught, views from the top of mountains they have climbed all while being co-mingled with urgent emails from fellow colleagues needing A.S.A.P. help with something.

But really, I am happy for them because I know they are having the time of their lives.  Really!

What keeps me going?  The fact that on Friday’s I have a one way ticket to paradise . . .

~ A Weekend Escape to Orcas Island from Corporate America

These weekends for me are filled with excitement because after five long days of not seeing my boys — there they are.

“Mommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” cries B as he runs to me, weaving in and out of the line of walk on passengers.  He literally, runs faster than a speeding train and I must really brace myself to make sure we don’t fall over.

“Are we going to go kayaking now??”  he asked.

“Yes! ” and with that came a big sigh of relief :)

Kayaking was on my mind all week and I could hardly wait.  Our tour guide was Jeff with Shearwater Kayaks and on this evening we were able to tag along while he toured a lovely couple, Kathy and Robert on a sunset kayak tour.  Not only does Jeff know these waters like no other but he teaches you quickly and easily the ropes of kayaking.

Finally, my weekend has begun . . .

In addition to exploring the islands and all of the outdoor activities they offer, I love going to the farmer’s market to pick up goodies like these.  I was very excited to see currants there.  Oh those currants, how I have missed them!

These are just some of the views you can expect to experience while on a sea kayak tour with Shearwater

Peaceful, quiet and beautiful . . .

Wildlife abounds in the San Juan Islands as seen this evening on our kayak tour . . .

Grilled and flattened sugared figs with a honey and ricotta.  Another simple, yet elegant creation prepared in my Airstream kitchen with ingredients from the islands . . .

Thank you Jeff for allowing us to come along on your incredible kayak tour :)  It will be a memory we will have forever and can hardly wait to come back again!!

Home sweet home :)

  7 Responses to “The Promise of Long Summer Days and a Kayak Tour with Shearwater Kayaks”

  1. love this post! (not the stuck in the office part)… those figs have me drooling….

  2. Love kayaking! When we were first married we bought two in an auction of season rentals from Pacific Water Sports (now closed). We still have them and love taking them out, although we don’t do it as often as we would like. Getting two 16 foot beasts on the top of the truck is a bit of a pain. :-) We need a waterfront property with a nice boat house don’t you think? (dreaming)

    • I agree on the waterfront property! I can also imagine the logistics in getting those kayaks ontop of your truck, lol. At Safeway the other day I saw a Ford 350 Super Duty Truck with two racks ontop of the canopy with the biggest kayaks I have ever seen. I stood there in the middle of the parking lot just analyzing how in the world they got them up there and most importantly . . . how did they get them down? On a different note, I have a white Ford Escape and in downtown Friday harbor, right across from Susie’s mopeds I spied my exact car with a beautiful long half white on the bottom and half orange on the top, single kayak that had me in awe. Now that was my dream kayak and looked like something that was much more reasonable to get on/off :)

      • Then there is storing them… we looked at a house last night (project downsize) but as soon as we said, “Ok, but where would we put the kayaks?”, it was automatically off the list. A smaller house would be doable, but not a smaller garage :-)

        • lol — I understand about the garage issue :) Oh and I’m trying to talk hubby into doing a project downsize too!!

  3. The trip of a lifetime! The Scenery is Beautiful! Agree! If you going near the water and did not kayak thats half-way to Paradise :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful relaxing trip :)

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