Mar 222018

My Silver Girl on South Beach on San Juan Island

Eight years ago I started this little blog and I can tell you, it’s been an incredible experience.  I’ve met many sweet folks through the likings of J5MM and I’ve traveled to some pretty breathtaking destinations all thanks to my beloved Airstream — my sweet Silver Girl.

Eight years. Hard to believe.

It’s with a heavy heart that I am writing this to say goodbye.  Hubby, B, Oliver and I made a huge transition in our lives and sadly we’ve decided our Airstreaming days are over.  Which means, I’ll be putting this site, J5MM to bed, for good.  If you’ve subscribed to my updates here on J5MM, I’ll be sending out one last final email with just a little more detail, if you’re curious.

All the memories made with my silver girl over these last eight years will forever live deep inside my soul and I can’t help but feel, because of her, I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have in so many aspects of my life.  She is truly now, a part of me.

As I sail home across the Salish Sea to my little island, these words from one of my favorite songs will bring comfort in knowing that it’s okay to say goodbye to old dreams and to keep looking over the horizon for the new ones that are yet to come ♥

“Sail on silver girl . . .
Sail on by . . .
Your time has come, to shine . . .
All your dreams are on their way.
See how they shine . . .”

{ Bridge over Troubled Water :: Simon & Garfunkel }


Thank you so very much for following along and commenting over the years.  You have truly brought such happiness into my world.

I wish you all the best, wherever you may be — sending you big {{{HUGS}}}

With love,
Monica ♥


  59 Responses to “Time for Good-bye ♥”

  1. Enjoy what the future holds… Stay safe :)

  2. 😢 will miss this.I hope to still be able to follow along in your journeys.Good luck😘❤️

  3. Oh, no! I’m in tears & worry! I’m the poster that thought Oliver’s bark alarm was a barrel of brandy! Please email if you can and let me know what I can pray for and watch for from your talent. You’ve given me so much enjoyment over the years!

  4. Dreams ebb and flow with life, new ways of life come along, treasure what you have, head held high with all you have done and forge into the unknown with curiosity of the furmture and sweet memories of you blog.

  5. Wow, sad!

  6. Hey, love your blog. You actually inspired me to get our airstream. Why are you guys quitting the airstream dream? My husband and I live in ATL and travel just for the summer and small trips. Will you guys take any trips at all or are you selling it? Best of luck!

    • I’m actually going to be sending out an eblast to all of my followers explaining what prompted my decision. Just don’t want to put it out here, nothing bad — just life circumstances.

      I’m very happy to read that J5MM brought you inspiration :) Here’s to happy shiny silver travels!

  7. Oh so sad! I will miss your sweet Airstream inspirations. But I know the next chapter of your life will be just as inspired. I wish you, your family, and sweet Oliver well! 😘

  8. Sorry to see you leave. Ihsve enjoyed you over the last couple of years. Best of luck on your new adventures.

  9. Take care. Best of luck. Will miss seeing your airstream. Always wanted one. God Bless.

  10. I will miss your beautiful adventures. You inspired our family to get in on the airstream adventuring and I will always be grateful to you for inspiring us through your blog. Wishing your family all the best. Hope your blog will live on the internet forever to inspire others. :)

  11. waaaaaah – waaaaah (like Kevin in “The Office” but not for the same reason). Man, I will really miss seeing your posts but hopefully, you will keep blogging about your new adventures and keep sharing your beautiful photos with us! All the very best

    • hahaha — soooo great. Thanks for making me smile :) I do plan on continuing blogging — just need to figure out a new name and platform — will keep you posted!

  12. Do what’s best for you and yours — maybe I’ll see you on San Juan Island one day – we have a home on Orcas and summer there….be well live well.

    • Hi Liz — I remember — you are near Rosario, yes? In the summer we plan on taking day trips to Orcas so I can get my shellfish fix on at Buck Bay as well as my salmon benedict fix over at the New Leaf. We are lucky to be able to live in these beautiful islands aren’t we? Would be fun to meet xoxo

      • Hope to see you this summer. Take care of you and your men! Yes, we are in Rosario, and yiu can’t miss the Airstream in the driveway…..

  13. Gosh, you will be missed. I was adopting you as mentor in photography and Airstream interior decorating. I had fantasies of showing up at your doorstep with my Globetrotter and credit card, and letting you run wild. But, as in most things, life gets in the way of our dreams.
    Wish you well. When you drive by a pickup truck towing an Airstream, wave. There is a driver and a dog and a cat that are all thinking fondly of you and yours.

    • Hi sweet Bill!! Your comment made me tear up! I know how much you wanted me to fill in that photography section on J5MM — I do plan on establishing another blog with a focus on photography (that’s my new dream I am pursuing). I will be sure to keep you posted sweet friend. I am grateful to J5MM that we connected. HUGS xoxo

  14. Thanks for the inspiration. We rent our airstream “Rivet “ at our B&B on Whidbey Island, come stay with us when you need some Airstream time.

  15. I will miss you so much my Airstreaming friend, I too quit my blog many moons ago to pursue quilting of all things and I am sparsly on FB anymore and am on Instagram Fully now, modartquilt, look me up sometime : ). Take care of you and yours, hubs, son Oliver and that adorable tug! Hope to see you again on the net Monica!

    • Thank you sweet friend! Your quilts are truly A M A Z I N G — Like, seriously! You are so talented.

      Also I often think about Le Cabbage Patch — miss seeing those pics xoxo Are you gardening this year??

  16. I am so sorry to see you go. Your blog has been such an inspiration. We are hoping to get our Airstream this time next year. Thanks for all of the encouragement. Best wishes for your future.

  17. Enjoyed your blog! Life takes different turns, so follow yours and best of luck! 😉

  18. A sad day for all of us. Please keep Orcas Island near to your heart.

  19. Oh my gosh, you had me at Simon and Garfunkel! Thanks for all the beauty and memories!

  20. So sad to see you go. Thanks for living the dream while you could. Keep in touch!

  21. We just finished our Airstream renovation and I poured over your feed for the last two years.. so much inspiration here. Thank you! And I know there is a time for everything. Good luck in the future.. will you have a blog documenting your new adventures?

    • Congratulations on the completion of your Airstream renovation — must feel good! Inspiration was my goal for J5MM so I am very glad to read that it did inspire you. I do plan on establishing another blog and will be sure to let you know once it’s live. Thank you for asking :) ♥

  22. Bon Voyage to the next chapter of your lives. I’m sure it holds as much adventure and joy as the last. Safe journeys and many thanks.

  23. Good Bye. For Now.
    You and your design talent will be missed.
    Continue to enjoy in your new life!

  24. Oh Monica, it’s a sad day for those of us who enjoy your wonderful posts. You have enormous talent and have earned a loyal following. We will remember the fine recipes, tasteful decorating and efficient storage ideas, destinations and all things Airstream. Best wishes for the road ahead. We will miss you and continue to recall your many contributions with fondness.

    Allyson Ford, 2014 27FB ♥️

  25. Oh Monica my sweet sweet sweet fellow traveler-I’m going to miss you and your blog. You have been such an inspiration. You have inspired me to be a better photographer; a more adventurous cook; a more creative artist and a very adventurous traveler. I am just one of the many people who will miss your blog and more importantly your kindness, personality and approach to life. I wish you and your family much love and many new adventures in this new phase of your life. You are my neighbor across the water now-once we get things settled with my medical issues and our new camper (not due until June) we would love to make the ferry journey and meet with you…Take care my sweet friend,Love, Sandy

  26. Dear Monica, It will be so sad not to access your blog, you’ve done such an increbile job, I hate to see it go. I can’t tell you how many items I purchased because you had trialed it for us (Airstream owners), and how many of your recipes I’ve tried. I’ll truly miss your creativity and beautiful food. Please include me on the last blog or update you do as I don’t seem to get automatic emails any more. I’ve so enjoyed being a part of your trips and experiences, but totally understand it’s time to move on. We’ll miss you and know that you’ve made such a mark on so many lives with everything you’ve given us! Good luck and enjoy your travels and experiences, and thank you so much for sharing over the years! Cheers!!!!

  27. I will so miss your airstream perfection and inspiration on all facets of lifestyle!

  28. Man, Monica never thought this would happen. You have been such a big part of my Airstream life. I will miss everything you have brought to the table. Your talent is limitless and I’m sure you will have much success in the future. God Bless you and your family.

  29. I will miss your blog very much…I felt this coming though. I wish you and your family well. I hope you enjoy your next adventure!

    Best Wishes,

  30. I will miss your blog. You have inspired me in your creative, bright decor and fantastic photography. I hope to look at property in the Cle Elam area, ironically that’s where we our first breakdown. My dreams of going to the Gorge ended up in a restaurant parking lot. Thank you and good luck…. I wish you well

  31. No!!! Why???
    Gonna miss this blog like hell. Its my window to the national parks and nature/life in USA. Loved the photography.
    Are you gonna build another blog?

    Good luck.

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