Apr 052017

Strolling over cobblestone and beneath the cherry blossom trees at Roche Harbor Resort, I hear the gentle, yet powerful ‘whir’ of hummingbirds nearby.   B tells me, “Oh wow mom, look up!  There must be hundreds of them!” We observe in awe as their tiny yet mighty wings carry them effortlessly to and fro the nectar laden blossoms.  They hover for a moment, analyze each blossom and then all at once make the decision to zoom in, ferociously, fearlessly and with abandon gulping nectar as if it were their last sip — and then onto the next blossom . . . and the next . . . until another precious little hummer decides it too would like to have a sip and then an unwieldy feeding frenzy begins.  A challenge of sorts, to be “the” bird to get the nectar.  Such precious little ferocious creatures they are.

It was a glorious show, thank you sweet hummingbirds — the pink blossoms against the blue sky was such a nice touch and every now and then, the clouds would part granting the sun permission to shine down upon us, kissing our vitamin-D deprived bodies.  

I must have snapped no less than a million photos of those fantastically fast hummingbirds.  A million because photographing hummingbirds is not an easy feat to accomplish.  For the longest while I declared Orca whales to be the most difficult subject to photograph, I must now step down from my “I hereby declare that Orca whales are the most difficult subject to photograph!” soapbox and officially declare hummingbirds to be the most difficult.  No question! 

Like the hummingbirds, we’ve been zipping here and there, to and fro many places here in Washington.  A little bit ago, we paid a visit to Suncadia Resort to check in on our condo rental we have there and to see, just how badly it has deteriorated from back-to-back check ins and outs.  Funny how when you expect the worst, it’s really not so bad after all.  I was pleasantly surprised although there are two chairs that are going to be visiting a donation site rather soon, if they’ll even take them . . .

We’ve also been back in the San Juan Islands, spending time with our darling little boat.  I just love her, I tell you.  The ultimate for me (and this will happen) is to find a slice of land to perch our Airstream upon while having our boat moored down below at a dock.  Kind of like this piece of property (minus the dock as it’s down a ways a bit):

We’ve got plans to build a dream retirement home in the islands, but finding the perfect lot has proved tricky.  Who knows, maybe this one will be it.  We shall see.  I am a firm believer in, “If it’s meant to be, it will be . . . and if not, move on . . . there’s something better out there”

In the meantime we are enjoying the hunt for land and everything else that comes in between.  Life is grand and hope it’s that way for you ♥ 


  8 Responses to “Tiny, Yet (oh so) Mighty”

  1. Holy Moly – once again, amazing pictures. You have such a great eye.

  2. Great pictures, just another reason we have got to visit the Pacific NW and very soon, very awesome pictures; thank you for sharing with us; all the best on the land looking……….you will know when you find it…..you will just know.

  3. I’m always in awe of your many capabilities. Wow……….never enough posts. Will wait until you get your land, retire and then hope you do multiple daily posts. Yeah…. Best wishes.

  4. Very impressive photos, you should try to get published (if you haven’t been already)! I really enjoyed your post on Suncadia Resort and your condo and am wondering if you list your property on VRBO or some other website? A visit to your neck of the woods is definitely in our future!

    Good luck on your property search, although the one above looks pretty awesome!

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