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Airstream trailer road trip and glamping around the Olympic National Park

Map of Port Townsend Fort Worden

It was day three of our Olympic Peninsula Loop which meant, two more days before returning back to reality of corporate America (insert sad face).   We enjoyed a breakfast of chocolate croissants, coffee and hot cocoa. With maps spread out over our morning table we began analyzing how our day would be spent.

“Can we go to the beach mommy?” B asks me pointing to Rialto Beach on the map . . .

Hubby and I looked at each other — “Yes! Let’s do that.”

And off we went . . .

Breakfast spread on our Airstream table

exploring Rialto beach after breakfast

Airstream breakfast table

Rialto Beach is easily accessible.  You literally drive, park, get out and walk on the beach.   Even though it was a drizzly day, our time spent here was truly enjoyable.

Rialto Beach 2013

Exploring Rialto Beach 2013

We loved the sea stacks, pretty vegetation and wildlife galore.  B had a blast exploring the twisty driftwood.

I wish there was a way I could explain how the cool salty air smelled — many times we inhaled and closed our eyes.  Such beauty here! ♥

Rialto Beach 2013

Rialto Beach Olympic National Park 2013

Rialto Beach 2013

Canine and Kid Wanderlust was strong this particular day . . .

Rialto Beach exploring Memorial Day Weekend

Rialto Beach Olympic Peninsula

rialto beach

Exploring Rialto Beach Memorial Day 2013

The waves here at Rialto are pretty intense.   Also when the tide comes in — it really comes in.  Towards the end of our walk on the beach we had to jump over a log to get to higher ground.  We all laughed after but *phew* — it would not have been pretty if we got caught in the water.

Speaking of wild waves — surfer’s love it here. No wonder . . .

surfer at rialto beach

After Rialto Beach we went back to camp and got ready to head over to our next destination.  Fort Worden State Park.  I had no idea but this was the place where the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman,” was filmed.  As soon as we pulled onto the park property I immediately recognized it and about died.   That movie was one of my favorites growing up so it was pretty cool to be able to walk around and explore pretending Richard Gere was there with me, lol :)  (more on that part coming up in Part 4 of this loop series).

An Officer and a Gentleman filmed at Fort Worden State Park

fort worden RV glamping

fort worden RV glamping

It’s pretty awesome here.  We really liked it — big sites and full hookups and plenty of places to explore.  Also there were kids galore — B made some new friends.  These friends introduced him (and us) to Battery Kinzie.   Now totally abandoned these bunkers are full of empty rooms that are connected with winding narrow hallways with heavy doors that slam very loud (we could hear them down in our campsite).  Kids were SCREAMING like crazy — apparently this is a great place to for them to come and explore (with flashlights) to scare the bejeebers out of each other.  At first B was completely excited but once we got there, he wasn’t so sure . . . .

Battery Kinzie at Fort Worden

Battery Kinzie at Fort Worden

Battery Kinzie at Fort Worden State Park

B decided it probably wasn’t the best idea for him to partake in the “scariness,” so we headed for the beach.  A much quieter alternative, lol :)

Port Wilson Lighthouse at Fort Worden

Beach at Fort Worden State Park

Eventually we made our way back to the Airstream.  Everyone was starving and chicken pad thai was on the menu ♥  I used this recipe but instead of rice noodles, I used “bean” noodles.  I also added the hot sauce on after it was finished to spare B’s tastebuds ♥

makings for chicken pad thai

fort worden Airstream dinner

a pathway to awakening

That is my father’s motar and pestle that I was able to get since his passing.  It’s special when I am able to cook with his kitchen tools in my Airstream (and at home) ♥

fort worden Airstream dinner 2

fort worden sunset

And here are the bean noodles — next time I’ll use rice noodles per hubby’s request.  But still good!

chicken pad thai

chicken pad thai Airstream cooking

Part 4 will be our last post covering our 2013 Memorial Day Olympic Peninsula Loop.  I’m excited to share with you a new way I have discovered how to make delicious crepes with eggs!  Stay tuned and in the meantime hubby, B, Oliver and I are wishing you happy travels xoxo

~ Monica ♥

Our Airstream at Fort Worden State Park

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  1. Loved the photos on this post! I want to go on a road trip now :D

  2. Do you even know how excited I was to see this ping on my site? Super freakin pumped! Can I somehow just spend a weekend hiking and daydreaming of my imaginary airstream life with you? I’ll cook for everyone and do the dishes ;)


  3. I absolutely want to be your best friend. Do you have the recipe for the chicken pad thai? Looks yummy. Do you post recipes or only by request. Maybe I am missing them, I am new to the site.


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