Jul 232015

Make Every Summer Count

Hubby and I have always taken care to make sure that we make each summer count for B.  Next week, for two weeks, we’re off to Idaho’s cool and refreshing flowing rivers, glorious lakes, majestic mountains and continual non-stop outdoor exhilarating adventures.  We are celebrating the precious #18Summers we have with B (seven left to go before college *snif*) with Visit Idaho and Row Adventures.  There’s a lot on the agenda that I am seriously looking forward to photographing and sharing with YOU.  I understand cell service is zero to nill where we will be, but you never know, I may manage to upload a photo or two to my Instagram Account @J5MM_Blog :)

See you when we get back ❤

  18 Responses to “#18Summers”

  1. We love Idaho too. Looking forward to seeing pictures. Keep up the amazing work you do. You inspire all of us.

  2. Safe travels to you

  3. I have been following your blog now for quite some time and have to say what an emotional hastag 18 summers. You are raising your boy so well, all the experiences he has had so far. Good job mom !

  4. Happy to see you back here beautiful girl!

  5. Take meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with you! But seriously, have fun and enjoy the internet detox :)

  6. Monica, we are long time followers of j5mm and live in Boise. Super glad to hear you are coming back to our state. Safe travels to you and we look forward to your photography.

  7. Enjoy your time together..but don’t fret…even though the years pass quickly, you are making memories that will live forever. One of my favorite things to capture and enjoy is watching my son and his dad on the boat as two adults…enjoying the hobby that they both love ….here’s to “endless summers”!

  8. I lived and traveled in ID for a time. I love reliving those times thru your beautiful pictures and words. Travel safe.

  9. I like the hashtag Monica. I understand the sentiment and strive to make the most of my time home and away with the kids. Jack is starting high school and I am thankful he still enjoys the Airstream trips. We just spent nine days in the Airstream from Cape Cod to New York City. Even though my three little ones are all growing up, they still love the adventure. Living in such close quarters is still working out I am happy to report. I cannot wait to read about Idaho. I will try to get my Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Camping With A View of the Statue Of Liberty posts up as soon as possible. Safe travels.

    • I was just thinking about you this morning Doug! I can’t believe Jack is starting high school. Where does the time go? I was happy to read that he still enjoys your trips because I’ve been asked lately if I think B will still enjoy it as much as he grows older. Made me think…. so thank you for the positive note on Jack! I’m going to hop over to your site and check out your adventures — HUGS to you and your sweet family xoxo

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