Sep 072011

Lake Kachess.  Wow.  We are definitely coming back here.  This lake is amazingly huge, blue, deep and beautiful.  It is full of boaters, fisherman and kayakers.  Along the shore you will find families and friends gathering on blankets soaking up the sun while watching the children play in the sand and swim in the cool mountain lake.

Just a few steps away from our campsite was Lake Kachess.  We started our morning with a quick breakfast of a Chocolate Granola parfait and headed to the lake.  At the end of our day we were starving so I quickly caramelized some figs in the Airstream and topped a piece of crusty bread with Cambozola cheese and the caramelized figs atop a handful of spicy Arugula greens.  Heaven.

Lake Kachess and our Airstream Travel Trailer Explorations

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