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There was a fabulous discussion over on J5MM’s facebook page about RVing in winter after I had posted some random thoughts about it.  I took away so much from the conversation and now have a handy-dandy list of things to get for our next extended winter ski trip with the Airstream.  One item I did bring that was a complete game changer was a heating blanket.  My intentions were for Oliver to own that blanket but as it turned out, we were all pinning for it after snuggling up in it’s coziness.  As for Oliver, he’s quite a little dog with a very sparse undercoat which doesn’t help keep him warm.  In the past when we visited ski areas and had to leave him in the Airstream, I would layer him up in sweaters to keep him warm — he was not a fan and I knew he was miserable, which made me worry.  So with the heating blanket, I can spread it across the pillows under the pano windows (where he waits and watches for our return) and not worry about him being cold.  I’m happy to report that the blanket worked very well and I’m sorry I didn’t think of it sooner (poor Oliver).

You may remember my previous post detailing how we go about keeping everything from freezing during our trips — here is a link to that — but in addition, during this trip I learned a lot more, like:

  1. The foot upon foot of falling snow outside is oh-so-beautiful when you are inside of the trailer watching it gently come down.  But 10 days later when one goes to leave and unhook, don’t be surprised to find your power cord frozen in a solid block of ice.  Temps warm up during the day, causing snow to melt and well, overnight, things freeze up — this times ten days.  We should have dug that dang cord out every morning after the snow fall overnight, but we didn’t and it took a lot of work to chisel it out of the ice. I swear my arms are still vibrating from metal shovel hitting solid ice (*shivers*)
  2. Did you know?  If you don’t secure your power cord to your trailer (meaning, when you plug it in, there is that little screw cap thingy at the end of the plug that screws into the outlet and it holds the plug-in, in place to prevent it from wiggling around) it could cause a short to happen???  We didn’t know that and oh my goodness, was our cord totally burnt/melted/fried.  Definitely a very unsettling thing to witness — and it was melted so bad that when I did pull the cord out, out came with it one of the pins inside the outlet (inlet?).  It was so bad.  So bad.   Turns out when I went to buy a replacement cord at the local marine store (don’t do that, by the way, they don’t work!)  the nice fellow behind the counter explained to me that boat fires arising from electrical shorts are the number one cause of boat fires!  He couldn’t stress enough to me to make sure that screw cap thingy was securely screwed into the outlet (inlet?) of our Airstream. (I profusely apologize for my very professional electrical terminology — definitely not something I am well versed in).

Aside from those two issues that were discovered at the end of our trip, the trip in itself was very relaxing.  We went an entire 10 days on both propane tanks — but mind you, during the day the temps would rise to around  mid 40’s and the sun was out which helped keep the Airstream warm inside so the need to run the furnace wasn’t necessary.  If it did start to get chilly, we would run a little space heater which helped warm things up (and used electricity vs. the propane).  I would imagine if the furnace would be running 24/7 we would have needed to refuel around day four or five.  We conserved water like crazy and made it to day 10 when the water level light went from orange to red.  A definite signal to head on home, haha!

Cooking was a complete pleasure and those roasted garlic tomatoes with feta cheese — oh my, you must try!  They are deeeeeeelish atop a slice of warmed bread.  The soft plump garlic cloves popped right out of their skins and the feta cheese was gloriously creamy inside.  So good!  Here is a link to where I posted all about it.  We also enjoyed some apres-ski at the local restaurants and pubs and one night enjoyed some live entertainment and dancing.  Hubby first brought me here years ago so it was very sweet and nostalgic for us to relive those good old days and it warmed my heart to see that not much has changed ♥

I’m super impressed with B and how well the boy skis.  He’s come a long way since his little legs of two years old began skiing.  I still can’t believe he is growing up so quickly — a common thing we all hear, but honestly, my mind is blown.  How can he be 13 already?  I think a lot has to do with the day to day routines and having to be here and there and just getting things done, life’s daily obligations — that’s what makes the time fly by.  I think.  I don’t know — but one thing I do know is when the four of us are together during these trips of ours, time does seem to slow down, if only for a moment and it’s those moments that I cherish.

I had a goal to post this post before the first day of spring arrived, but alas — that didn’t happen.  So much going on I suppose — LIFE as well call it.  But I am saying hello to spring and I am so happy to see that is has finally arrived.  Somehow for me the arrival of the new seasons bring hope and happiness and a new fresh outlook on things.  On life.

Here’s to Spring my sweet friends, hope everything in your world is as wonderful as it can be.

Monica ♥


  18 Responses to “A Winter Wonderland in the Pacific Northwest”

  1. I have been a long time follower and feel the need to leave a comment. Your photography is absolutely outstanding and your storytelling through your photos transports me to the places you visit and for that I am eternally grateful. You are the only blog that I can hardly wait to lay my eyes upon and I never miss a post of yours. Thank you beautiful for sharing your stories and photography with the world. You are a true treasure and inspiration to more than you know.

    • This touched my heart, thank you, thank you so much for brightening my day. It’s comments like these that keep me going here on J5MM. Thank you!

  2. Your photography is unbelievably beautiful ! You are so talented !

  3. You are simply adorable and I am in love with your style! Where did you get that cute scarf?!

  4. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I have tried to search and see what type of camera you use, would you mind sharing?

  5. Thank you for once again sharing one of your wonderful trips and delicious food. You so inspire me to be a better glamper. We are getting ready to take our Airstream to the Break Out Rally in Vale, OR next month. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Again, thank you for sharing your trip and beautiful photos.

    • So glad to read I inspire you — love to hear that and it’s what helps keep me going here on J5MM. Thank you! Sending you safe and happy silver travels to Vale ♥

  6. You have an incredible talent there young lady. Glad to have found Just 5 More Minutes.

  7. Inspirering. Joy to you.

  8. Every time I visit your site, your magical photos leave me inspired (and excited to go camping!). Thank you!

  9. Just found your blog. So much fun!!
    Thank you!!

  10. Ah, it is time I been to a place when its snowing, yeah I think its time to boo, thanks for sharing :)

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