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I am a first generation, Czech-American of Bohemian descent.  I was born in Queens (Jackson Heights), New York to Czechoslovakian immigrant parents who came to this country in hopes of being able to give me a better life than the one they had under communism.  I am forever grateful to my folks for the sacrifices they have made for me.  You should really hear the stories — I should really write a book — so mind bending.

I grew up on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian archipelagos and then moved to America’s heartland — Strongsville, Ohio where I finished off high school.  Not too long after graduating, my young soul felt the calling of the Pacific  Northwest so I packed up my bags and headed West where I landed in Seattle and pursued a career in graphic design. 

I feel so lucky to be able to live here in the suburbs of Seattle with my husband and young son.  I also enjoy my career as a senior graphic designer and photographer for a high paced company in corporate America.  

When not working in corporate America you can find me traveling the Pacific Northwest by land and sea.  Our Airstream trailer and Ranger Tug boat allow us to experience non-stop outdoor adventures and culinary discoveries.  It is here, on J5MM where I share and document our adventures so we as a family can look back and remember and to also share with you, our readers.

I also blog over on these following sites: 

. . . and I create one of a kind jewelry pieces, made for you that I then offer for sale in my Etsy shop here.

Here are some places where my photos have appeared in print:

Northwest Travel Magazine // March April Issue Front Cover  Northwest Travel Magazine // March April Issue Story Cover

Distinctly Montana // Fall 2014 Issue  Seattle Met // November 2014 Issue

Blue Beret // May 2014 issue Airstream Sales Brochure


J5MM and my photography have been featured online:


Monica “WOW!”  Thank you so much for the pictures.  They are truly lovely.  You captured the view soooooo well.  Even though it is snowing here in Jackson Hole, you brought me back to my happy place. 

Elevated Ballooning
Jackson Hole, WY

wyoming ballooning company & elevated hot air ballooning in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“Thank you so much for capturing the essence of our Inn and restaurant with your spectacular photography!”

Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn
Coho Restaurant
San Juan Islands, WA State




“The gorgeous pictures that you took of Duck Soup Inn and the herb garden are the best I’ve had the pleasure to see.  For 23 years I’ve tried to get just the right pictures that reflect the feel  of my business and you captured the feeling perfectly. I will be using them on all of my future promotional material.

Thank you so much and I hope to see you next summer!”

Duck Soup Inn
San Juan Island, WA State

“Your site is simply outstanding.  A great look and feel to accompany sterling content.  Keep it up.”

President & CEO
Airstream, Inc.
Jackson Center, OH


“In my opinion there’s no better marketing materials for the islands than your blog; you get IT and … “you like [us], you really like [us]”! ~ S. Field.”_

General Manager
The Outlook Inn / New Leaf Cafe
Orcas Island, WA State


“You are the best and your photos are great!”

Doe Bay Resort
Orcas Island, WA State


View from Doe Bay Point

“Your photos are beautiful.  You are very, very talented.”

Turtleback Farm Inn
Orcas Island, WA State



“Our initial reaction to your photos? Takes our breath away!”

King Fish Inn / West Sound Café / All Dream Cottages
Orcas Island, WA State


Sea Dream_17

“You do a wonderful job!! Thank you so much!”

New Leaf Cafe
Orcas Island, WA State

Chef Steve Debaste



Drew Croenwett
Creative Director/Partner
Graphica Design

Lori Cohen-Sanford



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  1. Hi Monica, I couldn’t find email or contact form, so I hope you get this comment.

    I love following your adventures in your Airstream! I have a 1973 Airstream that I’ve been trying to fix up but it seems like it needs more work and I’m not having fun yet. So, I am deciding to buy a new one and am torn between the 25′ flying cloud or the 27′ international. Since you’ve had both, I was wondering if you had a recommendation on which one is better. Also, I love the twin set up for space, but the queen is more cozy with hubby. Which do you find easier for travel? Any thought would be greatly appreciated.

    I wrote a book in late 2011 and am going to use the Airstream this summer as part book tour,nonart fun trip so I want something that is reliable, easy to live/cook in ( love to eat at home and cook) and also share with 1 or 2 others and 2 small dogs.

    Thanks so much in advance.


  2. Hi Monica! Your blog is so interesting and full of such beautiful pictures! I couldn’t find anything on The McCall Pancake house in your Idaho blogs and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction?

  3. Monica:

    I recently found your website and really enjoy it, especially your detailed information about how you have organized your Airstream. My husband and I had a 25′ 1972 Airstream Land Yacht for the past 3 years and recently upgraded to a more modern 25′ 2004 Airstream International CCD. Yay! We are also moving back to Seattle after 4 years in San Diego. I am curious about where you have your Airstream serviced in the Seattle area and if there are good repair shops that you would recommend or really anything else Airstream related in Seattle. We move back in July 2013 after a three week trip in our new (to us) CCD.



    • Congratulations on your new Airstream! I’m so happy for you as I know very well the excitement that goes with upgrading to a new unit. !! I’m going to send you an email reply :) xoxo

  4. Unreal. Happened upon this site and can’t tell you how blown away I am with the products you have produced in your Airstream. I just bought your book on Amazon. Thanks for producing it.
    I just sent a bunch of money for a new 25″ FB International that looks more like a NYC hotel than a trailer. Can’t wait to take delivery and try some of your recipes.
    My only fear is camping/parking sites, but you seem to have found some nice spots on the Oregon coast.

    • Hi Peter — Congrats on your new 25′ !! I love how you describe it like a NYC Hotel vs. a trailer ! Thank you SO much for your sweet words and I hope to see you on the road xoxo ♥

  5. See above

  6. Hello there from Canada! I absolutely love your web page and what you do!! I was just wondering how you did your maps and pages of the Olympic trip? I am traveling there with my family
    Next month and would love to be able to show family back home the same! I am so inspired by you!!

    Vikki :)

    • Hi Vikki — sorry for the delay — we’ve been in and out of reception during our trip. Thank you for your sweet words about my maps. I do draw them myself using help from mapquest — when we get back in town I’ll send you the step-by-steps I use. I do use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator fyi

  7. Love your blog, and it inspires our family to use our new Airstream even more! We are just up the road in Snoqualmie, and are also foodies. Questions about your winter camping in Whistler and local ski areas: Do you dry camp and use nearby showers and restrooms, or do you wet camp and leave the heat running all the time? Do you run a generator, or just make do with battery power? Any problems with the road solution they spray down to de ice roads; does it harm the Airstream’s finish? We’ve yet to tackle snow camping but it sure looks fun.

    • Hi neighbor!! Thanks for reaching out — I always love to talk about winter traveling and glamping. To answer some of your questions, we wet camp. We travel like we would in summertime. Honestly. Our water tank is full and we use the shower. When we go on long winter trips it is necessary to be plugged in because if you run the furnace on battery alone, and depending on the state of your battery, you won’t have heat for long. For us our furnace lasts around 5 hours on battery at which time we turn on the generator. This is our protocol when we head up to Snoqualmie Pass/Alpental for skiing on weekends. During the day, temps usually rise well above freezing so we keep the furnace off in the Airstream and keep an electrical heater running. We’ve never had an issue with road solution harming our Airstream’s finish and we’ve traveled in the winter extensively. Now if we were back in the midwest where they use salt that would definitely be another story…. I Hope that helped you!! Let’s get together and Airstream together, that would be fun. Maybe when we finally get some snow we can meet up at that Pass? Looking forward xoxo

  8. Hi Monica, please add me to your new posts list. For some reason I am unable to register by clicking on “sign up” Thank you, Andy

  9. Re-did my website but kept most of your pictures. They are still relevant and beautiful. Do take a look. I have given you visible credit on my Kingfish Inn page (since I chose the gallery with more words)

    • Hello Nanae! This made me smile, thank you so very much. Going to have a look right now — hope you are well XO PS I should make a trip to come and see you and take some updated photos for you — I would enjoy that ♥

  10. Monica how do you set up your pillows at your dinette area for a couch.

  11. Hi Monica! As a fellow Airstream “glamper”, I love and appreciate your blog and the time and effort you put in.
    I feel like I read somewhere about some shelves/storage stackers you put in the kitchen…? But now I can’t find it under the tag words “shelves” or “organization”.
    Can you send me the link to that post or let me know what you put in your upper kitchen cupboards?
    I have a 25′ International Serenity with a smaller but similar lay out and the uppers are just so dang deep — I feel like there has to be a better way to maximize this area!
    Thanks so much and keep on keepin’ on! ❤Holly

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