Sep 052016

Orcas Island

Travel with me to Orcas Island — one of my favorite islands located in the San Juan archipelagoes and
see what a glorious time there is to be had.

——-> <——-

Monica xx

  18 Responses to “An Island RVing Itinerary Made For You”

  1. I will be putting this list on my bucket list. My wife, myself and our three pooches live out in Boston, quite a ways from you there in Washington State but you inspire so much that this trip will become a reality for us. Sooner than later hopefully.

  2. Your trips are so inspiring and I simply enjoy following you on Gorving and Visit Idaho. You are a true talent inspiriting others to travel, thank you for your gift Monica.

  3. Stunning photography as usual and exceptional itinerary. My sincerest thanks for making this trip a dream for us one day complete with day to day activities. Safe travels to you, hubby, B and your sweet pup Oliver.

  4. That Doe Bay sunrise is TDF. If I may ask, what type of photography gear do you use?

    • That must be one of all my all time favorite sunrise photos. I actually took that photo with my Canon T2i mounted on a tri-pod using a remote shutter release :) I now use a 5dMKIII. Lots of fun :)

  5. I am kicking myself for not taking the Turtle Mountain hike — looked glorious with those views. Next time we arrive on Orcas this will be one of the first adventures we will have.

  6. That’s it, we’re packing up the RV and heading over next summer. On our list. Thank you Monica for always being the enabler and such a good one at that (meant in the most nicest way possible of course — smiles –)

  7. Once again another stellar post, very nice to see a day to day agenda. The islands look incredible and we can hardly wait to visit!

    • Hope you can visit soon — also a side note to keep in mind, the off season here in the Islands are quite as spectacular as well. I find the off season, very romantic (blush) :)

  8. Monica! Romancing us through your photography and beautiful writing like poetry, thank you dear for always inspiring. Robb

  9. Visiting the San Juan Islands has been a dream of mine ever since I started following you here on Just 5 a few years ago. Thank you for transporting me to a place of pure beauty and enchantment. I look forward to your next post as always.

    • Makes me feel glad you have followed me all this time. I’m sure happy I’ve kept this little place in the corner of the internets going :) Thanks for lifting me up!

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