Sep 152015

Downtown Vancouver at Night via J5MM.comDowntown Vancouver Skyline via // Monica Bennett Photography in Seattle, WA

I took my time this weekend driving the 140 or so miles to see my parents in Vancouver, BC.  I’ve been driving to see them now, back and forth — from Seattle to Vancouver for well over 20 years and usually I am quite in the hurry to get there worried about border waits and heavy traffic.  It figures, that this time, when I decide to take it easy and come as time takes me that I encounter one of the most pleasant drives I have experienced in a long time.

This was to be a weekend to unwind, relax and be with my mom and dad.  My plans were simple: relax and practice my photography.  I brought all of my camera gear, every lens, everything because I knew that the views that you see above would be waiting for me and I could hardly wait.  The pictures you see here were all taken from my bedroom balcony at their home.

Vancouver Sunrise via // Monica Bennett Photography Seattle, WA

We did actually leave the house for a few hours on Saturday to attend an outdoor festival that was happening at the tennis club just down the road.  At the festival we saw this darling Airstream trailer serving up some super delicious burgers (that’s my adorable mom there trying to decide on what burger to order for lunch.  I love her ♥)

food-truckHollygras at Hollyburn Country Club // Vancouver BC

As we were waiting in line for B to give the trampoline-bungee-jumping thing a try, a magician came by to entertain all of us in line.  B was mesmerized by him!  His tricks were SO good and he gave B his card to keep.  My mom told him, “You should be on America’s Got Talent,” and guess what?  He WAS.  His name is Wes Barker and he performed the “Nearly Nude,” act on live TV this past July :)  Here is a link if you’d like to see him in action.

Wes Barker // America's Got Talent Magician // Vancouver, BC

After spending the better part of the afternoon at the festival, we came home and let Oliver run wild in my parent’s backyard.   Poor little dog doesn’t get a chance to run free at his full speed so I am always happy to let him go in this backyard where he can have at it (Oliver is SO fast at his full speed, even when I run him, it’s still not fast enough!) My mom has an apple tree in the backyard and Oliver always finds an apple to chew on (and chase after we throw it for him).  Here in this picture you can see how happy he is !

Sir Oliver Bennett

Soon we hear a loud bellowing noise in the distance and it’s the horn of a cruise ship passing under the Lions Gate Bridge.  My dad says it’s a Princess ship probably heading to Alaska.  Alaska!  It’s a dream of mine to visit there one day with my silver girl (or, okay, a Cruise Ship will do just fine too lol).

Princess Cruise Ship departing Vancouver Bay via J5MM.comsailinglike-ships-in-then-ight

I truly enjoy visiting my parents and having fun filled, relaxing days like these ♥

I hope you are having a lovely September and that travels remain in your Fall future.  We will be bringing our Silver Girl back to her spot on our property in mountain country very soon — she still has a few more repairs that need to be done.  I miss her :(

Tired Out Pup named Oliver via J5MM.comGoodnight Vancouver via // Monica Bennett Photography Seattle, WA


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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous location! Know you enjoy the visits. Looks like B and Oliver do too.

  2. Thanks for the mini vacation to Vancouver! It’s on my bucket list and would love to bring our Airstream! Are there parks nearby to stay? Your pictures are stunning! Looking forward to your next blog!

  3. Wow!

  4. Love this. I need to head back to Vancouver – love your night shots! Correction – all of your shots are amazing.

  5. You’re an amazing photographer!! I love the Pic of your pup! What type of camera are you using? The pics are clean crisp and clear!

  6. Vancouver is one of my absolute favorite cities Monica. Few cities have such a spectacular backdrop. Perhaps Hong Kong and Cape Town may compare. The combination of a mountain backdrop along the water is spectacular. I have only visited twice but I loved it. It is the perfect mixture of culture and outdoor opportunities. This is really the only region in the United States and Canada that my kids have not visited. Unfortunately, it is far away and the airfares are high. Mexico City is cheaper so we are going there in the Spring. Those amazing photos make me want to get to Vancouver soon.

  7. Did you click those pics?

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