Apr 112011

Who knew you could charter your very own boat with your very own Captain and explore these magnificent waterways here in Tofino, BC in search of amazing wildlife and breathtaking views of some magestic scenery.  Just sit back and relax, bring your camera and keep your eyes out for some amazing wildlife in action.

Today we were on a cruising trip with Browning Pass Charters.  Captain Mike was at the helm and little B was in awe.  “Mom, this is going to be so awesome!” he exclaimed as he squeezed my arm with both hands as we sat in the warm cabin waiting for Captain Mike to start up good ol’ Browning Passage.

We saw some amazing wildlife that day and some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen.  If you come in May through September, you will definitely see some black bears.  Captain Mike says you can see them a mile away — they are so black and they stand out so much.  In our case today, it was a very early and chilly April and the bears were still in hibernation.  We were though, just all a little bit excited with the prospect that maybe, just maybe, they would be out eating baby crabs that Captain Mike says they find by turning over rocks on the shores.  Perhaps it was the snowfall earlier that morning that made the bears think twice about making an exit.  All I knew was that they were pretty smart staying in their caves, snug and warm for it was a chilly day!

Thank you Captain Mike – for this trip will forever be in our memories :)